Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete Toppings Guide and Tips (2022)

Cookie Run: Kingdom game is a new addition to the famous Cookie Run RPG game series. It was released back in January 2021 and is available on iOS and Android platforms. One can easily download it from Google Play and the App Store.This game is about building a dream Cookie Kingdom while fighting against evil desert monsters. Here in this article, we will share everything about toppings that will guide a player to farm them throughout the game journey of Cookie Run: Kingdom.

What are Toppings in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Toppings are the gears that cookies use in the Cookie Run Kingdom. They give useful boosts like attack, crit, and decreased cooldown. There are a lot of different toppings, so it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth equipping on your cookie. This guide would help you!

Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete Toppings Guide and Tips (1)

To equip toppings, you have to go to the Cookies tab, select a cookie, and then tap the toppings option on the right. It will show you your current toppings, and you can select the ones you need.

Different Topping types in Cookie Run: Kingdom

There are 10 toppings in the game currently, namely:

  • Searing Raspberry (boosts ATK)
  • Hard Walnut (boosts DEF)
  • Healthy Peanut (boosts HP)
  • Bouncy Caramel (boosts ATK Speed)
  • Juicy Apple Jelly (boosts CRIT)
  • Swift Chocolate (decreases cooldown)
  • Solid Almond (boosts DMG Resist)
  • Hearty Hazelnut (boosts Crit Resist)
  • Sweet Candy (boosts buffs)
  • Fresh Kiwi (boosts Debuff Resist)

However, not all of the toppings are beneficial. Some give boosts that are barely noticeable, so it’s important to know which ones are actually useful.

Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete Toppings Guide and Tips (2)

Generally, you would only use 4 of these toppings: Searing Raspberries (which boosts your cookie’s attack stat), Swift Choco (decreases skill cooldown, which is useful for cookies with significantly longer cooldowns than usual), Solid Almond (boosts DMG resist, which is better than boosting defense or hp stats) and finally, Juicy Apple Jelly (which boosts crit).

Out of the four toppings, the first three are the ones you’ll use with most cookies, while Apple Jelly is only ever used with Twizzle Cookie because she has to crit to maximize her skill’s effect.

(Video) Fully *UPDATED* Cookie Topping Guide! (pt 1) | Cookie Run Kingdom

Solid Almonds Toppings

Solid Almonds are mostly used for Defense or Charge cookies because these types of cookies are the ones that are going to be absorbing the most damage for your team. Using 5 Solid Almonds toppings in one cookie activates a set effect, providing an additional 5% DMG resist boost.

Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete Toppings Guide and Tips (3)

Here is a list of suggested cookies for this topping:

  • Hollyberry Cookie
  • Milk Cookie
  • Strawberry Crepe Cookie
  • Moon Rabbit Cookie
  • Madeleine Cookie
  • Dark Choco Cookie
  • Purple Yam Cookie
  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie (while she’s not a defense/charge cookie, she’s one of the most fragile cookies, seeing as she has one of the lowest HP stats in the game.)

Swift Chocolate Toppings

The Swift Chocolate topping is suitable for Healing cookies, which aids them in healing the team more often. It’s also great for Support cookies because it helps them use their buffs more frequently. Using 5 Swift Chocolate toppings in one cookie activates a set effect, providing an additional 5% cooldown decrease.

Here is a list of suggested cookies for this topping:

  • Pure Vanilla Cookie
  • Cotton Cookie
  • Parfait Cookie
  • Cocoa Cookie
  • Licorice Cookie (summons more often)
  • Snow Sugar Cookie (summons more often)
  • Lilac Cookie
  • Mint Choco Cookie
  • Almond Cookie
  • Pomegranate Cookie
  • Cream Puff Cookie
  • Sparkling Cookie
  • Mango Cookie
  • Tiger Lily Cookie
  • Fig Cookie
  • Frost Queen Cookie (for arena)
  • Sea Fairy Cookie (for arena)
  • Strawberry Crepe Cookie (for arena)
  • Kumiho Cookie (for arena)
  • Latte Cookie (for arena)

In arena mode, some cookies benefit from having a decreased cooldown so they can start their skill faster than the enemy team.

Searing Raspberry Toppings

The Searing Raspberry topping boosts attack and is useful for your main damage dealers. Using three (3) Searing Raspberry toppings in one cookie activates a 3% set effect, while five (5) gives a 5% attack boost.

(Video) Manage Your Toppings! Don't Waste Resources! (Guide) | Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete Toppings Guide and Tips (5)

Here is a list of suggested cookies for this topping:

  • Sea Fairy Cookie
  • Frost Queen Cookie
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie
  • Black Raisin Cookie
  • Squid Cookie
  • Vampire Cookie
  • Rye Cookie
  • Chili Pepper Cookie
  • Mango Cookie
  • Pastry Cookie
  • Herb Cookie (the amount he heals is based on atk stats)
  • Espresso Cookie
  • Latte Cookie
  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie

How to obtain more Toppings easily in Cookie Run: Kingdom

1. Farming more Toppings

The most efficient way to get new toppings is from farming certain stages in adventure mode. You can select a level and leave the game on autoplay for minimal effort, or use timeskips if you had beaten the stage on 3-stars before. The higher the stage is, the more likely the drop rate of toppings is.

Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete Toppings Guide and Tips (6)

Here is a list of the specific levels where you can receive Solid Almond toppings:

Normal mode

  • 6-1
  • 6-6
  • 6-11
  • 6-21
  • 6-26
  • 7-3
  • 7-8
  • 7-13
  • 7-23
  • 7-28
  • 8-3
  • 8-8
  • 8-13
  • 8-18
  • 8-23
  • 8-29
  • 9-2
  • 9-7
  • 9-12
  • 9-17
  • 9-22
  • 9-27
  • 10-2
  • 10-7
  • 10-12
  • 10-17
  • 10-22
  • 10-27
  • 11-1
  • 11-6
  • 11-11
  • 11-16
  • 11-21
  • 12-6
  • 12-11
  • 12-16
  • 12-21
  • 12-26

Dark mode

  • 4-5
  • 4-12
  • 4-19
  • 4-26
  • 5-5
  • 5-13
  • 5-20
  • 5-26
  • 6-5
  • 6-13
  • 6-20
  • 6-26

Here is a full list of the specific levels where you can receive Swift Chocolate toppings:

Normal mode

  • 6-3
  • 6-8
  • 6-13
  • 6-18
  • 6-23
  • 6-28
  • 7-5
  • 7-10
  • 7-15
  • 7-20
  • 7-25
  • 7-30
  • 8-5
  • 8-10
  • 8-15
  • 8-20
  • 8-25
  • 9-3
  • 9-8
  • 9-13
  • 9-18
  • 9-23
  • 9-28
  • 10-3
  • 10-8
  • 10-13
  • 10-18
  • 10-23
  • 10-28
  • 11-2
  • 11-7
  • 11-12
  • 11-17
  • 11-22
  • 11-27
  • 12-2
  • 12-7
  • 12-12
  • 12-17
  • 12-22
  • 12-27

Dark mode

  • 4-7
  • 4-14
  • 4-21
  • 5-7
  • 5-14
  • 5-21
  • 5-27
  • 6-7
  • 6-14
  • 6-21
  • 6-27

Here is a full list of the specific levels where you can receive Searing Raspberry toppings:

Normal mode

  • 6-2
  • 6-7
  • 6-12
  • 6-17
  • 6-22
  • 6-27
  • 7-4
  • 7-9
  • 7-14
  • 7-19
  • 7-24
  • 7-29
  • 8-4
  • 8-9
  • 8-14
  • 8-19
  • 8-24
  • 8-29

Dark mode

  • 4-1
  • 4-8
  • 4-15
  • 4-22
  • 5-1
  • 5-8
  • 5-16
  • 5-22
  • 6-1
  • 6-8
  • 6-16
  • 6-22

Here is a full list of the specific levels where you can receive Juicy Apple Jelly toppings:

(Video) Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete Toppings Guide And Tips...

Story mode

  • 6-5
  • 6-10
  • 6-15
  • 6-20
  • 6-25
  • 7-2
  • 7-7
  • 7-12
  • 7-17
  • 7-22
  • 7-27
  • 8-2
  • 8-7
  • 8-12
  • 8-17
  • 8-22
  • 8-27
  • 9-1
  • 9-6
  • 9-11
  • 9-16
  • 9-21
  • 9-26
  • 10-1
  • 10-6
  • 10-11
  • 10-16
  • 10-21
  • 10-26
  • 10-31
  • 11-5
  • 11-10
  • 11-15
  • 11-20
  • 11-25
  • 11-30
  • 12-5
  • 12-10
  • 12-15
  • 12-20
  • 12-25
  • 12-30

Dark mode

  • 4-4
  • 4-11
  • 4-18
  • 4-25
  • 5-4
  • 5-11
  • 5-18
  • 5-25
  • 6-4
  • 6-11
  • 6-18
  • 6-25

2. Medal Shop and Rainbow Shell Gallery

Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete Toppings Guide and Tips (7)

In addition to farming toppings, you can buy them from the Arena Medal Shop for 300 medals apiece, or from Rainbow Shell Gallery (but it’s advised to save your Rainbow Pearls for buying legendary soulstones instead.) You also get toppings from balloon expeditions, and occasionally some events or quests give toppings as rewards.

Other miscellaneous tips

Generally, you would only use toppings on Epic, Ancient, or Legendary cookies. Make sure you’re using the right topping before equipping it on your cookie, because unequipping a topping costs coins, and changing toppings a lot can add up your coin expenses in the long run.

Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete Toppings Guide and Tips (8)

It’s best to upgrade Medium toppings because they give more substations and provide a higher boost. Small and Extra Small toppings are broken down and used for extra topping pieces. As you advance in the game, it’s good to pay attention to the additional substats a topping gives you. Substats are unlockable at topping levels 6, 9, and 12.

  • The best substats are DMG res, Cooldown, ATK, and CRIT.
  • The good substats are HP, DEF, and ATK Speed.
  • The least important substats are Debuff Resist, Amplify Buff, and Crit Resist. These provide very minimal effects.

These tips should help you to gather and farm more toppings easily in the game. Go ahead and give these suggestions a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Cookie Run: Kingdom Toppings Guide for help.

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(Video) Topping Guide for All Epic/Legendary/Ancient Cookies! (Nov.2021,Update) | Cookie Run Kingdom

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What are the best toppings for all cookies Cookie Run Kingdom? ›

How Do I Get More Cookie Run: Kingdom Toppings?
ToppingLevels to farm
Bouncy Caramel6-1, 6-6, 6-11, 6-16, 6-21, 6-26, 7-3, 7-8, 7-13, 7-23, 7-28, 8-3, 8-8, 8-13, 8-18, 8-23
Solid Almond6-1, 6-6, 6-11, 6-16, 6-26, 7-3, 7-8, 7-18, 7-23, 7-28, 8-3, 8-8, 8-13, 8-18, 8-23
8 more rows
May 24, 2022

How do you get more toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom? ›

Cookie Run: Kingdom Toppings, explained

Each cookie can equip five Toppings, with a new Topping slot unlocking every fifth level from levels 15-30. Toppings have sets, so if you equip a certain number (typically three or five) of the same Topping, you'll get some bonus stats.

What do the toppings do Cookie Run Kingdom? ›

Toppings are items that Cookies can equip for beneficial effects. Toppings of the same type can be equipped in order to activate a bonus set effect. All Cookies start out with 1 Topping slot and gain one more at their 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th Levels for a total of 5 slots.

Is hollyberry Cookie good? ›

Hollyberry Cookie is one of the best Defense Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom. She is easily one of the most effective frontline Cookie. However, the only catch about the Cookie is its high rarity.

What cookie is the best in cookie run kingdom? ›

Eclair Cookie is currently one of the strongest Epic Cookies in the game.

What does swift chocolate do in cookie run? ›

1) Swift Chocolate

This topping decreases the cookie's cooldown time by 0.4% at the first level and 1.8% at the final level. If players are equipped with five toppings, their cooldown reduces by 5%. These toppings are best suited for Bomber cookies, Charge cookies, Defense cookies, and more.

How do I redeem codes on cookie run? ›

How to Redeem Code
  1. Open the Cookie Run app.
  2. After you see the leaderboard/main page, tap Settings (the gear button at the left-bottom side of the screen).
  3. Find the Coupon button. ...
  4. Inside the web page, type the secret code in the field available and tap "Claim".

How do you farm toppings? ›

How to Farm Toppings & Topping Pieces! | Cookie Run Kingdom

How do you grind topping pieces? ›

How to Farm Aurora Pieces, Coins & Topping Pieces! | Cookie Run ...

Is Kumiho cookie good? ›

Overall, Kumiho Cookie is a good addition to your roster because of her good base, damage accompanied by her ability to charm enemies and reduce enemy defense. She also inflicts really good transformation damage to her enemies.

Is mala sauce cookie good? ›

Unfortunately, Mala Sauce Cookie was not met with a lot of positive reception and is considered part of the lower bracket of Epic Cookies. Her damage stats are considerably lower than what one would expect from a Charge class Cookie at a high rank.

How do you get star jelly fast? ›

How To Farm EXP Star Jellies In Cookie Run Kingdom - YouTube

Who is the best healer in Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

It doesn't come as much of a surprise that the Ancient Cookie is the best healer in the game at the time of writing. You'll need to use him later on in the game since he does require a pristine understanding of party composition if you want him to work to his full capacity.

How old is strawberry cookie? ›

Strawberry Cookie is a Common Cookie released on September 26, 2016, alongside her Pet, Pocket Strawberry. She has the ability to turn Basic Jellies into Strawberry Jellies, which are worth more points.

What gender is Angel Cookie? ›

Internally in the game files, Angel Cookie is listed as a male Cookie.

Is Pancake Cookie a boy? ›

Pancake Cookie is a young and childish Cookie, often vying for attention and clamoring for Acorn Jellies. His interests lie mostly in collecting and eating said Acorn Jellies, though he also loves to glide around and enjoys playing with others.

Are squid ink cookies female? ›

Trivia. Squid Ink Cookie is heavily implied to be the squid shown in the background of Black Sugar Pirate Ship, or its lost child. Despite being referred to with "their" in their Affection Jelly's description in OvenBreak, Squid Ink Cookie is referred to as "she" in Hello! Brave Cookies.

Are squid cookies good? ›

They're not the best, so I wouldn't recommend levelling them past maybe level 40, but they're pretty good for getting through early game. It would be better investment to use Moon Rabbit, Sorbet Shark, Latte, Espresso, or even the upcoming Cocoa Cookie for similar effects but better damage and utility.

If you ever wondered where you can farm specific toppings in Cookie Run: Kingdom, look no further—today we’re giving you a complete Cookie Run Kingdom toppings guide on where to farm for each topping, as well as which toppings you should give to each cookie!. Bouncy Caramel Topping Bouncy Caramel Topping in Cookie Run Kingdom. Solid Almond Topping Solid Almond Topping in Cookie Run Kingdom. Searing Raspberry Topping Searing Raspberry Topping in Cookie Run Kingdom. Swift Chocolate Topping Swift Chocolate Topping in Cookie Run Kingdom. 5x Solid Almond 5x Swift Chocolate 5x Searing Raspberry. 5x Swift Chocolate Topping. 5x Swift Chocolate 5x Solid Almond 5x Searing Raspberry

In today’s article, we are going to dive into the Cookie Run: Kingdom tips and tricks and give you a complete game guide of everything you need to know.. We’ll cover every aspect of the game, starting with the story stages and how to progress, all the way to how to get better cookies and upgrade your kingdom.. Whenever you complete a level you will receive Crystals and other amazing rewards for simply passing it.. First completion reward: can be Crystals or other rewards 2* Reward: Crystals 3* Reward: Crystals. Cookies can be leveled up to a maximum level of your account (for example, if you’re level 15, your cookies can go up to level 15 also).. However, at the very beginning, if you don’t have enough units for a specific position, you could deploy them however you can and try to adjust the party later on after you summoned the cookies you wanted.. Normally, you will pay 300 Crystals for a single draw, and 3000 Crystals for 10x draws, so I strongly advise you to save up 3000 Crystals and do the 10x draw.. There is also a featured summon, which has an increased chance for a specific cookie – this usually lasts for plenty of days, so you got a long time to try and max out that cookie.. That’s an easier way to star up specific Epic cookies once you get all the other cookies your team needs.. Although Cookie Wishes require quite a lot of materials that you’ll need to expand your cookie kingdom, you shouldn’t overlook them.. I suggest that you upgrade your castle level and always try to collect all the items you need for that ahead of time.. If you have stored up items ahead of time you’ll be able to complete cookie wishes much easier and that could be a great boost of EXP when you’re a few hundred EXP short.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a strategy RPG that combines the best aspects of various types of games.. In Cookie Run: Kingdom, your characters are gingerbread men (and women) who unite in a single cause: defeat the evil cake monsters and bring peace back to the land.. Once installed, you can use our BlueStacks tools and features to help dramatically improve certain aspects of your game.. Having good characters can usually make the difference between smooth, clean runs, and heartache once you reach those difficult levels that you can’t beat due to being under-leveled or because you simply don’t have any strong cookies in your team.. If you’re just starting out in Cookie Run, you’ll need all the Crystals you can get, mostly to spend in the gacha system trying to unlock new characters for your squad.. However, once you DO actually start the game properly, you’ll still need Crystals to continue recruiting more cookies to the squad further down the line.. If you go AFK or shut down the game for the day, your buildings will produce any pending orders, and then stop until you manually assign more orders.. If you’re playing Cookie Run: Kingdom on BlueStacks, you can use the Macro Recorder to completely automate the production process.

Only Searing Raspberry Toppings (Crit substats) For DPS Only Swift Chocolate Toppings For CDs 3x Searing Raspberry Toppings, 2x Swift Chocolate Toppings – The best option.. 3x Searing Raspberry Toppings (Crit substats) + 2x Solid Almond Toppings – Read below 3x Swift Chocolate Topping + 2x Solid Almond Toppings – Opt for this if your Cotton Cookie gets melted too easily.. Pure 5x Searing Raspberry Toppings (Crit substats) x3 searing raspberry, x2 swift choco. Pure 5x Searing Raspberry toppings (Crit substats) x2 swift choco toppings + x3 solid almond toppings x2 swift choco toppings + x3 searing raspberry toppings. 5x Searing Raspberry (Crit substats) 5x Swift Chocolate 3x Searing Raspberry, 2x Bouncy Caramel. 3x Searing Raspberry, 2x Bouncy Caramel 5x Solid Almond 5x Searing Raspberry (Crit substats). 5x Bouncy Caramel 5x Searing Raspberry (Crit substats) 5x Swift Chocolate 3x Searing Raspberry, 2x Bouncy Caramel. 3x Searing Raspberry, 2x Bouncy Caramel 5x Solid Almond if you want your GingerBrave Cookie to be a frontline tank 5x Searing Raspberry (Crit substats) instead of Almonds if you want him to be a DPS backline. 3x Searing Raspberry, 2x Bouncy Caramel 5x Solid Almond for tanky build 5x Searing Raspberry (Crit substats) for a more DPS oriented build. Pure 5x Searing Raspberry (Crit substats) for DPS 5x Bouncy Caramel 2x Bouncy Caramel + 3x Searing Raspberry – Another great DPS option 5x Juicy Apple Jelly

Cookie Run: Kingdom is much more in-depth than an initial glance may suggest; the RPG upgrade system and kingdom management aspects bring a lot of depth into such a cute game.. Cookie Run: Kingdom is a free-to-play game, but you can still enjoy it without spending any actual money.. Starting up Cookie Run for a few minutes every day is worth it, even if it’s just checking messages and menus for free daily items and other rewards.. With the use of Time Skips, Gems, and more, players can shave minutes of waiting off the clock or jump to the end instantly.. Save those Time Skips for those longer waits when you have time to play and simply can’t wait.. Find a time in your schedule when you know you won’t be actively playing, like during work, sleep, or whenever else you won’t be playing anyway.. Being greeted with goodies and prizes nearly every time I pick up the game has been good for my serotonin, kingdom, and resources.. It’s worth pointing this out because Cookie Run: Kingdom will absolutely try to tempt you with spending money.. Much like Fortnite’s Battle Pass system, the Kingdom Pass provides additional rewards to unlock through regular play.. Players will still earn rewards without the Kingdom Pass but an additional reward track and other exclusive perks are only available to those that purchase the premium pass.. Collected resources go straight to your kingdom’s storage once collected by tapping the screen.. It was that or wait on four different tasks to complete so I could earn enough Gems to free up the frozen tasks.. Cookie Run: Kingdom is a great game but like any other game, moderation is key.. Binging the game and playing for incredibly long sessions won’t just burn you out, it will also deplete the resources necessary for playing eventually.. Cookie Run: Kingdom has everything necessary for a free and fun time, especially if you pay close attention to the way you’re playing and how often.


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