Best DPS Build New World (2023)

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by Joel Stadler | Last Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Best DPS Build New World (1)

Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

(Video) Top 3 NEW HIGH DPS Builds | New World Dps Build 2022 (UPDATED)

Most MMO players like doing damage, but DPS players focus on damage to the exclusion of basically everything else. In this guide to the best DPS build for New World, we’ll cover the basics of a good DPS build, plus the skills and equipment you need to deal the most damage you can.

Let’s get started!

New World Best DPS Build

First, a quick overview. Our strategy here is quite simple — keep your enemies at a distance and fire away until they’re dead. To that end, you want to focus on high mobility and dodge so you can kite effectively.

Keep in mind that this build is an archetypal glass cannon build. You can always balance it out based on your preferred playstyle, but we’re foregoing defense in favor of dealing as much damage as possible.


For your attributes, you’ll want to put everything (and I mean everything) into Dexterity. Only stop putting points into Dexterity when the game physically makes you stop. Once that well has run dry, you can start putting your remaining points into Intelligence, as your secondary weapon will rely on this stat to a degree.


Best DPS Build New World (3)

As mentioned above, you’ll want to maximize your dodge and mobility for this build. The important thing is to keep your equipment load light. The optimum choice stat-wise is to wear a medium chest piece and keep the rest of your armor light.


Best DPS Build New World (4)

All of New World’s DPS weapons are good choices, but the musket is the weapon of choice if you want to maximize your damage as much as possible. We’ll be focusing primarily on the musket in this guide, though we’ll also briefly touch on the rapier as a secondary/backup weapon.

New World Best DPS Skills — Musket

Best DPS Build New World (5)

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s get into the best skills for a DPS build in New World. We’ll start with our recommendations for the musket, which will focus on the Sharpshooter and Trapper skill trees.

(Video) Top 3 Best HIGH DAMAGE Builds 2023 | New World DPS Build 2023 (NEW META)

Powder Burn

Best DPS Build New World (6)

Powder Burn is the second-row active skill in the Sharpshooter skill tree, and the first active skill we want for this build.

This skill overcharges your musket, dealing 110% weapon damage on a hit and inflicting a burn effect that does 20% weapon damage each second for 9s. When fully upgraded, the Chronic Trauma boost extends the burn status effect by 4s if your attack was a headshot. Obviously this is a huge boost to damage (which exactly what we’re here for). This skill has a 14.7s cooldown.

This skill does good base damage, but the DOTs are what you’re really here fore. This skill will rack up the damage real quick, and is a must-have for maximizing your DPS.

Shooter’s Stance

Best DPS Build New World (7)

Shooter’s Stance is the third-row active skill in the Sharpshooter Skill tree. This is the next active skill you want to purchase, though it can be a bit risky.

You enter a crouched aiming stance. The stance does not increase your weapon damage, but reduces weapon reload time to 75%. This lasts for three shots and has a 17.7 second cooldown, and you cannot move until the stance ends.

Reducing weapon reload time to 75% may not sound like a big deal, but once you play around with the musket, you’ll understand how annoying reloading after each shot is. Shooter’s Stance really piles on the damage, and once upgraded, it lets you fire five shots before it ends.

Both Shoot More and Marksman are great additions as you upgrade this skill. Shoot More gives you two more shots at reduced reload, and Marksman reduces your cooldowns when focusing one enemy.

Sticky Bomb

Best DPS Build New World (8)

Sticky Bomb is the third-row active skill of the Trapper skill tree, and the damage and status effects are well worth the point investment. You throw a bomb that explodes three seconds after it hits an enemy, dealing 210% weapon damage and staggering all enemies within 3m. This comes at an 11.8s cooldown.

This ability will do the most raw damage of any of your active skills. The stagger is not to be underestimated either, as you want to keep your distance in this build. Just remember the three-second delay so your timing isn’t thrown off!

(Video) Top 3 Best HIGH DAMAGE Builds | New World DPS Build 2022 (NEW META)

As you upgrade this skill, consider getting Sticky Slow for an added a slow effect. This is great for keeping your distance for that sweet long-range sniping.

Passive Skills

Best DPS Build New World (9)

Most of the passive skills from the Sharpshooter skill tree are very solid choices for this build. Both Critical Reload and Called Shot from the first row are great picks. Critical Reload gives you a free reload if you get three headshots within 5s, and Called Shot ups your damage by 5% if you’ve been aiming for at least 3s. I still recommend all the passives from the Sharpshooter tree, though. You can’t go wrong.

As for the Trapper Passive skills, Salt on the Wounds, Back it Up, and Weakened Defense are the skills you want. Salt on the Wounds is just a straight 10% damage increase to targets 30% or lower on health. Back it Up gives a 10% movement speed increase when enemies are within 8m of you, which is great for getting out of a tough spot. Weakened Defense adds 50% stamina damage to all enemies blocking with a shield, and 10% armor penetration to those who aren’t. It’s a win-win.


It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Sniper is the go-to choice for the capstone ability. For one thing, you won’t go far enough down the Trapper skill tree to unlock Lethal Combo. For another, Sniper really ups your headshot game. So it’s a no-brainer.

New World Best DPS Skills — Rapier

Ideally, your secondary weapon won’t come up much in this build, as your goal is to stay back and snipe with the musket. Since having a second weapon is optimal, however, we recommend the rapier as the best pairing for this build.

The point of the rapier (no pun intended for once), is to get in some quick damage when an enemy gets in too close, and to get you away from said enemy in a pinch.

You’ll mainly want to focus on Tondo and Evade here. Other than fully upgrading those two skills, the rest of the points you spend on the rapier are up to you, as they’re less central to this build.


Best DPS Build New World (12)

Tondo is the first first-row active skill of the Blood skill tree. It is a quick attack that can hit at a distance and inflicts Bleed.

You attack up to 5m away for 50% weapon damage. On a hit, you inflict a Bleed status effect that does 10% weapon damage per second for 12s. You can stack this effect up to three times. This comes at a 5.9s cooldown.

(Video) HIGHEST DPS in New World! - DPS GUIDE in New World Expeditions! Greatsword Build & Greataxe Build!

Tondo is a very fast attack with solid DOTs. The move is great for getting in some quick melee DPS before retreating and pulling out your musket again.


Best DPS Build New World (13)

Evade is the first-row active skill in the Grace skill tree. It does what it says on the tin, and is great for helping you get away from troublesome melee opponents.

You perform a sidestep that gives you momentary invulnerability. If you do light attacks during the sidestep they are performed much quicker than normal. This all comes at an 11.8 second cooldown. The point of evade in this build is to help get you out of melee as quickly as possible. After all, the musket is the star of this show. However, getting a hit or two in before retreating is a bonus.

Join the High Ground

That’s all for our guide to the best DPS build in New World — thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this guide, drop a comment and subscribe to our newsletter for more New World content. As always, happy shooting and stabbing, explorer!

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What is the strongest build in New World? ›

  • Builds Index.
  • Best Build Ideas.
  • Immortal Warrior – Hatchet / Life Staff.
  • Meta Tank – Sword And Shield / Hatchet.
  • Frost Cleric – Life Staff / Ice Gauntlet.
  • Hunter – Bow / Hatchet.
  • Templar – Spear / Life Staff.
  • Battlemage – Sword And Shield / Fire Staff.

What is the highest DPS in the New World? ›

The GS apparently has the highest DPS in the game, but you're really vulnerable when you use it. The rapier also has really high DPS, but most people don't know about it. The Spear/great axe can be used for utility, but they shouldn't be your main source of DPS. The WH can be used in Lazarus, but it's not the best DPS.

What are DPS weapons in new world? ›

In New World, there are currently six Physical Melee DPS Weapon choices - Sword, Hatchet, Great Axe, War Hammer, Rapier, and a Spear.

What is the best PvP build for New World? ›

New World Best PvP Builds
  • Hatchet and Spear - The Undying Impaler.
  • Fire Staff and Gauntlet - Fire and Ice.
  • Spear and Musket - The Trapper Spear.
  • Rapier and Bow - The Duelist Hunter.
  • Void Gauntlet and Life Staff - The Void Healer.
  • Musket and Rapier Build.
  • Sword and Warhammer Build.
  • Void Gauntlet and Ice Gauntlet Build.
Dec 17, 2022

What is the best faction in New World? ›

Even though the Syndicate is the most popular faction in New World, all factions have similar designs and offer the same benefits to its players. You technically won't be at a disadvantage if you choose a specific faction over the other.

What is better DPS or damage? ›

Personally, I tend to prefer higher Damage even if the DPS is lower, because I can usually control the real performance of the weapon better. DPS is really only useful if you like to spray enemies from close distance with a hail of bullets. Ultimately, it's more about how the gun "feels" to you.

Is great AXE DPS New World? ›

The Great Axe is a DPS/Tank weapon designed to specialize in grouping up enemies and hitting them with its incredibly high damage single target focused attacks. Given the nature of grouping enemies up, it has a number of AoE damage tools. It's a strong PvP weapon with its high damage and absurdly high catch potential.

What weapons are meta in New World? ›

However, in terms of meta choices, it's the Life Staff and Rapier that are holding the top spots in 2022. A quick-oriented melee weapon with a variety of quick lunge attacks. A powerful staff that can cast healing and protective spells.

What is the best class in New World? ›

1) The Berserker (Hatchet + Warhammer)

As Strength is the primary scaling attribute for both the Hatchet and the Warhammer, investing in it completely is the best course of action.

What is the best leveling build in New World? ›

The Hatchet And Bow Speed Leveling Build. The Hatchet and Bow have so far proven to be one of the fastest ways to level up in New World, mostly thanks to the weapon combination's great movement speed buffs and general sustainability.

Does GS matter in PvP New World? ›

GS only increases the power of the perks on the item, so it's really the perks that matter.

How do you become invincible in the New World? ›

New World players have discovered an apparent invincibility exploit that's easy to perform: You just have to switch to windowed mode and drag the game window around.

Are muskets good in New World? ›

In New World, the Musket is a very strong and reliable ranged weapon. It has a long reload period which can make it feel clunky to play at times, but thankfully, there's ways to get around this with skills and passives that make it feel much better overall.

Is Musket and Rapier good in New World? ›

The Musket and Rapier are an iconic duo in the New World meta. They both scale off of Dexterity, deal great base damage, and can synergize with each other if you use the right masteries. You'll have great mobility, DoT damage, and can damage targets from any distance.

What is the fastest way to LVL in New World? ›

The fastest way to level up in New World in the Brimstone Sands update:
  1. Complete the main story quests.
  2. Complete side missions while working on the storyline quests.
  3. Join a faction for character power leveling and extra XP.
  4. Complete faction missions only if it's worth it.
  5. Avoid the town board missions when leveling.
Oct 26, 2022

Is Bow strong in New World? ›

The Bow is incredibly strong, arguably one of the best ranged weapons in the game. It serves as a harder-hitting alternative to the Musket, although you'll have to get used to the Bow's travel time and various abilities. In its current state, the Bow is the perfect weapon for PVP.

Is New World a grind? ›

It definitely is a grind and hopefully you can find other tasks in the game you enjoy like OPR or professions. I feel bad for new players the most, as they probably dont realize it will take them 300-500 hours of gameplay to catch me…

Does your New World faction matter? ›

Picking the biggest faction on your server means you'll get more bonuses as you play, but you have a lower chance of being selected for wars or encountering enemies in open world PvP.

Which faction to join New World 2022? ›

The Syndicate is the most popular faction among all the groups in Aeternum. This will be your first choice if you prefer to be a member of an alliance with a high population. However, players should note that smaller companies in highly congested groups will have more difficulty getting their territory.

What are the benefits of each faction in New World? ›

Each comes with a different visual armor design, guild, and background story. However, there aren't any major gameplay benefits for choosing factions, save for things like discounts if they're traveling within their own faction territory.

Do axes or swords do more DPS? ›

An axe does 2 more damage than a sword would. If a diamond sword does 7 damage, then a diamond axe would do 9 damage. To get the most damage, you have to wait a bit more for the cooldown to finish.

Is Spear and Hatchet good in New World? ›

The Hatchet is arguably one of the very best weapons in New World, mostly thanks to its powerful Berserk ability. It pairs nicely with the Spear, giving you backup CC effects and range for when Berserking just isn't enough.

Is the great stone AXE worth it? ›

10/10 Giant Stone Axe (Worst)

Sadly, this axe acquired from Straid of Olaphis in trade for the Soul of the Last Giant is an armament better suited to being a trophy instead of something used in actual combat. It is the heaviest regular axe in the entire game, and that's not a good thing.

Can you master every weapon in New World? ›

Each Weapon Mastery has 2 Skill Trees, and players are forced to choose how which portions of the Skill Trees to unlock, as it is not possible to unlock both Skill Trees fully. Only 19 total points can be obtained for each weapon, but there is no limit to how many different weapons you can master.

Are Spears good in New World? ›

The Spear is a DPS (damage-per-second) weapon in New World. It is one of the best options for crowd control, capable of pushing multiple enemies back if you get cornered. Because of this, it's a great pick for solo PvE players.

What gets you the most XP in New World? ›

The fastest way to level up in New World in the Brimstone Sands update:
  • Complete the main story quests.
  • Complete side missions while working on the storyline quests.
  • Join a faction for character power leveling and extra XP.
  • Complete faction missions only if it's worth it.
  • Avoid the town board missions when leveling.
Oct 26, 2022

What is s tier in New World? ›

From the beginning to the end of the game, SS-Tier weapons are legendary one that is extremely rare to find but once you get your hands on these bad boys and upgrade them to the max, you probably become the boss of the fight. Best amongst all weapons.

What is the max crafting level in New World? ›

If you're after the best possible gear, this is how to craft it. 600 GS is the maximum Gear Score you can get when crafting at launch. To reach 600 GS, you'll need more than just max Crafting Skill for whatever you're crafting — you also need additional buffs from a variety of different sources.


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