Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide - When to Ascend? (2023)

If you’ve played Cookie Clicker enough, you’re probably familiar with that little bar at the top called Legacy. You hover over it and wonder, what does this button do? Well, you just found the Ascension mechanic in Cookie Clicker. Today, I am going to be going over all you need to know about Ascension in Cookie Clicker and provide you with the go-to guide for questions like “when should I ascend?”, “what upgrades should I get?”, and more!

Feel free to skip to whatever part of the Ascension guide you want with the table of contents! I’ll be going over lots of mechanics and tips for Ascending in Cookie Clicker!

Oh and this will work for both the browser version of Cookie Clicker and the Steam version! So, don’t worry if you were looking for an Ascension guide for a specific version!

Curious about the best Krumblor Aura? Or the Grandmapocalypse? Check out both of those in-depth guides on them!

Table of Contents

What is Ascension in Cookie Clicker?

Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide - When to Ascend? (1)

Ascension is similar to a new game plus in other games. You reset your progress in the current run, but you get bonuses for completing certain milestones. Cookies created (from clicking or otherwise) are the milestones in this case.

(Video) Cookie Clicker, How to Ascend - The First Ascension v.2.031 July/August 2021 (EP3)

When you decide to ascend you get a couple of things. Heavenly chips and a CPS boost based on how many prestige levels you have.

How Many Cookies for Each Ascension?

To unlock the first ascension or prestige level in Cookie Clicker, you have to bake 1 trillion cookies. This isn’t an easy feat. Depending on how active you are, this could take days or weeks, and that’s just for your first prestige level.

You’re probably going to get impatient and want to Ascend quickly. I recommend you read the next part of the Ascension guide first.

When Should I Ascend in Cookie Clicker?

Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide - When to Ascend? (2)

The general rule of thumb for Ascending in Cookie Clicker, especially the first time, is at least 200 prestige levels. There are different tribes of Cookie Clicker players that say different numbers, with some even saying you should wait until you are into the several thousand, but if you’d like to Ascend early, 200 is one of the best times to do so.

That being said, a very famous cookie clicker guide says to Ascend first at 400 levels. This gives you enough Heavenly Chips to get a bunch of extremely useful upgrades that will come in handy for future Ascensions.

I personally Ascended pre-200 and within a day was smashing through Ascension levels, so I don’t think it is that important to stick to waiting until 1000. Others agree as well.

Still, you need to have some Heavenly Chips to snag some amazing Ascension upgrades. The next section of the Cookie Clicker Ascension guide will go over that.

Heavenly Upgrades Guide

Heavenly Upgrades are what the upgrades that you purchase with Heavenly Chips are called. These upgrades help you in your subsequent runs tremendously, from providing buffs to your CPS to increasing golden cookies, to even giving you a Cookie Dragon that doubles your cookie production!

(Video) Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #6 [First Ascension]

When Ascending in Cookie Clicker, here are what I recommend you get during your first Ascension. I will include the number of Heavenly Chips required for each one.

  • Legacy (1 Chip)
  • Heavenly Cookies (3 Chips)
  • How to Bake Your Dragon (9 Chips)
  • Heavenly Luck (77 Chips)
  • Total (90)

Those upgrades are what I would consider the most important Heavenly Upgrades in Cookie Clicker. Sure, some of the other upgrades are nice, like having the tin of cookies or having cursors to begin with, but neither are that efficient. With these, you will be able to have your Dragon, increase your Golden Cookie chance, and have a base 10% extra CPS.

Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide - When to Ascend? (3)

If you are more patient and are willing to wait until you get several hundred, here is another set of Heavenly Upgrades:

  • Legacy (1)
  • Heavenly Cookies (3)
  • How to Bake Your Dragon (9)
  • Box of Brand Biscuits (25)
  • Tin of British Tea Biscuits (25)
  • Tin of Butter Cookies (25)
  • Box of Macarons (25)
  • Starter Kit (50)
  • Heavenly Luck (77)
  • Permanent upgrade slot 1 (100)
  • Heralds (100)
  • Total (440)

As you can see, you will need 440 total HC (Heavenly Chips) to acquire these upgrades. But, for being so patient, you will be awarded lots of extra CPS and you’ll be able to skip the early game more or less.

Permanent Upgrade Slot Strategy

One of the most important Heavenly Upgrades is the Permanent Upgrade Slot. This allows you to select one upgrade that will be unlocked at the beginning of your next run, for free! It doesn’t matter how expensive the upgrade is, as long as you’ve got it in the past, you can put it in the Permanent Upgrade Slot.

Most people ask, “What should I use my Permanent Upgrade Slot on in Cookie Clicker?”.

Without a doubt, the Golden Cookie upgrades. Golden Cookies are the main way you will be creating cookies the later the game goes, and missing out on even one can slow down your run by DAYS. Because of this, you should be prioritizing the Golden Cookie upgrades for your Permanent Upgrade Slot.

Should I Ascend Immediately in Cookie Clicker?

No. If this is your first Ascension, you should not be Ascending as soon as you can. You’ll slow down your progress instead of speeding it up, which is the whole purpose of Ascending in the first place. Instead, get to a decent prestige level (at least 50) and then Ascend. You’ll at least be able to purchase some upgrades and have a decent CPS increase for your next run.

(Video) Ascension Guide - Cookie Clicker 1st Ascension

Again, some people say the best time to Ascend is 400, but I feel like you can get away with Ascending earlier.

What Happens When you Ascend in Cookie Clicker

When you Ascend you will be taken to a screen that looks like a bunch of constellations and a whole lot of selection choices on which to spend your hard-earned Heavenly Chips. After you select them, you start the game back over again, with no buildings or upgrades from your previous run (unless of course, you have a Heavenly Upgrade).

Should I Sell My Buildings Before Ascending Cookie Clicker

No. Selling your buildings does not affect the Ascension level. It is only based on the number of Cookies you have made from clicking or from your buildings producing them.

So don’t worry about selling anything, as you will just be wasting time.

Does the Stock Market Work With Ascension?

No, sadly. Buying and selling “stocks” in the Stock Market mini-game does not affect the Ascension level.

That doesn’t mean it is useless, however. Using gains from the stock market to buy more buildings will definitely help you in the long run!

Does Popping Wrinklers Work With Ascension?

Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide - When to Ascend? (4)

YES! Popping Wrinkers is the one thing that does work with Ascension. All of the cookies they create when they are popped are added to your prestige level! So make sure to pop them before Ascending!

Also, check out our Grandmapocalypse guide if you’re curious about what Wrinklers are or how to utilize them properly.

(Video) Cookie Clicker Shadow Achievement Guide - When The Cookies Ascend Just Right

Do I Keep Sugar Lumps When Ascending?

Yes. All of your sugar lumps and buildings upgraded with sugar lumps will still be there when you Ascend. You don’t lose any.

Lucky Digit Ascension

Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide - When to Ascend? (5)

To get three Heavenly Upgrades you have to Ascend when your prestige level ends in 7, 77, and finally 777.

It is recommended that you try and get each one as quickly as possible because Golden Cookies are one of the strongest methods of earning cookies in Cookie Clicker.


Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide - When to Ascend? (6)

And that’s it for my Ascension Guide for Cookie Clicker! If you’d like to see the full tree, check out this image.

I hope this helps you determine when you should Ascend in Cookie Clicker and makes the game a bit more interesting! Your next stop is our Krumblor guide!

Good luck idling friends.

(Video) Cookie Clicker Steam v2.048, The First Ascension/Heavenly Chip Guide, How to Start Afterwards (EP4)



What should I do before ascending Cookie Clicker? ›

To unlock the first ascension or prestige level in Cookie Clicker, you have to bake 1 trillion cookies. This isn't an easy feat. Depending on how active you are, this could take days or weeks, and that's just for your first prestige level.

When the cookies ascend just right? ›

"When the Cookies Ascend Just Right" is a shadow achievement, and for good reason: It requires you to have exactly one trillion cookies in the bank when you ascend. This achievement requires immense persistence to get, and if you accidentally got an upgrade that doubles your cookie output from clicking?

When should you rebirth in Cookie Clicker? ›

I'd say reset when you get about 200 or 300 chips. Or, when you get the feeling that your game has slowed down because of the large amounts of cookies that you need for new buildings. After each reset, your production will go up.. enough to get your first heavenly cookie.

Is Grandmapocalypse worth triggering? ›

Both idle players and active players should complete the Grandmapocalypse, because idle players benefit from the extra CpS and faster Wrinkler spawn rates, and both playstyles benefit from the CpS multipliers.

How many heavenly chips should I get before ascending? ›

Opinions on Heavenly Chip amount (When ascending) | Fandom. So, my opinion is wait for 12 heavenly chips before ascending for the first time, so you can buy Legacy, Heavenly Cookies, Twin Gated, and Angels.

Does ascending get rid of Grandmapocalypse? ›

Ascending ends the grandmapocalyspe, so it should be added to the list of ways to end it.

How to get exactly 1 trillion cookies on Cookie Clicker? ›

Enter the "generate cookies" code.

Type Game. Earn(number) into the console, making sure to replace number with the number of cookies that you want to generate. For example, if you want to generate virtually infinite cookies, you might type Game. Earn(999999999999999999999999999999) here.

Is there a end to Cookie Clicker? ›

Though the game has no ending, it has hundreds of achievements, and users may aim to reach milestone numbers of cookies.

Should I wipe my Cookie Clicker save? ›

Wiping the save

Only do this if you are sure you have your save exported, or if you are really addicted to the game and this is the only way to break free.

How long on average does it take to complete Cookie Clicker? ›

Main Story19231h 57m
Main + Extras29537h 2m
Completionist20703h 31m
All PlayStyles68500h 45m

How long does it take to 100% Cookie Clicker? ›

Can You Ever Really Beat Cookie Clicker? Despite there being no true ending to Cookie Clicker, many people consider beating the game as unlocking all upgrades and achievements. Over the years, DLC has added to this list, which means beating Cooke Clicker can take 100 hours or more.

Why are wrinklers good? ›

Wrinklers are twitchy leech-like creatures that, in normal gameplay, only start appearing during the Grandmapocalypse. While they at first appear to reduce CpS (cookies per second), they actually provide a massive boost to cookie production in the long run.

What is the oldest Grandma in Cookie Clicker? ›

Just like Grandmas in real life, not all Grandmas in Cookie Clicker are the same age. In fact, Grandmas can be anywhere from age 70 all the way past age 100, and every number in between. The ages of your Grandmas have no effect on their ability to produce cookies.

What is the most powerful upgrade in Cookie Clicker? ›

Thousand Fingers adds 0.1 cookies generated by Auto-Clickers for each non-cursor object owned. There are a variety of upgrades between Thousand Fingers and Trillion Fingers that increase this number, but Trillion Fingers offers the largest jump in power with a 20 times multiplier added to Thousand Fingers.

Do you keep sugar lumps after ascension? ›

Your sugar lumps (and the building levels purchased with them) are permanent, and will carry over across ascensions. You can harvest a Sugar Lump by clicking on it when it is ripe.

What is the best building in Cookie Clicker? ›

Due to a large number of upgrades, the Grandmas can be one of the best late game buildings and can bring in plenty. Don't worry about getting the 100 buildings achievements past condenser or the golden cookie achievements past Fortune during your first run.

How often should I ascend idle Slayer? ›

In general, ascend whenever gameplay slows. If you've worked hard to earn enough coins to purchase a major equipment upgrade and worry about the time it'll take to re-earn that upgrade, remember: ascending increases your bonus CpS gain and makes the game easier.

Should I leave the wrinklers? ›

Popping wrinklers should probably give you enough cookies to buy 3 prisms and a couple of other buildings, otherwise you popped them too early. Without Unholy Bait, attracting all wrinklers again takes a lot longer, therefore you should also wait longer to pop them.

When should I start Grandmapocalypse? ›

Start it immediately. It doesn't ruin your game or anything, just makes things funkier and enables wrath cookies and wrinklers. Wrinklers are good, because you can let them idle and then when you kill them they give you twice as much as you would've gained.

Is the Grandmapocalypse good? ›

Summary: it's good. Good thing: Wrinklers. Bad thing: creepy appearance. Also there's Wrath Cookies, that have good and bad sides.

What is the 71 quintillion thing in Cookie Clicker? ›

The Javascript console is a building added in the going off-script update. It is the seventeenth building in the game, costs 71 quintillion cookies and produces 1.1 trillion CpS by creating cookies from Cookie Clicker's very code.

How do you get 777777 Cookie Clicker? ›

You have to have the 777777 at the end the moment you buy the upgrade. Originally posted by Primeval Revenant: as long as the last digits of your heavenly cookie number are 777777 then youll have it.

What is the 310 quadrillion thing in Cookie Clicker? ›

The Fractal Engine is a building added in the feedback loop update. It is the sixteenth building in the game, costs 310 quadrillion cookies and produces 150 billion CpS by making cookies into even more cookies.

What is the 12 sextillion thing in Cookie Clicker? ›

Introduction. The Idleverse is a building added in the alternate reality update. It is the eighteenth building in the game, costs 12 sextillion cookies and produces 8.3 trillion CpS by hijacking production from other idle universes.

What is the secret name in Cookie Clicker? ›

Open Sesame is the control panel for Cookie Clicker. It can be opened with a console command, or by changing the name of your bakery. Opening this panel will secretly award the player the "Cheated cookies taste awful" Shadow Achievement for cheating in cookies, even if the panel's functions are not actually ever used.

What is the 26 quadrillion thing in Cookie Clicker? ›

Introduction. The Chancemaker is a building added in the 4 more years update. It is the fifteenth building in the game, costs 26 quadrillion cookies and produces 21 billion CpS by spontaneously generating them.

Should I decline all cookies? ›

What happens if you don't accept cookies? – The potential problem with refusing to accept cookies is that some website owners may not allow you to use their websites if you don't accept their cookies. Another downside is that without acceptance, you may not receive the full user experience on certain websites.

What is the longest Cookie Clicker run? ›

Most Cookie Clicker Playtime Ladder (Worldwide)
#Steam IDPlaytime (H)
157 more rows

Should I lock all cookies? ›

If you are okay with cross-site tracking and displayed ads while browsing, you don't have to block third-party cookies. But, if you don't want third parties like ad networks to collect data about you or don't want to be shown ads, you can block third-party cookies on your browser settings.

Is cheating allowed in Cookie Clicker? ›

On Safari, the way to cheat in Cookie Clicker is by pressing Command, Option and C. This will open the cheating area, where all you need to do is input a code and then press enter.

What is the highest CPS in Cookie Clicker? ›

Maximum CPS | Fandom. Am I correct in saying that the maximum CPS possible is 4.183 sextillion without hacking? Amounts used are all upgrades, max amounts of all buildings, and 2147483647 heavenly chips.

What is the fastest clicking achievement in Cookie Clicker? ›

To obtain Uncanny Clicker, you have to click 15 times a second. Specifically, you must click within 1/15 second (66 ms) of your last click approximately six times within one second.

What is the 1 trillion building in Cookie Clicker? ›

Sugar lump Upgrades
BuildingBase CostBase CpS
Shipment Shipment5.1 billion260,000
Alchemy lab Alchemy Lab75 billion1.6 million
Portal Portal1 trillion10 million
Time machine Time Machine14 trillion65 million
15 more rows

What is the 20 million Cookie Clicker? ›

The Temple is a building added in the legacy update. It is the seventh building, cost 20 million cookies and produces 7,800 CpS by discovering them in the temple. Temples can be upgraded with sugar lumps, unlocking the Pantheon minigame.

What is the 5.1 billion thing in Cookie Clicker? ›

The Shipment is the ninth building in the game, cost 5.1 billion cookies and produces 260,000 CpS by shipping in fresh cookies from the cookie planet.

What should I upgrade first in Cookie Clicker? ›

Persistent Memory. The Persistent Memory upgrade is a Prestige option that players can earn relatively early into a long-term Cookie Clicker playthrough. For 500 Heavenly Chips the Persistent Memory upgrade makes all research in all future playthroughs 10 times faster.

How long does first ascension take Cookie Clicker? ›

4 days for me. How long it takes really depends on how active you are and luck. Personally I ended up doing the prestige for just 1 which probably was a mistake, but it does unlock a few things. After that I made sure to get over 250 for the next.

What is the point in ascending in Cookie Clicker? ›

The ascension screen is accessed by the Legacy button, which is under the Info button. If you reach a certain number of cookies, you can ascend and reset your progress in the main game. Depending on how many cookies you have baked, you will earn Heavenly Chips and Prestige Levels when ascending (at a 1:1 ratio).

Is Cookie Clicker a waste of time? ›

They are no longer the person you cared for. Playing Cookie Clicker even just once is dangerous. Like any addictive thing, it may take only one time to become addicted. Cookie Clicker has just enough stuff for someone to keep on "playing" right from the beginning.

What is the longest time someone has played Cookie Clicker? ›

Most Cookie Clicker Playtime Ladder (Worldwide)
#Steam IDPlaytime (H)
157 more rows

Should I level up cursors in Cookie Clicker? ›

Cursors are important throughout a legacy because their upgrades can also affect the productivity of cookies per click. Increasing cursor level increases their CpS by 1% per level additively.

Why does the Grandmapocalypse happen? ›

You can trigger the Grandmapocalypse by purchasing the "One Mind" upgrade from the Research Facility. If you don't have a Research facility yet you can unlock it by having the "elder achievement" (have at least 7 different grandmas).

Do sugar lumps stay after ascension? ›

Your sugar lumps (and the building levels purchased with them) are permanent, and will carry over across ascensions. You can harvest a Sugar Lump by clicking on it when it is ripe.


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