Borderlands 3 Solo Builds Guide – Surviving Solo, Build Tips (2022)

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The Borderlands series has always allowed players to tackle the games with friends or by their lonesome if they so choose. Borderlands 3 improves upon the solo playing feature and provides players all the abilities and resources they need to finish the game on their own, and they’ve done this by expanding on the skills and subsequent abilities found in the skill trees to allow for better builds.

Borderlands 3 Solo Builds

The 4 new Vault Hunters: FL4K, Zane, Moze, and Amara all belong to different classes, in previous installments choosing a particular class would mean that you’re foregoing certain abilities that are necessary when playing solo, not anymore!

Each character is given 3 unique abilities that can be augmented with different skill trees. Essentially, you can adopt 3 different play styles for each character.

This Solo Builds Guide is here to give you a couple of builds for each character, builds I believe will help out anyone daring enough to tackle Borderlands 3 single-handedly!

FL4K – The Beastmaster (The Power of First Aid!)

This particular build is a pretty nifty one, primarily because it pretty much makes sure that you’re almost always in tip-top shape.

With multiple abilities that regenerate health and even increase your max health, you’re pretty much the most unlikely person on the battlefield to get killed.

Alongside that we have the skills of the Master Skill Tree, this provides you and your pet with some much-needed offensive stats.

Increasing Gun Damage and upping your Pet’s attack power, this build creates the perfect soldier, capable of both extreme offense and defense. This is an insanely strong build, you could even call it a tank build.

The best weapon that compliments this would be one that already has high damage, we want it supplemented with these abilities. Perhaps a shotgun would work.


(Video) Borderlands 3 – Best Solo Builds | Guide for ALL Characters

  • Ferocity (3)
  • Persistence Hunter (3)
  • Who Rescued Who (5)
  • Frenzy (5)
  • Psycho Head on a Stick (1)
  • Hive Mind (3)
  • Mutated Defense (1)
  • Pack Tactics (3)
  • Shared Spirit (1)
  • Dominance (1)

Stalker (Gunslinger Jabber)

  • Self-Repairing System (5)
  • All My BFF’s (5)
  • Eager to Impress (3)
  • Lick the Wounds (1)
  • Turn Tail and Run (3)
  • Hidden Machine (3)
  • Rage and Recover (2)

FL4K – The Beastmaster (Like a Hunter in the Night)

This is a Stalker build for FL4K, one that’s designed to simultaneously heal you and raise your attack power!

This is further augmented with the few Master Skills you’ll have equipped; this will give you just that extra bit of edge against your opponent.

I’d recommend getting the Atlas because, with the amount of raised Gun Damage you have with this build, I’d want a weapon that fires as rapidly as possible!

Stalker (Gunslinger Jabber)

  • Self-Repairing System (5)
  • Sic’em (3)
  • Furious Attack (5)
  • Overclocked (5)
  • Lick the Wounds (1)
  • Turn Tail and Run (3)
  • The Fast and the Furryous (3)
  • Hidden Machine (5)
  • The Power Inside (1)
  • Eager to Impress (5)
  • Rage and Recover (5)


  • Persistence Hunter (3)
  • Ferocity (4)

Zane – The Operative (One Grenade Ain’t Enough)

This build is all about increasing your survivability chances and making you a juggernaut on the battlefield.

Your skills as a Hitman (assisted by an SNTNL) will increase Gun Damage, Weapon Speed, and Fire Rate, all the while providing you with grenades – grenades galore!

But you’ll also have access to several Kill Skills that will be augmented by Death Follows Close.

On the flip side, you’ll have your abilities as a Doubled Agent. With a clone, you’ll be able to get out of life or death situations, share your primary weapon with it, and have increased gun damage due to his help.

All the while, you’ll have even more grenades! With all those grenades and firepower, this is most assuredly a damage build!

Since you’ll share your primary weapon with your clone thanks to Double Barrel, best to pick a weapon that you’re most comfortable with or pick a weapon that deals the most damage; your choice.

Hitman (SNTNL with Winter’s Drone and Almighty Ordnance)


  • Cold Bore (2)
  • Violent Momentum (4)
  • Cool Hand (2)
  • Drone Delivery (1)
  • Salvation (5)
  • Death Follows Close (1)
  • Violent Violence (2)
  • Playing Dirty (3)
  • Good Misfortune (1)

Double Agent (Digi-Clone With Schadenfreude and Digital Distribution)

  • Synchronicity (1)
  • Borrowed Time (5)
  • Donnybrook (5)
  • Fractal Frags (1)
  • Duct Tape Mod (5)
  • Quick Breather (1)
  • Pocket Full of Grenades (3)
  • Old-U (1)
  • Like a Ghost (3)
  • Double Barrel (1)

Zane – The Operative (Shields Up; Drowns Out)

As you can guess by the name, this is an Undercover build and a Hitman build coming together to have a love child.

But wait, there’s a little something extra in the concoction. What is it? Why it’s a modicum of Synchronicity! Because you can’t just hide behind your shield all day and expect your drone to do all the work, you need some firepower, even if just a tiny bit.

You could call this a tank build as it gives you heavy fortification due to all the Undercover abilities which augment your barrier.

And your Hitman abilities will make you a pretty hard target to hit; you’ll most likely be the one person on the battlefield not getting hit even once!

Because the build is more so about defenses and kills skills, there’s not a lot of choices for guns that suit it.

If I had to pick, I’d say that you should go for the Hyperion, giving you even more protection while simultaneously increasing accuracy so you’ll always be able to shoot your targets from behind your proverbial wall.

Undercover (Barrier With Nanites or Some Shite and All-Rounder)

  • Adrenaline (5)
  • Hearty Stock (3)
  • Ready for Action (5)
  • Stiff Upper Lip (3)
  • Confident Confidence (1)
  • Really Expensive Jacket (1)
  • Futility Belt (1)

Hitman (SNTNL With Static Field and Almighty Ordnance)

  • Cold Bore (5)
  • Violent Momentum (5)
  • Cool Hand (5)
  • Drone Delivery (1)
  • Violent Violence (5)
  • Death Follows Close (1)
  • Good Misfortune (3)
  • Seein’ Red (1)

Double Agent
Synchronicity (3)

Moze (Munition Haven)

You’re a Gunner, alright, what’s the one thing a gunner can’t be without? Okay, guns, yeah – what are the TWO things a gunner can’t be without? Guns AND ammunition!

Don’t worry, weary traveler, as this bottomless mag build will give you all the ammunition you’ll ever need, courtesy of the Bottomless Mags skill tree that provides you with all that you need and more!

Of course, that won’t be all, as you’ll also have your precious Iron Bear there to help you out. And if that’s not enough, you might even be firing FIRE rounds. Yeah, I think this build will do just nicely.

(Video) THE FINAL FL4K BUILD - Borderlands 3 Best Fadeaway FL4K Crit Build!

As far as weapons go, Vladof has the trade-off of running out of ammo too quickly; that’s rectified now!

Bottomless Mags (Salamander, Molten Roar and Fuel Economy)

  • Cloud of Lead (5)
  • Stoke the Embers (3)
  • Redistribution (1)
  • Scrappy (2)
  • Rushin’ Offensive (1)
  • Scorching RPM’s (5)
  • The Iron Bank (3)
  • Specialist Bear (1)
  • Some for the Road (1)
  • Click, Click (3)
  • Forge (1)

Demolition Woman

  • Fire in the Skag Den (5)
  • Means of Destruction (3)
  • Stainless Steel Bear (2)
  • Auto Bear (1)

Shield of Retribution

  • Security Bear (1)
  • Armored Infantry (4)
  • Vladof Ingenuity (5)
  • Experimental Munition (1)

Moze – Papa Bear Is Unhappy

We really should not gloss over the fact that Moze has at her disposal a mecha bear! So we should probably have a build that exploits that fact and makes the bear a juggernaut on the battlefield, while also making Moze as deadly as her mech.

This build, primarily a Bottomless Mags build, borrows a bit from all 3 skill trees.

However, this isn’t damage focused build, more so a defense build as it reinforces Iron Bear and Moze’s shields; not to say that you don’t have any firepower on your side – you’re a freaking gunner.

Of course, you’re gonna have firepower! And all that firepower stems from the Bottomless Mags Skill tree (most of it stemming from the Salamander Action Skill).

Bottomless Mags (Salamander With Fuel Economy)

  • Cloud of Lead (5)
  • Stoke the Embers (3)
  • Redistribution (1)
  • Scrappy (1)
  • Rushin’ Offensive (1)
  • Scorching RPM’s (5)
  • Iron Bank (5)
  • Specialist Bear (1)
  • Click, Click (3)
  • Forge (1)

Demolition Woman

  • Deadlines (3)
  • Grizzled (2)
  • Stainless Steel Bear (5)
  • Auto Bear (1)

Shield of Retribution

  • Security Bear (1)
  • Armored Infantry (4)
  • Vladof Ingenuity (5)
  • Full Can of Whoop-Ass (1)

Well, since you have Vladof Ingenuity, and the perks needed to keep the ammo coming, I see no reason not to have this weapon set as your primary.

Amara (A Siren’s Wrath)

Amara’s the most difficult to recommend playing Solo as she doesn’t have anything that would stand out, neither does she have any allies to help her and also has a long cooldown ability.

(Video) (2022) The BEST Vault Hunter in Borderlands 3! // Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters Ranked

However, this build will make do as it enhances your survivability while also maximizing damage dealt.

This Assault build is meant to increase her Action Skill capabilities, stack Rushes, and enhance a bit of elemental damage.

This is taken a step further with her Deliverance action skill which will deal a great deal of damage on all enemies.

On the Brawl side of things, you mainly have abilities that are meant to increase your max health and help you regenerate health faster, making you difficult to kill and alleviating any worries you might have with this character.

All of this is then supplemented by the Soul Sap augmentation.

A COV will do nicely as you’ll never have to reload and hold the offensive position. And when it overheats, that’s when you can use your Action Skill – taking out enemies while letting your weapons cooldown.


  • One with Nature (5)
  • Personal Space (3)
  • Clarity (5)
  • Samsara (3)

Mystical Assault (Deliverance with Soul Sap)

  • Do Harm (5)
  • Violent Tapestry (5)
  • Transcend (3)
  • Restless (5)
  • Ascendant (1)
  • Laid Bare (3)
  • Wrath (3)
  • Remnant (3)
  • Awakening (3)
  • Avatar (1)

Amara – One with the Elements

The phrase of the day is ELEMENTAL DAMAGE! That’s right, this right here is an elemental build/damage build, meant to showcase Amara’s various Elemental Effects at her disposal.

But that’s not all, this build also utilizes her Action Skills, which, in this case, is the Ties That Bind, with the action skill element of Soulfire and action skill effect of Allure.

These action skills are then augmented by Ascendant, Restless and Transcend. But we don’t want to leave Amara with just these skills; she also has tons of gun damage thanks to certain Mystical abilities and Personal Space.

A bit of health regeneration courtesy of Clarity just to top everything off.

Since this is such an element centric build, it is fitting that we get the one weapon that buffs the elemental damage further: The Maliwan.

(Video) Borderlands 3 - BEST Moze Build For Leveling + End Game! 1 Shot Everything Guide


  • Personal Space (3)
  • Clarity (2)

Mystical Assault

  • Fast Hands (1)
  • Violent Tapestry (5)
  • Transcend (3)
  • Restless (5)
  • Ascendant (1)
  • Wrath (2)

Fist of the Elements (Ties That Bind with Soulfire and Allure)

  • Anima (5)
  • Steady Hands (1)
  • Tempest (5)
  • Illuminated Fist (1)
  • Wildfire (3)
  • Dread (1)
  • Indiscriminate (3)
  • Deep Well (1)
  • Conflux (5)
  • Forceful Expression (1)

The best FL4K builds for solo and co-op play are beginning to be uncovered in Borderlands 3, and players have the opportunity to do amazing things.

What is interesting about FL4K is that they are also the best at solo leveling to get to the point of the game where players can start finding groups and downing the toughest bosses.. Because FL4K also has one of the best end-game builds currently available in Borderlands 3 , that makes them the perfect choice for min-maxers looking for the smoothest experience possible from level one to Mayhem 3 True Vault Hunter Mode in Borderlands 3.. Despite players still questioning the effectiveness of Rakk Attack, there's a build that gets healing from it, while simultaneously generating ammo through critical hit exploitation (something players should be doing anyways) and dealing cryo and fire elemental damage to utterly decimate most enemy types.. First, make sure FL4K's pet of choice is the Spiderant, then start with these 10 skill points in this order.. This sets players up nicely for the early game, giving them bonuses to action skill cooldown and ammo refills while Interplanetary Stalker is a powerhouse in damage buffs against enemy types, especially when groups are unlucky enough to be varied.. Also make sure to grab Rakk Attack!. The extra cash flow isn't super important, but it helps.. Big Game is a nice complement to this and keeps the Hunter skill tree going, since the Hunter skills are so powerful while active and it lengthens their time up.. Then, an extra point in Big Game helps round out that skill before players can jump into Furious Attack, another way to stack damage with FL4K.. At this point, players should equip Fade Away over Rakk Attack, and switch to two augments - Guerrillas in the Mist and Not My Circus.. Lick the Wounds allows FL4K's pet to revive them, while Turn Tail and Run helps increase survivability even more.. Unblinking Eye gives 225% extra critical damage, which makes Megavore even more appealing, since it offers players a 20% chance of getting a critical hit even without hitting the proper part on an enemy's body.. Because this build will be end-game focused, we won't break down when and where to take each ability: just maximize these, courtesy of Forbes , and enjoy watching enemies disintegrate.. Furious Attack Overclocked Eager to Impress Turn Tail and Run The Fast and the Furryous Interplanetary Stalker Hunter's Eye Two Fang Big Game Most Dangerous Game Head Count Galactic Shadow Persistence Hunter. What this build does is use FL4K's Fade Away to get in close to an enemy with a high damage shotgun and blast them away with intense bursts of critical damage, thanks to bonuses to gun damage and reload speed as well.

Borderlands 3 Best Solo Character Builds - Zane, FL4K, Amara, Moze guide shows how to build character skills for solo play, what skills to choose

With that in mind, our Borderlands 3 Best Solo Builds – Zane, FL4K, Amara, Moze guide is gonna show you how to make solo builds for the characters.. However, if you build the character right, your Skills are gonna keep you firing grenades through other means just fine.. The first skill tree we’re gonna focus on is Digi-Clone .. There are two Action Skill augments you’re gonna wanna get when you can: Schadenfreude and Which One’s Real .. Next up, we’re gonna grab a few things from the SNTNL tree, aka the drone, that gel very nicely with the skills mentioned above.. This build takes more or less equally from the Master Skill Tree (Skags) and the Stalker Skill Tree (Jabbers).. Now for the skills from the Master skill tree.. Again, try to max as many skills here as you can.. Before we get into the skills, let’s first get through the Action Skills and the like.. The Action Skill we’re gonna run with here is Downfall .. Lastly, you’re gonna want the Soul Sap Action Skill Effect from the Mystical Assault tree.. The majority of them are gonna be from the Brawl tree, because, again, we’re gonna main melee here.. So, all the skills from this and other Skill groups are gonna be all about increasing the damage you do with your bare hands, healing yourself, and so on.. Now, we’re gonna round this build up with a couple of skills from the Demolition Woman tree.

Our Borderlands 3 guide shows you how to build FL4K step-by-step to turn him from a simple robotic beastmaster into a literal bandit killing machine as well also into indestructible tank able to survive any threat the endgame throws at him.

You can either prioritize the Stalker skill tree or alternate investing skill point in Stalker and Hunter, leaving the Master skill investment for last.. Most skills you invest in here will either boost damage, health regeneration or reduction of the skill cooldown timer.. Our pet of choice for this FL4K build was the Spiderant Scorcher as it further boosted our health regeneration and granted some elemental damage atop of our critical damage output.. Not only will FL4K constantly regenerate health from multiple skills but his pet will also be able to revive him should he suffer a bleed out thanks to the Lick the Wounds skill.. This FL4K build utilizes a mix of skills from the Stalker and the Master skill trees.. After that, the rest skill points should be invested into the Master skill tree to buff FL4K and his pets for the endgame.. First up, the Stalker tree is fully utilized to increase FL4K’s damage output movement speed and health regeneration while reducing damage received and skill cooldown.. Furthermore, this build is also outfitted with Lick the Wounds skill which will make your pet revive you should you enter bleed out state.. The Master skill tree then takes all that to make this FL4K build truly endgame.. Most of the skills here are once again, aimed at increasing damage output, health regeneration and action skill duration.. As you might imagine, the bulk of the skills will go into FL4K’s Master skill tree, with some going into the Stalker.. Most skills in the Master tree will buff the health and damage output of either FL4K or his pet.. and All My BFF’s skills which will increase pet health regeneration and heal him each time you damage an enemy.. In that regard, the Shared Spirit skill will make 50% of the damage go to the pet and if you still manage to enter a bleed-out state – the pet will instantly revive you thanks to the Lick the Wounds skill.

Whether you’re looking for the best solo build or want to deal huge damage, these are the best builds for Borderlands 3

Onto damage, you’ll want all five skill points in Furious Attack so you can build a max stack that’s handy against bosses.. In the Master skill tree, you just want to max out the Persistence Hunter skill as this compliments the other skill trees and further increases your damage.. Starting out in the Railgun skill tree you’ll want to grab Security Bear for the bubble shield and then plow all your points into Armored Infantry, which gives you damage reduction and more gun damage when your shields are active – easy, simple synergy.. Grab the the single point skill tree, then get all three points for both Behind The Iron Curtain (for feaster shield recharges) and Desperate Measures (for a simple gun damage buff).. As the build is based on using your two action skills you’ll want to invest heavily in Synchronicity for a 20% buff to gun damage for each active skill in use.. The Under Cover skill tree is much less important at the first tier, but you need Brain Freeze maxed out, so distribute points as you see fit – this is key to the build as freezing enemies makes this build much more effective.. Rush is the core of this Borderlands 3 build, so you want to max out the Do Harm skill in the Mystical Assault tree is the first stop as it actually gives you Rush… every kill gives you a Rush stack, and this effect will increase your action skill damage, and more stats as we build around it.

There are a lot of people out there like me that wanted to play through Borderlands 3 by themselves, but it is not as hard as you think it is. It takes more skill to do because you have to play the…

But to get to this point, you must play through the game.. Source: Fandom WikiThe best thing you can do is to have as many different weapon types equipped as you can so your ammo does not easily run out.. You won’t be at full health, but you will at least get another chance to survive and keep the progress you currently have in a mission or on a boss.. It is most helpful when you are playing solo just because you have no other people to help revive you.. It is all about what weapons you use at a certain time and how you use them.. Don’t be afraid to use a weapon that you are not used to because you can always get better with it and it might do more damage to a certain enemy later on in the game.. FL4K is probably the best character to choose if you are going to be playing solo just because he has a pet that helps fight your enemies.. Later on in the game, you can get a skill point that allows your pet to revive you if you are down, the perfect thing for people who will play by themselves.. Source: Fandom Wiki There are thousands of different builds that you can go for and that is just for one single character.. There are 4 different characters to choose from, but in my opinion, FL4K is the best choice for solo play.. In conclusion, the best way to level up solo in Borderlands 3 is to keep playing the game as normally as you usually do.. Every time you find something, be patient and wait because you will get more from the activity if you do it during Mayhem Mode.

Here's the best Zane solo build you can find in Borderlands 3, one that relies on kill skills being up 100% of the time.

He was my first character, I love his versatility with his use of two action skills, and yet I think it’s pretty hard to find builds for him that really “work,” as so many his skills seem to work against one another, and I’d argue that two of his three final perk “capstones” aren’t actually very good at all.. There are pretty massively OP builds for Amara , FL4K and Moze at this point, but I have been researching my own Zane builds and other people’s for a while now, and have come up with barely any I think are worthwhile.. This is a kill skill build that can have Zane do quite well in Mayhem 3, though I still think he’s far from the broken boss burner of the other classes.. The final perk in this tree is key, as it lets you activate all your kill skills when you use your action skill, which helps in boss fights or against anointed enemies where you may not be getting kills against a single enemy.. And the final perk in the shield tree, the shield gets your own shield mod, just plain sucks, meaning the blue tree has the only good capstone perk, which is why this feels like one of the only really viable builds for Zane right now.. GearboxThis is something I did outside of Ryan’s build, as I think the Otto Idol is a good artifact because you get 17% max health on kill in a build based around kill skills, so that’s good for healing alongside your regen and lifesteal.. The point of this build is to give Zane nothing but a massive health pool that he regens constantly using his kill skills which are always up.

"Borderlands 3" is finally here, and that means it's time to make a sick character build. In this guide, we'll outline the best beginner solo builds for Fl4k, Moze, Zane and Amara.

Security Bear: Bubble Shield reduces damage taken Armored Infantry (five points): Gains damage reduction and damage with shields up.. Good Misfortune (three points): Kill increases Action Skill duration Seein Red: Action Skill automatically activates all kill skills.. Laid Bare (three points): Increased damage when damaged by Amara's Action Skill.. Remnant (three points): When enemies are killed by gun or Action Skill, a Homing Projectile seeks out an enemy to deal Action Skill elemental damage.. Samsara (three points): Increased gun damage and health regen after using an Action Skill.. Jab Cross (five points): Increased Action Skill damage and gun damage after melee damage.. Catharsis (two points): Enemies damaged with elements explode and deal increased elemental damage.

The best FL4K builds for solo and co-op play are beginning to be uncovered in Borderlands 3, and players have the opportunity to do amazing things.

Because FL4K also has one of the best end-game builds currently available in Borderlands 3 , that makes them the perfect choice for min-maxers looking for the smoothest experience possible from level one to Mayhem 3 True Vault Hunter Mode in Borderlands 3.. First, make sure FL4K's pet of choice is the Spiderant, then start with these 10 skill points in this order.. This sets players up nicely for the early game, giving them bonuses to action skill cooldown and ammo refills while Interplanetary Stalker is a powerhouse in damage buffs against enemy types, especially when groups are unlucky enough to be varied.. Big Game is a nice complement to this and keeps the Hunter skill tree going, since the Hunter skills are so powerful while active and it lengthens their time up.. Unblinking Eye gives 225% extra critical damage, which makes Megavore even more appealing, since it offers players a 20% chance of getting a critical hit even without hitting the proper part on an enemy's body.. Furious Attack Overclocked Eager to Impress Turn Tail and Run The Fast and the Furryous Interplanetary Stalker Hunter's Eye Two Fang Big Game Most Dangerous Game Head Count Galactic Shadow Persistence Hunter. Despite being in a field ostensibly about critiquing and enjoying quality games, his most played game of 2019 was Fate/Grand Order - something unlikely to change in 2020 and beyond.

Some effective skill combos to grind towards.

You can spend a lot of time mulling over different Borderlands 3 builds, so we've designed a list of the best builds for you to start experimenting with.. That’s why we’ve agonized over the upgrade paths of each character and put together a list of the best Borderlands 3 builds for each playable character.. Some help you protect your team in a tough scrap, and others will help you play on your own.. Frenzy incrementally increases FL4K’s damage each time the pet attacks.. (Image credit: 2K Games) (opens in new tab) | Good for: Crowd control, AoE elemental damage. Now we’ll focus on increasing and sharing more elemental damage.. Key Passives: Dakka Bear, Stainless Steel Bear, Deadlines. Action Skill and Augments: The Salamander, Molten Roar. Most solo players pick FL4K, but this combination of abilities should see you through even the toughest situations Borderlands 3 can throw at you.

Whether you got Borderlands 3 on a sale or going through your billionth playthrough, here are some starting tips to speed up your progress.

If you’re just getting started with Borderlands 3 or having a tough time surviving in the game, consider choosing FL4K or Amara as your main character.. It’s a web-based tool where you can explore the skill trees for each character before applying the skills in the game.. Once you finish the campaign, you can turn on Mayhem Mode and get all missions on the same level as your character.. This will allow you to have fun completing the side-quests while leveling the character.. It allows you to restart the campaign with missions and enemies matched to your character level.. Mayhem Mode brings your mission and enemy levels to match your character level.. While you’re playing through the game and leveling up your character, you’ll receive rewards from weapon manufacturers.. In Borderlands 3, your character level caps out at level 72.

Which Vault Hunter is the best if you're all on your own? Here's what we think.

In truth, all of the different Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3 are very competent in solo play — but some of them will better suit lone wolf players than others.. The best Vault Hunters for solo play in Borderlands 3 are FL4K the Beastmaster and Moze the Gunner.. Zane the Operative and Amara the Siren both have builds that you can work towards over the course of the game that will perform strongly in solo play, but both FL4K and Moze fit into solo play naturally right out of the gate.. Your pet can die just like you can, but FL4K's Master skill tree has plenty of skills that allow you and your pet to heal each other by doing damage.. Once you've maxed out the Master skill tree, the Stalker tree has some skills that also lend well to solo play, such as one that lets your pet revive you when you get knocked down, and a few others that boost your damage when you have high health ⁠— perfect for someone playing defensively, which most lone wolf players should do.. The most important skill tree for a solo Moze player will be Shield of Retribution, as it gives you the ability to boost your shield health to ridiculous levels at the cost of some of your regular "flesh" health (the red bar).. Once you max out the Shield of Retribution tree, it's a good idea to invest some points into the Demolition Woman tree as well, as several of the first few skills available in it increase the amount of time you can spend in the Iron Bear, as well as reducing the length of the cooldown between Iron Bear uses.. Who do you think the best Vault Hunter is for solo play in Borderlands 3?

Want to know the best Borderlands 3 characters and classes for solo play? Here's your guide.

GearboxI am going to be writing a whole bunch about Borderlands 3 now that we’ve actually arrived at launch day here , putting my two early weeks with the game to good use.. One question I’ve gotten already more than most is from people wondering which is the best class or character to solo the game with.. I’ve played solo with all four and it’s doable, it’s just that some characters seem better than others when it comes to their solo potential.. Probably the overall best solo character in Borderlands 3 is the one that about half of players say they’re going to main.. There are many skills that let FL4K actually pass damage to their pet, further increasing your survivability, and higher levels of pet skills can also mean they’re doing some solid DPS in battle.. But even outside of the pet, FL4K has a different skills that are helpful for solo players like a good amount of health regen and at least one tree that lets them turn invisible to take the focus off of them in combat.. GearboxI, however, did not main FL4K in my first playthrough.. There’s a holographic clone of him, a follow drone and a shield.. I actually like the shield quite a bit, not necessarily due to its protective abilities (though those help), but because it gives massive bonuses when near it to reload speed, damage, regen, everything, and in this tree there’s one of my favorite skills in the game which lets Zane (and his support buddies) freeze enemies with repeated crit shots which so far is proving to be one of the best abilities I’ve encountered in the game.. He’s a very, very solid pick for solo players, and I loved my time with him.. At least in solo play.. I don’t think she’s the “worst” character at all, I like her a lot actually, but I do think she is the least primed for solo play.


THE BUILDS: @BUILDS. **BUILD EFFECTS SUMMARY (LEVEL 50)**-- +100% Chance to Daze with Melee-- +25% Fire Rate (all weapons)-- +30% Resistance to Fire, Shock, Corrosive, and Explosion Damage-- Melee attacks Corrode-- +60% Melee Damage-- +4 seconds Phasewalk Duration-- Killing an enemy reduces Phasewalk Cooldown by 6 seconds-- Melee Attacks from Phasewalk cause +800% Damage. **BUILD EFFECTS SUMMARY (LEVEL 50)**-- +25% Accuracy (all weapons)-- -50% Sniper Rifle Sway-- +20% Sniper Rifle Damage-- Killing an Enemy yields: Damage +40, Reload speed +30%, UP TO +15% HP Regen for 7 seconds +40% Fire Rate +25% chance shots deal +100% damage-- +70% Sniper Rifle Magazine Capacity-- +30% Critical Hit Damage-- +20% Pistol Fire Rate-- +30% Pistol Magazine Size-- +5% Bullet Damage-- +100% Chance to penetrate enemy shields. **BUILD EFFECTS SUMMARY (LEVEL 50)**-- +30% Critcal Hit Damage-- +40% Chance to fire 2 shots instead of 1 with Pistols-- -15 seconds to Bloodwing Cooldown-- +20% Pistol Fire Rate-- +30% Pistol Magazine Size-- Killing an enemy yields: +40% Fire Rate, +40 Damage, +30% Reload Speed, +25% chance bullets deal +100% Damage-- +100% Bloodwing Damage-- +40% Bloodwing Movement Speed-- +25% Accuracy (all weapons)-- -50% Sniper Rifle Sway-- +35% of Bloodwing Damage converted to your HP.. **BUILD EFFECTS SUMMARY (LEVEL 50)**-- +100% Bloodwing Damage-- +40% Bloodwing speed-- +35% Bloodwing Damage converted to YOUR HP-- +100% Chance for Bloodwing to Daze-- Bloodwing attacks up to 6 targets-- +30% Critical Hit Damage-- Killing an enemy yields: +40% Fire Rate +25% chance for each shot to deal +100% damage Regenerate UP TO 15% Max HP over 7 seconds-- Bloodwing cooldown reduced by 15 seconds-- +20% Pistol Fire Rate-- +30% Pistol magazine size. **BUILD EFFECTS SUMMARY (LEVEL 50)**-- +15% Explosive Damage-- +20% Reload Speed (all weapons)-- -30% Recoil (all weapons)-- Killing an enemy yields: +50% Damage (all weapons), Fire Rate +60% (all weapons), +10/minute Rocket Regeneration, +50% Damage Resistance-- +5 to Rocket Launcher Magazine Size-- +40% Explosive Damage Resistance-- +40% Shield Strength-- Upon losing your shields: +40% Damage bonus for 10 seconds

Balance doesn't always make a game fun. These broken builds prove that.

This is all to say that Melee Amara is viable.. Now, these melee builds can heavily depend on her Capstone Blitz ability, or they can also work as tank builds while she uses the Face-Puncher to destroy foes from afar.. Now, a pure Elemental Amara build is also viable.. But, her absolute most broken variation of this build is the one centered around the Phasezerker mod and the Ties That Bind Phasegrasp Skill Variation.. Doing this gives her tons of passive buffs like gun damage and action skill damage.. Where their most popular and most broken build lies is heavily within the Hunter tree.. Now, don't get us wrong, there's no real build that centers around the pets that anyone could describe as "overpowered", but there is a support build that works.. We're not too sure if this build is entirely broken, but it is tons of fun.. If done correctly, Moze's splash damage will be twice that of any other character.. This build is also a bit unorthodox, but we didn't want to cover a slight variation on Crit FL4K or something, so we settled for this.

Today we are going to be discussing the best Moze builds for Borderlands 3. Each Moze build is different and we will be covering leveling, raiding, and solo builds for Moze. Let’s get into it! Other Borderlands 3 Posts Zane Builds FL4K Builds Recent Moze Buffs Moze’s buffs focused on her Iron Bear. Most Moze […]

Moze’s buffs focused on her Iron Bear.. But you might be able to actually use Iron Bear now, whereas before it was not recommended.. Do you want some serious damage out of Moze?. If so, this is the build for you.. If we strip it ourselves, that’s good damage to start, then critting enemies will reset this skill via Force Feedback.. Either way, we can take full advantage of the 12% damage buff pretty much always.. We take a hit to fire rate to increase gun damage and most weapons don’t enjoy shooting slowly.. This Moze build buffs fire damage to the point you almost want to use it against resisty bois.. With this relic, your shields are increased but your health goes to 1, which gives Moze a huge buff to gun damage because of her desperate measures skill (50%).. This is the Moze build for all of you out there that like solo/leveling as Moze.. You are still going to do beautiful amounts of damage and lighting people on fire, but you will also be focusing more on survival and using Iron Bear as opposed to the “kill em to they’re dead” Moze build above.. Grizzled – This skill reduces the cooldown on Iron Bear after killing an enemy.. Using this build on Moze makes her incredibly powerful as she can maximize her uptime on Iron Bear and also gives her nigh-infinite ammo, much like Gunzerker from Borderlands 2.. Stainless Steel Bear adds even more fuel, aka duration, and Auto Bear allows you to still benefit from IB’s damage while putting in some DPS of your own.. Some for the Road and Forge make it so Moze’s never run out of ammo.

This Borderlands 2 Guide provides all the necessary tips and strategies for you to enjoy your time on Pandora, while making the most of the mechanics.

One thing that you might miss, given all the specs, stats and potential loot.. Go for the one running at you / the one doing the most damage.. You’ll have no problems making new friends and teaming up with others to take on the main quests.. Eridium is an element that can have many uses in the game.. My recommendation is to expand your backpack first, then your ammunition sizes for your favorite gun types.. You don’t want to run out of ammo on your favorite/most useful gun, deep in an important fight.. You don’t have to have every type of elemental damage with you.


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