Group photo: THUNDER, EMERY, & TUFF

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thunder, Emery, & Tuff

THUNDER is a true reflection of his championship bloodlines. You can see more photos on his profile page by choosing 'Our Males' from the Alpacas drop-down menu above. He was born mid-day 7/23 and Thulisa did a fine job.

EMERY, so straight, so strong! On 7/12/14 Sapphire gave Tuff a BOY to play with and she is delighted. Emery, the rock, is mostly corundum; we know the gem quality corundum as sapphire and ruby.

TUFF, first 2014 cria . . . IT'S A GIRL!!! Born 06/24/14. Tuff is a brown rock formed of volcanic ash during a volcanic eruption. We have lots of tuff in our Trout Lake Valley, but you have to look for it. As you know, we name all are cria after rocks, gemstones, or minerals. But "tuff" has another meaning, in the 'urban dictionary': Tuff means sharp, cool, wicked awesome, etc. It's a compliment to call someone or something tuff.

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