30 Office Party Themes for Your Business (2022)

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Posted by Michelle Boudin

30 Office Party Themes for Your Business (1)There is always something to celebrate around the office. Some holidays make for obvious parties, while other ideas are just plain fun. Sometimes a simple themed party is just the morale boost your employees need. Try these fun ideas to get the party started.

  1. Dog Days - Most people are happier when there’s a furry friend around. Let a handful of staffers bring their dogs to work (too many dogs may be tough to wrangle). Set up a kiddie pool on the lawn for the dogs to play in and ask all employees to bring in a dog toy that you can donate to the local shelter.
  2. Red, White and Blue - Several times a year we all get the chance to show our patriotic side. This works for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day even Election Day! Decorate the office with festive streamers and balloons, have a patriotic-themed lunch (hot dogs and burgers and a red, white and blue cake are easy) and see if you can get everyone to wear their favorite all-American duds.
  3. Derby Days - This is all about the hats for the ladies and the bowties for the gents. Host a hat decorating contest and then a parade where everyone can show off their Derby best. Serve mock mint juleps and sweet tea to really get in the mood.
  4. Team Spirit - Nothing brings people together like rooting for the same team. Have employees dress in the colors of a (hockey, basketball, football, baseball) team in your town at a pivotal point in the season. Take it one step further and organize an in-office competition on the same day. Genius Tip: Get inspired by these 25 team building activities for work.
  5. Scream Teams - Halloween isn’t just for the kiddos anymore. Have a costume contest and encourage employees to set up trick or treat stations at their cubicles. Up the ante by asking everyone to dress in a specific theme (favorite movie character, a hot news topic or a certain time period).

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  1. Food Fight - Who’s got the best chili recipe? Who makes the cheesiest mac and cheese? Have employees bring their best dish and everyone gets to vote for their favorite. Employees will eat well at lunch and get to show off their prowess in the kitchen. Give away aprons with the company logo to the top three vote-getters.
  2. The Longest Day - Celebrate the first day of summer (and the longest day of the year) by assigning every hour of the workday to a different staffer. Ask each person to do something fun on the hour. Someone can bring cupcakes, another can tell a joke over the intercom, another can send out a fun email, etc.
  3. Pot LUCK - Have each employee sign up to bring a dish and then help them find a little luck by hiding scratch-off lottery tickets around the office.
  4. Monday Motivation - We all need a little motivation on Monday. So why not make a mini party every Monday? Encourage staffers to plan to share something fun that happened over the weekend, a cool quote or interesting photo and offer a few dessert options to make Monday just a little bit sweeter.

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  1. Breakfast for Lunch - You may not want employees wearing full-on PJs, but you can offer to let them dress down. Serve your favorite breakfast foods — hash browns, pancakes, cereal, bagels and of course coffee. Lots of coffee!
  2. Minute to Win It - This popular party trend gets the adrenaline going and offers everyone a chance to compete. You can use basic office supplies and a little creativity to come up with a handful of tasks competitors have to complete in 60 seconds. Whoever wins the most, wins a prize. Genius Tip: Start the timer with one of these 20 minute to win it business party games.
  3. Flashback – The 1960s had the Beatles and hippies, the 1970s had the disco, the 1980s were known for big hair, shoulder pads and bright colors … and flannel was prominent in the 1990s. Have staffers dress for their favorite decade and play a mix of the best music from each generation.
  4. Toga Party - Have everyone get creative with white sheets and crowns made of leaves. Serve grapes and cheese and party like the Greeks. Design your own gladiator-style competition where the winner gets a fun prize.
  5. Remote Control - Ask people to come dressed as a favorite TV show character and let others see if they can guess who they’re supposed to be. The guessing process could be very entertaining!

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  1. Do Good Feel Good - Giving back is both good for the soul and can be a great team-building experience. Have everyone submit details about a charity they’re associated with or someone in the community they know who is in need. Evaluate which causes your team can help serve and plan a day of giving back.
  2. Happy … Selfie Day?! - There’s a random holiday for everything these days. Want to celebrate doughnuts? There’s a day for that. Love hot dogs? The calendar has a day dedicated to hot dogs, too. Find your favorite(s) and build a party around them!
  3. Company’s Got Talent - You may not know that Helen in HR sings in the church choir or the IT guy plays a mean guitar. Ask people to perform for their colleagues. Make sure to offer worthy prizes for the winner.
  4. Mardi Gras - Find fun masks to use for decorations and necklaces with lots of big beads. Ask people to come dressed in purple, gold and green and make sure everyone leaves with a bag full of candy.
  5. Summer Santa - Christmas in July gives you a chance to dust off the tree, string some lights and get some faux snow to decorate. Break out the ugly holiday sweaters and make sure to play some favorite Christmas tunes. Hire some carolers and have a mini gift exchange if you’re really in the spirit! It will help ease the pain of the sweltering temperatures outside.
  6. Give Thanks - Go around the room the week of Thanksgiving and ask employees what they’re thankful for. This will give employees a chance to share and get to know each other in a personal way. Serve a traditional turkey with all the fixings, and apple pie and ice cream for dessert.

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  1. Have a Heart - Encourage staffers to use their lunch hour to get their heart rate up — walking together or hitting the company gym. Then celebrate with a fun heart-themed lunch. Use red balloons around the room and a selection of Hershey kisses and SweeTARTS to decorate tables and fill goodie bags.
  2. Luck of the Irish - Everyone loves to celebrate St Patrick’s Day! Create an office scavenger hunt with a “pot o’ gold” at the end. Most people should already be in green on this day and it’s easy to decorate. Make sure to serve favorite Irish dishes like shepherd’s pie and Irish stew. Genius Tip: Try these 25 St. Patrick’s Day games and ideas to really get inspired.
  3. School’s In - The start of school can be stressful for kids — but a little bit freeing for parents. Celebrate the start of school by offering a buffet of cafeteria favorites (pizza, PB&J and chicken nuggets). Decorate tables with school supplies and then donate the supplies to an area school.
  4. Winter Hawaiian Luau - Donning a Hawaiian shirt is way more fun when it’s freezing outside. Serve chicken teriyaki, upside down pineapple cake and make sure to have umbrellas for all the (virgin) piña coladas.
  5. Game Night - Go old school and pull out some of the classic board games. We’re talking Monopoly, Checkers — even Twister if you’re feeling adventurous. Offer fun prizes for the winners.
  6. Cinco de Mayo - People seem to get more excited about this holiday every year. And while you’re probably not going to serve margaritas in the middle of the day, there’s still plenty to do to get in the spirit. Decorate tables with sombreros and Mexican flags, make sure to hang a piñata (and let everyone take a swing at it!) and put out a spread filled with guacamole, tacos, quesadillas and more. Genius Tip: Get 50 Cinco de Mayo party ideas.
  7. Cookie Exchange - This has been around in neighborhoods forever, but it’s something coworkers could have just as much fun with. Each staffer bakes a different kind of cookie and brings enough to exchange with everyone in the office. Everyone goes home happy!
  8. Ugly Sweater Party - This has become the must-have party of the holiday season. To make things more interesting, offer prizes for specific categories (ugliest sweater, funniest sweater, most creative). Give a not-so-ugly sweater as the prize. Genius Tip: Win the award with these creative ugly sweater ideas.
  9. Under the Sea - Put out a spread filled with seafood and use the colors of the ocean to help you choose the decor (look for blue balloons, tablecloths and more) or be playful and bring in Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo decorations.
  10. It’s Magic! - Hire a local magician to do some fun tricks and encourage employees to pull out a few tricks of their own. Decorate using black and white, top hats and playing cards.

With these themes, your office will be ready to party!

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30 Office Party Themes for Your Business (5)
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Try these helpful office party potluck theme ideas to boost the fun, improve employee morale and build the workplace culture.

Some holidays make for obvious parties, while other ideas are just plain fun.. This works for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day even Election Day!. Decorate the office with festive streamers and balloons, have a patriotic-themed lunch (hot dogs and burgers and a red, white and blue cake are easy) and see if you can get everyone to wear their favorite all-American duds.. The Longest Day - Celebrate the first day of summer (and the longest day of the year) by assigning every hour of the workday to a different staffer.. Pot LUCK - Have each employee sign up to bring a dish and then help them find a little luck by hiding scratch-off lottery tickets around the office.. Encourage staffers to plan to share something fun that happened over the weekend, a cool quote or interesting photo and offer a few dessert options to make Monday just a little bit sweeter.. Evaluate which causes your team can help serve and plan a day of giving back.. Under the Sea - Put out a spread filled with seafood and use the colors of the ocean to help you choose the decor (look for blue balloons, tablecloths and more) or be playful and bring in Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo decorations.

Try these 30 creative office party themes to boost employee morale and build a fun workplace culture. Dress-up party ideas, food themes, and more for workplace and corporate functions.

With so many potential office party themes, entertainment and food options, there’s no longer any excuse for hosting a boring corporate function.. Try these 30 themes for office events to boost employee morale and build a fun workplace culture.. Explore dress-up party ideas, food themes and more for workplace and corporate functions:. Ugly Sweater Party – Most folks are familiar with the concept of an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, but this theme can be fun any time of the year!. You could also lean into the “office” Olympics theme by putting a twist on standard games — think rolling chair races, office supply scavenger hunts, or conference table ice curling.. Pajama Party – The comfiest theme of all, a pajama party invites employees to indulge their casual side.. Paint & Sip Party – Paint & Sip parties can be done in the office, at a venue, or at the storefront of the activity provider.. Alternatively, you could opt for a casual take on the Under the Sea office theme, bringing the ocean to the office with a grill-out or catered-in popcorn shrimp and lobster rolls, shandy beers, and key lime pie.. This is another theme that offers a wonderful opportunity to go big with theming, entertainment, food and beverages, and beyond.. “Worst Gift Ever” Party – For a hilarious spin on workplace gift exchanges, why not try a “Worst Gift Ever” Party?. If you and your team love a costume party or a reason to get dressed up, these are the work party themes for you:. Game Day – Less involved than the previous two costume party ideas, a game day theme is a much more casual way for everyone to show some spirit!. Here are some basic staff party decorations that can be customized to your chosen staff party themes:. If it works with the theme and mood of your event, consider building in some team-building activities as part of the day’s entertainment.. Our expert event planners will work with you to achieve your event goals and create a cohesive work party theme and activities your guests will love.

Add fun to your office party with these games and themes.

Mad Hatter Day (October 6th) - The Mad Hatter wears a hat labeled "In this style 10/6", so why not use the day to have an office party themed around favorite hats, a tea/coffee party and some dainty treats.. “Make-Your-Own Holiday" Holiday Party - Fun fact, American Thomas Roy has single-handedly invented over 90 holidays including "No Socks Day" (May 8th) and "Name Your PC Day" (November 20th).. Outing on the Water (for a smaller office) - A pontoon ride at sunset with light food and drinks can make for a memorable and unique office party.. TV Throwback Party - Introduce a new generation to shows like Love Boat, Dallas, or Happy Days and let the clothing, food and characters inspire a great office party.. Saturday Night Live Party - Host an SNL office party that encourages dressing as your favorite skit character, play some games (in character of course) and watch a highlight reel of people's favorite skits.. Ask employees to bring in their favorite game day food and you will have a fall office party hit!. Holiday Card Photo Fail - Have teams pick an online "Holiday Card Fail" photo and reenact that photo for the office party.. Holiday Cooking Class (for a small office) - Give your holiday party a tasty twist by signing everyone up for a cooking class at a specialty grocery store.. Synchronized Swim - Divide the office into teams, distribute team swim caps and give everyone 30 minutes to create a one minute synchronized swim routine (minus the water) to be performed during your office party to the music of their choice.. Office Relays - For your summer time office party, plan some relay races where your team has to dress in swim gear (cap, goggles, floaties), then take off the gear and go back to tag the next teammate.. Office Olympics - Especially fun during Olympic seasons, you can plan some fun competitions such as Rubber Band Archery, Office Chair Relays and Wadded Paper Toss.

Throw the best holiday company party. See how to wow everyone on a budget with these festive office holiday tips the whole team will love.

Then we move on to creative ideas for affordable holiday party themes, activities, destinations, and games.. One 2018 survey found that a little more than one-third of office holiday parties were held on-site.. Cons: There will be additional work for decorating, setup, catering, and serving.. Tips: To keep the budget down on these popular venues, control your timing.. In 2018, about half of companies with a holiday party used outside catering.. Here are some food options for office holiday parties on a budget:. An event where the food is an activity.. This party theme is so popular, finding affordable decor that makes a splash is easy.. Set the Wish Tree up in the office and attach gift tags with suggestions for gifts and the first names of recipients provided by the organization.. There is already plenty of booze, snacks, and stress around holiday time.. BYOB and (depending on the rules) snacks, and go on a tour of holiday lights.. Interested employees can bring pictures, props, decorations, food, and/or games for a “show and share” of their holiday traditions.. (Ideas to get you started: Best desk/office decor.

Check out the top 25 most entertaining, versatile, and budget-friendly corporate event themes — ideas for Food, Settings, Decor, Activities.

When choosing a party theme for company get-togethers, corporate planners need to make sure that the theme is relevant and fun.. “Spring” is a great theme on its own, but if for a more niche theme, check out these 25 creative spring themes for parties and events.. Between the performers, activities, and out-of-the-box decor, you’ll create an event that really sets itself apart.. Decor: Your decor should match the theme and location of the mystery.. Setting: A neutral space that you can decorate with memorabilia from the ’50s to the early 2000s works well.. Food: Since this theme incorporates a lot of different trends, you can mix and match your food options, although classic American fare covers all the bases.. Activities: Setting up a full buffet brunch makes it easy to have a formal sit-down meal or a free period where attendees can hang out and still get some work done.. Setting: Steakhouses and black-tie venues are both a great option for this corporate event theme.. Setting: This theme works for any space, but is especially effective for venues like laser tag or indoor putt-putt, where glow in the dark features play a big role in the decor.. Food: Serve astronaut ice cream and basically anything you can make look cool with food coloring.. Food: Pizza, chicken tenders, and any other carbohydrate-rich finger food will go well with this theme.. Food: A lot of theaters will serve drinks but they rarely have food, so make sure you book a great neighboring restaurant so event goers can walk over after their meal.. Setting: Open-air parking lots, parks, or your business’s green lawn campus are all easy spots for food trucks to drive up to and set up shop.. Beverages: Most food trucks will serve specialty beverages but be prepared with your own water station, as well.. The most important factors in making a good party theme are that the event is appropriate and the host puts in the effort to make it special.

200+ awesome adult party themes for an unforgettable celebration! This list of party themes for adults will help you plan the ultimate unique fun-filled event.

This list of party themes for adults will help you plan the most epic celebration ever!. Choosing a theme for a birthday party or celebration can be as simple as having a colour scheme or a type of food as the central focus.. The best thing about adult theme parties is that they make your party planning so much easier.. From invitations to decorations, entertainment, food and party games – choosing all of these things is easier with a theme!. Once you have an idea of what type of party to throw, it’s time to plan!. Make sure your invites go out at least 3 weeks before your party to give guests time to prepare.. If you have an elaborate costume theme, you may even want to give them 4-6 weeks of planning time.. Make sure you have enough space at your party venue to suit the number of guests, especially if hosting at home.. Check out these tips for celebrating New Year’s Eve (or any occasion) with kids!. This is the ultimate list of party themes for adults, with 225 different ideas for you to consider for your celebration.. These things include dress up parties, food themed parties and simple themes around colours, music, style and entertainment.. There are party hire businesses that will come to you and set up a casino night at your venue.. Include tiki torches for decorations and cocktails as part of your menu.. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Arabian Nights Vintage garden party Kid’s party games – Relive your youth by having a throwback to your favourite kid’s party games with a twist.. Over 40 printable pages to plan every part of your next celebration for adults or kids parties!

Planning your next office party or birthday bash? Check out these awesome dress up party ideas for adults. Includes fun, creative themes for every occasion!

This post is all about dress up party themes for adults.. Themed costume parties make for some seriously fun adult get-togethers, and they can be the highlight of your year if you choose the right one!. Women can choose from sequined fringed outfits, dropped waist dresses, bobbed hair, pearl necklaces, and beaded purses — these all fit perfectly into this fun adult party theme.. Mardi Gras is probably one of the best dress up party themes for adults.. A navy and white nautical theme is perfect for an adult dress up party.. Anything Disney is a popular party theme, but throw in the villain twist and you’ve got the makings of a fun, adult dress up opportunity!. This party theme is easy to put together and costumes don’t have to be elaborate to be fun.. If you’re looking to throw an unforgettable shindig for your fellow adults, I hope these creative dress up themes help you plan the perfect party!

From deciding a theme to making people show up, organizing an office party is hard. To make your life easier, here are our 15 best office party ideas.

When someone throws an office party, you have to keep a lot of things in mind.. The only thing more fun than food is a thrilling murder mystery.. At this party, this is just what we are going to do.. Check beforehand what date and time work for your employees.. It’s a great office party idea!. And don’t forget to make a great playlist and arrange some great snacks for the party.. The price of those items can be according to your budget.

There are always new ways to show appreciation for your employees, and we are very excited to share the latest with you! Take a look and let’s get started on throwing your Philadelphia employee appreciation party!

We are excited to find out which employee appreciation idea matches your company’s style, and we can’t wait to make planning it an effortless task for you and your team.. All the fun without any hassle—let’s get started on throwing your Philadelphia employee appreciation party!. Many companies announce a theme for employee appreciation day, but this one works great any time you want to recognize the seemingly heroic acts that your employees carry out.. So go back to your company’s year of establishment and invite your employees to dress up in fitting attire for your flashback party.. On Valentine’s Day, let your employees know that your company is in love with their drive and passion by treating them to a red party.. When employees arrive to the Philadelphia office thinking it’s just another Monday, surprise them from the minute they open their office desk drawer and find some custom candies with your company logo.. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, any meal is a great time for custom food stations where employees put their personal style into their meals and enjoy making memories together.. You can support employees in achieving their goals by setting up a nutritious breakfast buffet their first day back to work in the New Year.. When employees hear your company will be celebrating National Margarita Day, they will look forward to saying cheers on February 22!. There is no bad time for a company karaoke night, but when you bring on new employees is an exceptionally good time to break the ice.. When you kick off a big project or goal is a great time to rejuvenate and reward employees with a group outing to a local Philadelphia sports game.. When New Year’s resolutions begin to fade, give employees an extra incentive to take on healthy goals by announcing a team 5K race with highly coveted prizes like time off or a fitness massage.. A fun activity that results in perfect office decoration, encourage employees to put their personal style on display.. Bingo boards are so easy to custom design with your company logo and a great way to reward employees with fun prizes.

Anyone who has worked in an office is familiar with the monthly shuffle into the break room to sing a quick happy birthday and partake of waxy grocery store cake. These types of celebrations are very common and widespread – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that employees enjoy them. As a matter of fact, brief […]

Instead of celebrating special occasions with the bare minimum effort, show your team that you value them by putting thought into your office parties.. Treat your employees to something special by hosting one of these theme parties for your next office holiday:. For a party where employees can be together without much social pressure, host an office movie night.. Bring the feel of a movie theatre to the office by decorating space with red curtains, floor lights and a concession stand.. Assign a musically inclined employee to turn up the 80s tunes, and the office will soon turn into a dance floor that is a blur of neon and synthetic fabrics.. When your employees enter an office filled with colorful parrots, bright flowers and paper palm trees, they will certainly get into a relaxed mood and forget the everyday office stress.. You can bring the real feel of Hawaii to the office by incorporating some of the Hawaiian customs into the party, such as greeting everyone in your team with a flower necklace or lei .. To add a touch of fun and education, decorate the office with the colors of the Italian flag and place cards with interesting facts about the country anywhere you think staff might congregate.. Or, you can split employees into teams and play a game to test how many Italian words each team can remember in a set amount of time.. If you are looking for a different type of party for your office, look no farther than a murder mystery.

To create the best possible office space for your small business, take a look at this list of thirty office decorating ideas.

Your office space can make a huge difference in the success of your business.. To create the best possible office space for your business, take a look at this list of office decorating ideas below.. So try to keep any window areas unobstructed to make the most of the light that your space gets.. Color can be one of the best ways to make your office stand out.. When you are choosing a color scheme for your space, it can help for you to consider your brand colors so that you can create a space that really upholds a consistent style.. So in spaces like your break room where you want team members to relax, you could utilize those colors in the decor.. If you have a larger space with multiple different areas, you might want to separate some of those different spaces with different elements.. And color coding different items and containers can also help you make sure that your space looks more organized and cohesive.. To add a bit more color to your space without overwhelming your senses, you can paint just a single wall with a bright or accent color and then leave the rest light or neutral.. So opt for smaller models that don’t take up as much floor space to make the area feel less cramped.. You can also make better use of small spaces by utilizing tall shelves or vertical storage so that it takes up less floor space.. Even if you have just a home office , you still have to create an intentionally designed space.. It’s still a good idea to refresh the space with new artwork, furniture and even paint colors regularly.

You need your staff to bond with each other to ensure a good working relationship that benefits the company. Start with these 20 in office event ideas.

A brilliant ice-breaking game that helps team members get to know each other better while having a bit of fun in the process.. Get several of the same jigsaw puzzles and split your staff into teams who must then race to complete the puzzle before their rival teams.. Split your staff into teams who must use only simple materials such as sticky tape, cardboard rolls, paper and the like to create a structure around an uncooked egg that must protect it when dropped from a significant height.. This fun game has been parodied in a number of TV comedy shows, perhaps most notably in The Office where the well-meaning but idiotic Michael Scott makes an utter mess of his company’s diversity training day.. Spend an afternoon engaging in some board game tournaments to relieve stress, reward employees for their hard work, and to help everybody either work together or compete in friendly fun.. A foosball or table tennis table are not too expensive and don’t take up much room, but they can be great for staff to unwind and you can even organize mini-tournaments to encourage fun interactions between staff members.

You have got the green signal for your next office party—time to get going with the preparations. First pick a great theme for the office party.

This is why It would be better for you to take help from a reputed corporate event management firm to execute the event successfully.. Choosing the right theme for your office party is important because it sets the entire event’s tone.. Your plan should identify the details of the event.. Getting creative with the invitations always works.. Working on different ideas is best done with the entire team coming in with its decisions.. Many corporate party organizers do not work on this point, considering it to be quite obvious.. After all, a theme chosen for a party where only the clients are invited might not match up with a party where even the prospects are present.. And yes, there is a specific term for these events, and that’s “carnival.”. Planning on activities that help the employees in loosening up and getting to know one another helps.. Now, it’s challenging to achieve success by throwing an office party if there’s no entertainment therein.. It’s because the budget you have put aside for the event will help you choose the right theme.. So, always be realistic with the office party budget and shortlist ideas accordingly.. Considering everything that is popular for your office party theme will help you plan a successful event.. But then again, having one will make the event more memorable and fun.

Make your holiday party memorable by using one of these seven budget-friendly office party themes.

All these tips and themes are designed to not break the bank, and most of the treats can already be found in the office break room.. No matter the party’s theme, keep these tips in mind when planning office festivities.. Give people an actual break by holding the party during work hours and assure everyone they won’t be expected to stay late to make up any work that doesn’t get completed during that time.. Incorporate games Games are a great way to break the ice and give people something to do besides making small talk.. Put the above tips to good use with any of the following office party themes.. Prior to the party, let everyone know the official rules (you can print them out to have on hand during the party).. When it comes to decor, consider putting up decorations that match the chosen movie(s).. and go wild with candy to represent the 1990s .. To decorate, cut out flowers and palm trees from colored construction paper and tack them up around the breakroom.. Juice, cereal bars, fruit snacks, pop tarts, cereals and oatmeal all make for tasty (and budget-friendly) food options.. With winter holiday decor taking over shelf space, take advantage of marked down Halloween decorations and costumes.. When it comes to snacks, you’ll never go wrong with candy.. If going the board games route, ask employees to bring in their favorite games in order to save cash.. For snacks, finger foods are the way to go.

Discover 10 office party ideas that will not only have your employees excited to take part in, but result in an enviable workplace “culture”.

This has led to an increase in things like coffee and snack programs, company happy hours, and great employee benefits.. To shake things up this summer, we compiled a list of ten office party ideas that will not only have your employees excited to take part in, but will also forge relationships resulting in an enviable workplace “culture”.. Usually only given one hour to get out, it is a high-pressure situation in which employees must take on specific roles within the team to uncover clues and develop strategies to find the key to escape!. Those employees who double as self-proclaimed grill masters can take turns grilling burgers and hotdogs while others can sit back and enjoy the nice weather and a break from their desks!. Fun 5K’s such as these tend to be great social gatherings with food, drinks, and music – a great way to let your employees bond outside of the office.. Not exactly a “party”, but this is an awesome opportunity for employees to work together for good local causes and for your company to give back to the community.. You can divide employees into teams to make things a tad competitive and see who can make the most meals.. This is an awesome way for employees to strategize and work together to reach a common goal – building relationships with people they might not have gotten to know otherwise.. Charity days are great because they are seen as a “break from work”, but employees get the chance to do something good for others and feel good about it after!. Larger companies may have enough interest to build out their own league within the company, whereas smaller companies can easily find company leagues to join in their area.. Halloween is always fun for kids with trick or treating, costumes and decorations – why not bring that into the office?. Gather a couple of creative minds from the office and have them draft a list of clues to send your employees on a mission.. Each team can present their pictures at the office and show off the great time they had.. Bring these quirky national holidays to life by celebrating them with an office party!

Find unique and creative 30th birthday party ideas and themes that will help you plan an unforgettable introduction to your 30s.

When it comes to organizing the big day, all of your 30th birthday party ideas should follow one stylish theme that can be incorporated throughout all of your décor, eats, and 30th birthday party invitations .. Before you dive into party planning, choose a 30th birthday party theme to set your festivities in motion.. However, you’ve come a long way since your 21st birthday and you can easily tackle your 30th by choosing the right birthday party theme.. Pull out all the stops for your 30th birthday bash and throw an unforgettable couture birthday party.. Celebrate your 30th birthday party with a Pretty in Pink theme , characterized by plenty of pink décor and sweets.. If you have a deep love for the 1920s, host a Great Gatsby themed birthday party to celebrate the big 3-0.. If you’re not into hosting a formal cocktail party this time around, you can give your 30th birthday party a twist by having guests dress down and wear their favorite pajamas.. Get creative with a colorful and fun Moroccan themed birthday party for you and your friends.. 30th birthday parties should include plenty of signage with the number 30, along with cute birthday sayings.. If you’re hosting a 30th birthday party for a friend, keep any of the above birthday party themes a secret and throw a surprise birthday party!. The most important step to throwing a surprise birthday party is making sure you send surprise birthday party invitations .. Choose a birthday party invitation that is concise and clearly states that the birthday party is a surprise.. Whether you’re throwing a party for yourself or planning a surprise party for a friend, you can never go wrong with honoring how far you or the honoree has come and where life is headed.

Grab your Party Planning Commitee and get to it! This post will walk you through how to throw the perfect "The Office" party from food to games to decor!

Thus, an Office themed party seems appropriate, for any occasion!. I have a few suggestions to make your Office TV show theme party a success, as well as a party pack to make your life easy.. When it comes to an “Office” themed party, there are a few decoration non-negotiables.. I went with a really random assortment: Cheeseballs (from Michael Scott Paper Company), Nerds (from the Halloween Episode where Dwight tells Erin he’s eating Jims), Kit Kat Bars (from when Andy can’t remember the jingle), Pigs in a Blanket (from when Kevin eats them at the Glee watching party), and OF COURSE pretzels with toppings (from Stanley’s favorite pretzel day).. In my Office Themed Party Pack , I included food tags.. Hide things in plain sight and enjoy watching your party guests go on an Office themed scavenger hunt.. The photo props include: Dunder Mifflin logo, Dwight’s glasses and tie, Andy’s bowtie and “Andy for Manager?” pin, “That’s what she said” speech bubble, Sabre water bottle, Sprinkles the cat, stapler in jello, Dwight’s Lackawana County volunteer sherrif badge, a Schrute buck, “Pippity Poppity Give me the Zoppity” speech bubble, Cornell pennant, “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica”, World’s best boss mug, Threat Level Midnight Logo and, of course, a Dundie award for “Hottest in the Office”.. Ain’t no party like a Scranton party!. I included it in my party pack for an easy list of all songs featured in the Office TV show.. You can’t have an Office party without an awesome themed party favor.. for your Office themed party, let’s make it easy.. On EventOTB’s Etsy page, you can grab your Office Party Pack .. Party Banner, Party invitation, Food Tags, Water Bottle Labels, Stickers, Characters of Michael Scott Fortune Teller, Quote Scramble Game, Office Scavenger Hunt Game, Photo Props, Playlist.. Any fun Office themed party ideas that I missed?. Also, subscribe to the email list and receive a FREE download of Office Themed party banner.

If you are looking for inspirations or game ideas, then these office party games are perfect for you. You and your guests will surely have a great time.

Our selection of office party games for large groups includes both team and individual games.. You can play this as a team game and have team members compete to see which player makes the quickest guess.. If one works in a small office, or games are needed for a work place unit consisting of few individuals, you will find our office party games for small groups effective for parties and anytime your employees gather in a group.. The first player to complete their list or the one with the most answers at the end of the time set, wins this game.. Give all the members of one team green balloons and all the players on the other team red balloons.. You can also play this game with individuals attempting to be the last player left with the balloon if your group is very small.. After two minutes (longer if your teams are large), the team with the most balloons on the other side wins this fun and frantic game.


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