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Windows has always supported dynamic wallpapers, whether it is a slideshow or a live wallpaper with moving objects. Over the years, plenty of apps were developed to automate the process, taking the headache out of choosing and applying new wallpapers on a daily basis. Then devs started implementing parameters to choose wallpapers based on given criteria, offering more flexibility to the users.Let’s take a look at some of the best dynamic wallpaper apps for Windows 10.

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Dynamic Wallpaper Apps for Windows 10

1. Windows 10 Settings

That’s right. You don’t need a third-party app if you have your own collection of wallpapers to work with. In fact, you don’t even need fancy wallpapers. Your childhood pics or that weekend party snaps are good enough and can be used as dynamic wallpapers just as easily. Ain’t that more fun.

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Create a folder with all the wallpapers and images that you want to use in the slideshow. You can also use a cloud storage folder like OneDrive or Google Drive. Note that if you are syncing Windows with other devices, these wallpapers will show up on every connected device, whether or not the wallpapers are stored on that device.

Right-click on the desktop to select Personalized and click Slideshow from the dropdown menu. You can then choose the folder and save settings. You can also set a time interval between two wallpapers.

2. Chameleon Wallpaper App

Chameleon is not only an open-source app but probably one of the most powerful wallpaper apps that I have used. It supports a number of parameters that you can use to change wallpapers on a daily basis. Some of these are the weather, time, and even battery life.

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Let’s take an example. If it is raining outside in your area, Chameleon will change the wallpaper to something appropriate as seen above. Don’t forget to download the wallpaper pack. Unzip the pack inside the executable folder and done.

Minimum Requirements:

  • OS: Windows Vista or higher
  • CPU: x64 >1GHz
  • RAM: 1GB

Don’t forget to edit the settings to include weather data before using that parameter to change wallpapers automatically (works for the US and Canada only).

Download Chameleon Wallpaper App

3. Reddit Wallpaper Changer

The amazing folks at Reddit have created a wallpaper app for Windows 10 themselves and it is only limited by two factors. One is your imagination and the other is the subreddits available. Well, both these factors are unlimited as any Reddit user would know. Download the .MSI file and install it.

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It comes with a number of criteria that you can set and edit to your liking. The wallpapers will then change dynamically, at regular intervals based on that criteria. If you like or don’t like wallpaper, you can add it to favorites or simply blacklist it accordingly. If you are using a dual monitor setup, the app will play nicely with that too. Reddit Wallpaper Changer is also free to use and works really well.

Download Reddit Wallpaper Changer

4. DesktopHut

Do you know what’s better than dynamic wallpaper apps for Windows 10? Live wallpapers. DesktopHut is a free to use Windows10 dynamic wallpaper app that will add and rotate live wallpapers. How cool is that? Imagine a couple of horses running free in the wild!

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There are a number of categories to choose from. Live wallpapers are nothing but carefully created, or should I say crafted, video loops that you will see in action on repeat mode. Needless to say, the app will consume more resources like the battery, RAM, and CPU; so do check if your laptop can handle the additional load. I don’t recommend using it while you are playing graphic-intensive games.

Download DesktopHut

5. Fish and Corals

Do you love aquariums? Who doesn’t like fishes moving in and out of sight? Fish and Corals is a 20-set live wallpaper that you can use for free on your desktop. Just install the app from the Windows Store. Note that the dynamic wallpaper app for Windows 10 comes with real images taken of actual aquariums.

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So, these are real fishes that you are seeing moving happily around on the screen. Fish and Corals is not the only app that follows the aquarium model. Another app worth mentioning here isSIM Aquarium 3which follows suit but uses digitally made wallpapers and video loops instead of real ones. But there is more variety and the images are much more vibrant and colorful.

Download Fish and Corals

6. Rainmeter

While live and dynamic wallpapers are great, they don’t add any utility to your daily workflow. I mean, they are not productive except the fact that they look pretty cool. Rainmeter is my personal favorite and for good reason. It allows users to create a number of live widgets that can show useful information from all over the web.

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You can create widgets for the calendar, RSS feeds, weather, clock, and even custom widgets. That’s not to say that there are no wallpapers. The active community has created hundreds, if not thousands, of themes and wallpapers that go along with these widgets. They call it skins. There is one for an audio visualizer that works when you are listening to your favorite songs.

Rainmeter is completely free and open-source which means if you have the time and know-how, you can create your own skins based on your personal liking and needs. Do check it out. Hands down one of the best dynamic wallpaper apps for Windows 10.

Download Rainmeter

7. Push Wallpaper

While Windows 10 offers a way to use your own images to create slideshows, there is no way to use videos to create dynamic and moving wallpapers. For that, you will need Push Wallpaper. You can use this uber wallpaper app to create a slideshow of videos from that old trip you never really forget.

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What’s more? You can also play YouTube videos and set GIFs as your desktop background. That opens up more possibilities as there is really no limit to the number of GIFs and YouTube videos available on the wild net. Push Wallpaper is free to download and use and comes with no ads or in-app purchases.

Download Push Wallpaper:Windows

8. WinDynamicDesktop

If you are coming from macOS, this one is for you. The app ports the dynamic wallpaper in macOS Big Sur, macOS Mojave, and macOS Catalina to Windows 10.

WinDynDesktop now supports macOS 11 BigSur Dynamic themes.

Your Windows 10 natively supports switching between multiple wallpapers, but not based on a day and night schedule, as you see in macOS. And that’s where this app comes in. When you first run the app, it asks for your location to get the time of sunrise and sunset, and then automatically switch the wallpaper in the background.

11 Best Dynamic Wallpaper Apps for Windows 10 to Spice Up Your Desktop - TechWiser (8)

Download WinDynamicDesktop

9. Fences

How about using the dynamic wallpaper for some practical and productive use? Fences is a dynamic wallpaper app for Windows 10 with a difference. What it will do is divide your desktop into areas to organize app, folder, and shortcut icons. You can then design these dedicated areas with shades, background, and so on.

11 Best Dynamic Wallpaper Apps for Windows 10 to Spice Up Your Desktop - TechWiser (9)

These areas are called fences and each fence can be moved around with all the icons inside it together. You can also define rules that govern individual fences. One cool feature is the ability to roll up the fences like a drop-down menu. Save space and de-clutter that desktop right now.

Download Fences ($7.99)

10. Widgets HD

WhileRainmeter is the best way to create custom widgets for your live wallpaper setup, it comes with a little learning curve. Folks who are in a hurry would love Widgets HD. Just download and install it from the Microsoft Store and you are good to go.

11 Best Dynamic Wallpaper Apps for Windows 10 to Spice Up Your Desktop - TechWiser (10)

There are a number of widgets and skins to choose from like clock, weather, feeds, CPU, calendar, and so on. The live wallpaper app for Windows 10 comes with an in-app store with even more widgets but those aren’t free.

An honorable mention for 8Gadgets who have a similar concept but for free. Do check them out.

Download Widgets HD

11. AwesomeWallpaper

AwesomeWallpaper lets you run different wallpapers on different monitors. Some people like me have a dual or triple monitor setup. You can set images as well as videos as your wallpaper here. And it supports a number of video formats as well. If you are like me, a gamer, you can set the wallpaper to also display system information. The only drawback is that there is no way to control which info you want to see or omit.

11 Best Dynamic Wallpaper Apps for Windows 10 to Spice Up Your Desktop - TechWiser (11)

In order to save some RAM and reduce load, it is set to update every minute. No live system information will be shown. Still, AwesomeWallpaper packs plenty of punch to boot with and is completely free.

Download AwesomeWallpaper

Dynamic Wallpaper Apps for Windows 10

These are some of the best dynamic wallpaper apps for the Windows 10 platform. All of these apps are available for free and some of them are even open source with a very active and thriving community of fans. While there are some paid wallpaper apps also available in the market, personally and frankly, I don’t think you will need any of those unless you really want them. so, which wallpaper app are you using, and why?

11 Best Dynamic Wallpaper Apps for Windows 10 to Spice Up Your Desktop - TechWiser (12)

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How do I make my Windows 10 Background dynamic? ›

To do so, you can open Windows Settings by pressing Win + I keyboard shortcut. After that, move to Personalization -> Background. Here, select “Slideshow” from the drop-down menu and then select your set of wallpapers and time interval. You are done.

How do I get dynamic wallpapers for my computer? ›

About This Article
  1. Click the Start menu.
  2. Click Microsoft Store.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Type Desktop Live Wallpaper and press Enter.
  5. Click Get followed by Install.
  6. Download of WMV videos to use as backgrounds.
  7. Open Desktop Live Wallpapers.
  8. Click Home.
May 27, 2022

What is the best wallpaper app for Windows 10? ›

Bing Wallpaper

Bing's iconic daily images include landscapes, photos of wildlife, and pictures from around the world. Microsoft's Bing Wallpaper app allows you to automatically update your wallpaper with Bing's daily images.

Does dynamic wallpaper club work on Windows? ›

Dynamic Wallpaper Gallery

NordVPN offers 24/7 customer support and works on macOS, iOS, Android and Windows.

Where can I get free dynamic wallpapers? ›

Hd dynamic wallpapers

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Is Live wallpaper good for PC? ›

Yes, live wallpaper does affect performance, but it depends on which application you are using. We have mentioned some great apps on this list that don't hog system resources and pauses live wallpaper when you are playing a game or using an app in full screen.

Does live wallpaper use more battery PC? ›

The battery consumption has reduced dramatically over the years and if you compare it, the popular live wallpaper apps consume about 2-4% more battery than its static counterpart.

Where is the best wallpaper for PC? ›

The Best Websites for Downloading Cool Wallpapers
  • We've collected links to some sites where you can download wallpapers for your PC or your phone. ...
  • InterfaceLIFT. ...
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  • Simple Desktops. ...
  • Shorpy. ...
  • American Greetings Wallpapers.
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Is WinDynamicDesktop free? ›

WinDynamicDesktop 5.0. 3 free download - Software reviews, downloads, news, free trials, freeware and full commercial software - Downloadcrew.

Does rainmeter have live wallpapers? ›

EPIC Animated Desktop Wallpapers (Rainmeter + Wallpaper Engine)

Does dynamic wallpaper drain battery? ›

The answer: yes, but only if you let them.

How do I use the Dynaper app? ›

Simply drag & drop your images and change the display time for each image. Dynaper will change time automatically if the image contains EXIF metadata or contains a time suffix in the filename. For a quick time change using the autosuggest feature. For solar-shifting wallpaper run Solar Wizard where you can export it.

How do I upload a dynamic wallpaper? ›

Choose Wallpaper.
  1. Go into the wallpaper section of your settings. Devon Delfino.
  2. Select "Choose a New Wallpaper." Devon Delfino.
  3. Tap "Live" and choose your photo. ...
  4. Scroll down and tap your "Live Photos" album. ...
  5. Tap the "Share" icon. ...
  6. Select "Live Photo." ...
  7. Select "Convert to Live Photo." ...
  8. Choose how to save your live photo.
Nov 4, 2021

How do I put animated wallpaper on my desktop Windows? ›

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How do I make a GIF in Windows 10? ›

After you sign up for a free account, you can simply begin by clicking the “Create” button at the top-right corner of the screen, next to the “Log In” button (you must login first, of course). After clicking the “Create” button, you will see a menu that gives you the option to make a GIF, a Sticker, or a Backdrop.

How do I make my lock screen move? ›

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Does Windows 10 have live wallpaper? ›

Desktop Live Wallpaper for Windows 10

You can get the Desktop Live Wallpaper app on the Microsoft Store. This app lets you use any video file on your PC as life wallpaper.

Is DeskScapes free? ›

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Does Live wallpaper affect performance? ›

So the answer is no. Hey, Wallpaper Engine aims to not affect gaming performance by pausing when you have another application maximized or fullscreen. You can also make it pause when you have another application focused (useful if you are usually playing games windowed).

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