We're buried in snow!

Thursday, February 09, 2017

This winter we have an unusual amount of snow. It's beautiful!!!

And while I'm admiring the beauty of it all, Jim works every day clearing it first from the alpaca paddocks and then everything else. We haven't taken a "snow day" yet, but, I hear about the schools taking them. Are farmers allowed?

This photo is taken looking north from the end of our driveway before the snow plow went by. Shoppers are now arriving wearing their crampons, and it's not a bad idea but you really don't need them. This morning, everything is covered in ice that is quickly melting. Although the drive and the parking lot looked bad first thing this morning, they will be melted in no time at all, almost like the asphalt is heated. Mother Nature does work wonders.

We hope wherever you are you are staying warm in your alpaca duds ;-) And should you decide to adventure our way, know the roads are plowed and the store is warm.

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