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The concept of Experience Points, sometimes just referred to as experience or XP, is a way of measuring a character's improvement and development as they progress through the game. As they gain "experience", they become more proficient and powerful by attaining higher "levels". All characters, all races and classes, and all class mixes*, gain experience in an identical manner.

(* In some pen-and-paper editions of D&D, there can be penalties for multiclassing. There are no Experience Point penalties for multi-classing in DDO.)

Experience points are rewarded to characters for completing various tasks, and generally reflect how much "adventuring" a character has done. More adventuring means more points, and eventually that earns an increase in a character's level. There are different ways to earn XP, and different considerations in maximizing it.

  • Note: Many veteran players do not care to absolutely maximize their XP by taking the time to complete every last optional objective, and instead try to consider the "experience per minute" that a quest can give, i.e whether it's more XP to do 2 quests with minimal optionals vs. taking the time to squeeze every last experience point out of one quest. Not a consideration for every player, but be aware that it is for some.


  • 1 Gaining/Earning Experience Points (XP)
    • 1.1 Quest: main objectives
      • 1.1.1 Bravery bonus (Individual)
      • 1.1.2 First-time difficulty completion (Individual)
      • 1.1.3 Tome of Learning bonus (Individual)
      • 1.1.4 Daily bonus (Individual)
      • 1.1.5 Group bonus (Party)
      • 1.1.6 Killing monsters (Party)
      • 1.1.7 Destroying breakable objects (Party)
      • 1.1.8 Disarming traps (Party)
      • 1.1.9 Finding secret doors (Party)
      • 1.1.10 VIP Bonuses
      • 1.1.11 Quest ransack penalty (Individual)
      • 1.1.12 Level of quest vs level of highest character in quest (Party)
      • 1.1.13 Power-leveling penalty (Individual)
      • 1.1.14 Death (Individual)
      • 1.1.15 Reentry (Party) + (Individual)
      • 1.1.16 Late entry (Individual)
    • 1.2 XP example
    • 1.3 Quest: optional objectives
    • 1.4 XP Log
  • 2 Wilderness Areas
  • 3 Monster Manual
  • 4 Banking experience
    • 4.1 Otto's Boxes and xp cap
  • 5 Tables
    • 5.1 Experience Points to Heroic Level
    • 5.2 Experience Points to Epic Level
    • 5.3 Experience Points to Legendary Level
    • 5.4 Experience Points in raw text format
  • 6 The "Art" of Gaining XP

There are several methods to earn experience points:

Some XP adjustments apply equally to all members of the party, others are calculated individually. XP awards are not split among party members and are not affected by party size.

All bonuses are added together and can make a quest worth the time and effort to complete even if there are penalties. However, there are two cases where a quest's main XP reward will be 0 regardless of bonuses.

(Video) DDO Experience Tracker/Calculator Tutorial

  • The first is if you meet a condition that explicitly prohibits XP.
  • The second is if there are enough penalties to reduce the reward to a subtotal of 0 XP before bonuses are applied. Due to roundoff issues, you may or may not get XP if your penalties total exactly -100%. You definitely won't if they go below that.

Quest: main objectives[edit]

Complete all main objectives inside a quest. Some main objectives remain hidden until triggered. Main objective XP is usually higher than that of optional objectives. The main XP is bestowed upon completion of the quest and can be modified by the following conditions. Changes to these conditions that occur after the main XP is awarded don't affect the amount (though they may incorrectly change the amount reported in the quest log - see below).

Bravery bonus (Individual)[edit]

Once per life, you can get extra experience equal to 100%* of elite XP as your bravery bonus. If your first run through is on elite or reaper difficulty, you receive the full bonus immediately. If you run on hard, you receive half. The other half is not lost, when you later run on elite/reaper, you can get it.
Warning! In order to be eligible for the full Bravery bonus, your character must be no more than:
  • 2 levels above the base quest level (in heroics), or
  • 4 levels above the base quest level (in epics)
If you have a player in your group that does not meet these criteria, Bravery bonus is halved.

First-time difficulty completion (Individual)[edit]

When you complete a quest on a particular difficulty for the first time ever (per life), you receive bonus XP. If a quest can be run on both heroic and epic difficulties, then heroic casual/normal/hard/elite/reaper count as separate difficulties from the epic ones for this first time difficulty bonus (ie if you run a quest on heroic elite once, and epic elite once, you will get the 45% first time difficulty bonus on both runs).
DifficultyExtra XP
Solo, Casual, Normal, Hard20%

Tome of Learning bonus (Individual)[edit]

(Lesser/Greater) Tomes of learning offer +25%(lesser)/+50%(greater) in heroic and +15%(lesser)/+25%(greater) in epics for first time through quest, and thereafter a bonus of +10%(lesser)/+20%(greater) in heroic and +5%(lesser)/+10%(greater) in epics. NOTE: for quests with both heroic and epic versions, there is still only one "first time" bonus even if you have both Heroic and Epic Tomes of Learning. For example, if you do the heroic version with a greater Tome, you will receive the 50% first-time bonus, but the first completion of the epic version will only receive a 5%(lesser Epic)/10%(greater Epic) bonus.

Daily bonus (Individual)[edit]

Completing a quest for the first time during a day grants a +25% bonus for heroic quests and 40% bonus for epic quests. You must wait 18 hours after the last completion of the quest and then enter the quest in order to obtain this bonus.

Group bonus (Party)[edit]

When the event DDO Buddy Weekend is active, receive an extra +10% experience per extra player (+50% max) at quest completion. This only applies to regular quests, not wilderness or raids, and only applies to the end XP, not any optionals. There is a separate raid bonus that gives +5% per extra player (+55% max) in raids. These bonuses can be toggled either separately or together.

Killing monsters (Party)[edit]

Killing a large portion of the monsters present can confer
  • +10% Aggression bonus
  • +15% Onslaught bonus
  • +25% **Conquest** bonus
On the flip side, completing a mission while slaying very few enemies can grant
  • +5% Discreet bonus
  • +7% Devious bonus
  • +10% **Insidious Cunning** bonus
Note that the "not-killing-monsters" bonus isn't listed in the XP log until after quest completion, while everything else is.

Destroying breakable objects (Party)[edit]

Destroying a large portion of the breakable objects (barrels, vases, caskets, etc.) present can confer
  • +8% Mischief bonus
  • +10% Vandal bonus
  • +15% **Ransack** bonus

Disarming traps (Party)[edit]

Disarming a large portion of the traps present can confer
  • +10% Tamper bonus
  • +20% Neutralization bonus
  • +30% **Ingenious Debilitation** bonus

Finding secret doors (Party)[edit]

Finding a large portion of the secret doors present can confer
  • +8% Observance bonus
  • +10% Perception bonus
  • +15% **Vigilant Sight** bonus

VIP Bonuses[edit]

  • VIP players get an extra 10%
  • Update 46 Patch 3 Release Notes VIP players and Season Pass holders now get a small group bonus to experience. The bonus is per person in the party other than yourself, and provides a +1% XP boost per party member or member in your raid group, for a maximum bonus of +5% for a party and +11% for a raid group. This bonus is not applied for hirelings or other NPC companions in your group. This bonus stacks with other boosts to XP, including weekend XP bonuses, DDO Store elixirs, and Buddy Boost weekends. This is in addition to the standard +10% XP provided to VIP players.

Quest ransack penalty (Individual)[edit]

Each time you repeat a quest, the amount of experience the quest grants decreases by 20%, to a minimum of 20%. 18 hours after the most-recent completion the penalty is reduced by 50% (and again 18 hours after that). This 18 hour timer restarts each time you run a quest, so if you never leave a full 18 hour break between runs of the quest you will never get any reduction in the 80% penalty, and if you never wait a full 36 hours you will always have some penalty. Typing /ransack into your Chat Log will show you the ransack levels of the quests that you've played. (U19)
This penalty (including the 20% minimum) is waived if there is a "first time" difficulty bonus and that completion DOES NOT COUNT toward increasing the penalty on later attempts. This penalty also applies to characters on the level cap.

Level of quest vs level of highest character in quest (Party)[edit]

Compare the quest's effective level (depends on difficulty) to the level of the highest-level character to have entered the quest (even if they left after entering!). If that character's level is...
  • below, equal to, or +1 level above the quest's effective level, there is no adjustment.
  • +2, there's a -10% penalty.
  • +3 = -25%
  • +4 = -50%
  • +5 = -75%
  • +6 = -99%
  • +7 or higher there is no XP regardless of any bonuses.
This over-level penalty does not apply to epic quests.

Power-leveling penalty (Individual)[edit]

You receive no penalty if questing with characters 3 levels higher (or less) than you are.
If you are questing with characters 4 levels or more higher than your character, you will suffer an individual penalty:
  • 4 levels below the highest-level character in the party, you receive a -50% penalty.
  • 5 levels below, you receive a -75% penalty.
  • 6 levels below, you receive a -87% penalty.
  • 7 or more levels below, you receive no XP regardless of bonuses.
Note: Epic and legendary characters (level 20 or higher) do not receive a power-level penalty.

Death (Individual)[edit]

There is a +10% Flawless Victory Bonus if you don't die. (Unconsciousness is not death unless you release.)

Reentry (Party) + (Individual)[edit]

(Party) There is a +10% Persistence Bonus if no one leaves the quest (for any reason, including death and release to bind point, recall, or exit) and reenters.
(Individual) Each of your reentries confers a -20% penalty to you, to a maximum of -90% for the fifth. Reentry penalties do not apply on Solo or Casual difficulty, although you still lose Persistence Bonus.

Late entry (Individual)[edit]

If you first entered the dungeon ten or more minutes after it spawned there could be a late entry penalty. If you end up being in the quest for less than a 1/4 of the time it took to complete you'll have a -80% penalty, if more than a quarter but less than half you'll have a -50% penalty instead. (Explained by dev Phax here)
This is not entirely accurate - the late entry also seems to be tied to quest progress and not just time. For example, you can enter several quests over 10 minutes late, and even though the quest will complete in under 2 minutes you will get no penalty.

XP example[edit]

Jungle of Khyber Reaper 1
  • Base XP = 8,686
  • First Reaper Completion (95% of 8,686) = 8,251 (total 16,937)
  • Never played, played on reaper, Bravery Bonus (100% of 8,686) = 8,686 (total 25,623)
  • Group Bonus 6% per person other than you, 12% this group (12% of 8,686) = 1,042 (total 26,665)
  • Onslaught (15% of 8,686) = 1,302 (total 27,967)
  • Ingenious Debilitation (30% of 8,686) = 2605 (total 30,752)
  • Ransack (15% of 8,686) = 1,302 (total 31,874)
  • Persistence Bonus (10% of 8,686) = 868 (total 32,742)
  • Flawless Victory Bonus (10% of 8,686) = 868 (total 33,610)
  • Lesser Tome of Learning (25% of 8,686) = 2,171 (total 35,781)
  • Daily playthrough bonus (25% of 8,686) = 2,171 (total 37,952)
Subtotal (dungeon scorecard): 37,952)
  • Voice of the Master (5%) + Ship Buff (5%) + 30% XP Pot (30%) = 40% of 37,952 = 15,180
  • VIP bonus (10% of 37,952) = 3,795
Total Awarded XP: 56,927

Quest: optional objectives[edit]

Complete optional objectives inside a quest. Common optional objectives include slaying a boss or named creature, exploring certain areas of a map, or clearing side areas of threats. Some optional objectives are shown from the start of a mission, while others remain hidden until triggered. Optional objective XP is granted instantly.

Optional XP can be affected by penalties, but not the bonuses; the only exceptions to this are quest XP bonuses granted by:

Basically, any modifiers listed "above the line" in the quest log, other than "First time completing <X> difficulty," counts towards calculating the Optional XP.

"Base XP," for purposes of optionals, consists of the listed XP for that level, plus possible game-wide bonus, minus any penalties which apply. This number is then further modified by any personal experience bonus gained from equipped items, airship shrines, or elixirs. For example, the base modifier for doing The Mystery of Delera's Tomb on Normal is 1,742 XP. If the quest is done without incurring any penalties, this would be the Base XP used to calculate XP from optionals... even if it's your first time through on Normal.

  • With a small/medium elixir (+10% XP) in effect, the base is now 1,916 XP (110%).
  • With a 25% game-wide bonus, it's now 2,177 XP (125%).
  • With *both* in effect, the base XP is 2,395 XP (137.5%), rather than the 2,351 XP (135%) if they were added together before application.

Since Update 42 Patch 4, optional objectives ransack down to 0%.

  • The first, second, and third time you achieve an optional objective, you will receive 100% of the experience.
  • The fourth time you achieve an optional objective, you will receive 80% of the experience.
  • Fifth: 60%
  • Sixth: 40%
  • Seventh: 20%
  • Eighth: 0%
  • Optional Objective ransack does not reset over time. An Epic, Racial, True, or Iconic Reincarnation will reset your Optional Objective ransack.

Note that the repetition penalty is specific to the optional, and not based on the quest's repetition penalty (e.g., in Walk the Butcher's Path, if you survive the ambush several times without having completed the quest, you'll start to lose XP for it... even though it's technically your first time through the quest.) The reverse is also true; if you complete a quest several times, but one of the optionals just once (for instance: while farming a Muckbane, you complete Durk's Got a Secret five times before spawning Muck), you won't have a repetition penalty for the XP gained by completing the optional. The repetition penalty is not removed for the first time on a certain difficulty.

Optional XP which has already been awarded will not be changed by subsequent penalties (from death, re-entry, or a higher-level character joining the quest); the amount listed in the XP Log will lower if there's a change, but you won't actually lose the XP. Any uncompleted Optionals, however, will be affected.

(Video) DDO: The Many Lives of SthX - Getting your free XP Potions

On Casual, optionals are worth the listed percentage multiplied by 1.67; this is not the case for Solo-only quests.

XP Log[edit]

Bonuses and penalties are calculated and locked in when the main quest is completed, which may not be accurately reflected in the quest XP log. The XP log bonuses/penalties continue to be updated after the XP is locked, so you may see some bonuses/penalties listed that you didn't actually get (e.g., you may see a re-entry penalty reducing your listed XP because you finished-out and re-entered after the quest was completed: you actually got the full XP, but it now displays less than that). This holds true to optional XP as well.

The XP log is updated when:

  1. (individual) YOU log in
  2. (party-wide) Player Dies
  3. (party-wide) Henchman Dies
  4. (party-wide) Monster Dies
  5. (party-wide) Chest Looted
  6. (party-wide) Secret Door Discovered
  7. (party-wide) Trap Disabled
  8. (party-wide) Breakable Smashed

(Explained by dev Phax here)

Wilderness areas have different XP adjustment rules than dungeon quests. Each wilderness area has a range of levels it supports. If all party members are within the area's range, they all receive normal XP and objective progress. If any characters are above the area's maximum level, no one except that character can make progress toward objectives. The ones above the limit can still complete objectives, but they receive reduced XP: 1/2 if they're one level over the maximum, 1/3 for two levels, 1/4 for three, 1/5 for four, and so on. Characters below the area's minimum level never make progress toward objectives (if they are allowed in at all!), and are completely ignored when determining XP for the other members in their party.

See main article, Wilderness Adventure Area, for more information.

Monster Manuals grant relatively small amounts of XP based on the number and variety of a certain (sub-)type of monster that you or your party kills. Each MM has a different selection of "target" monster types. The XP granted is modified by any XP boosts.

The Monster Manual Prologue is free to all players, Premium players also enjoy MM 1, and VIP have access to all Monster Manuals.

(Video) DDO Expansion and Adventure Pack Buying Guide for New Players

See main article, Monster Manual, for more information.

A character does not have to level up as soon as they have enough experience to do so. If they choose, they can stay at their current level, and earn up to as much as {one point less than enough XP for 2 levels}. This is called banking experience. Some players use this process to extend the time that lower-level quests provide full XP, or to stay at the same level as others you are questing with. This is especially common in a chain of popular quests that are all at or close to the same level, but give more than enough experience to level multiple times.

  • Example: A Level 6 character gains enough experience to make Level 7, 72,000(+) xp (see table, below). However, they have not yet run Waterworks, a quest chain that starts at base Level 4. If they took Level 7, they would 1) not get Bravery Bonus experience, and 2) find fewer groups who would want a level 7 in a Level 4 dungeon. So, that player stays Level 6 and "banks" Level 7, joins a "Level 4-6" group for Waterworks, and earns full xp plus bravery bonus - as does the entire party. Before parts 3 and 4 (which are level 5), the party agrees to take a break and "level up", so the player can then take level 7.
If that player had wanted to run parts 1 and 2 again later (as a Level 6), or run some other popular base Level 4 quests (perhaps the Depths chain), they might not take 7 in the middle of Waterworks, stay at Level 6, and continue to bank experience up to their max of 224,999 xp (1 xp less than needed for Level 8, 225,000).

Once you have Experience Points beyond your current next level, when you do level, you will immediately have 4 Action Points to spend. If you wait until you are "capped" and then level, gaining any experience will allow you to immediately level up again.

The exception to the cap for banking is when you get to Heroic or Epic cap (Level 20 or 30); then you will get that last point of XP. This means that a level 18 character can bank 19 and 20, and take both simultaneously.

Usually, once you reach "cap", the max allowed, all other xp earned is wasted. However, it is possible to bank more than two levels. Experience from Daily Dice, Monster Manuals, and Saga rewards is known to exceed banking cap, but even regular quests sometimes allow you go beyond the cap.

Otto's Boxes and xp cap[edit]

Heroic Otto's Irresistible Boxes: Stone of Heroic Experience, does not grant experience beyond the heroic experience Cap (the start of Level 20). All xp beyond the heroic experience capped will NOT carry over to Epic Experience and will be lost.

Epic Otto's Irresistible Boxes: Stone of Epic Experience, caps at the epic level cap (Level 30). Again, this will NOT carry over to Legendary Experience.

Experience Points to Heroic Level[edit]

Heroic Levels (Levels 1 - 20)
Total Experience Points Needed Per Rank
(Mouse over values to see true increased TR value).
Level (ranks)Level Up1st Rank2nd Rank3rd Rank4th Rank(per Rank)
1 (1-5)-800Experience point - DDO wiki (1)First Life - 800
Second Life - 1,200
Further Lives - 1,600
1,600Experience point - DDO wiki (2)First Life - 1,600
Second Life - 2,400
Further Lives - 3,200
2,400Experience point - DDO wiki (3)First Life - 2,400
Second Life - 3,600
Further Lives - 4,800
3,200Experience point - DDO wiki (4)First Life - 3,200
Second Life - 4,800
Further Lives - 6,400
+800/Experience point - DDO wiki (5)First Life - 800
Second Life - 1,200
Further Lives - 1,600
2 (6-10)4,000Experience point - DDO wiki (6)First Life - 4,000
Second Life - 6,000
Further Lives - 8,000
6,400Experience point - DDO wiki (7)First Life - 6,400
Second Life - 9,600
Further Lives - 12,800
8,800Experience point - DDO wiki (8)First Life - 8,800
Second Life - 13,200
Further Lives - 17,600
11,200Experience point - DDO wiki (9)First Life - 11,200
Second Life - 16,800
Further Lives - 22,400
13,600Experience point - DDO wiki (10)First Life - 13,600
Second Life - 20,400
Further Lives - 27,200
+2,400/Experience point - DDO wiki (11)First Life - 2,400
Second Life - 3,600
Further Lives - 4,800
3 (11-15)16,000Experience point - DDO wiki (12)First Life - 16,000
Second Life - 24,000
Further Lives - 32,000
20,800Experience point - DDO wiki (13)First Life - 20,800
Second Life - 31,200
Further Lives - 41,600
25,600Experience point - DDO wiki (14)First Life - 25,600
Second Life - 38,400
Further Lives - 51,200
30,400Experience point - DDO wiki (15)First Life - 30,400
Second Life - 45,600
Further Lives - 60,800
35,200Experience point - DDO wiki (16)First Life - 35,200
Second Life - 52,800
Further Lives - 70,400
+4,800/Experience point - DDO wiki (17)First Life - 4,800
Second Life - 7,200
Further Lives - 9,600
4 (16-20)40,000Experience point - DDO wiki (18)First Life - 40,000
Second Life - 60,000
Further Lives - 80,000
46,400Experience point - DDO wiki (19)First Life - 46,400
Second Life - 69,600
Further Lives - 92,800
52,800Experience point - DDO wiki (20)First Life - 52,800
Second Life - 79,200
Further Lives - 105,600
59,200Experience point - DDO wiki (21)First Life - 59,200
Second Life - 88,800
Further Lives - 118,400
65,600Experience point - DDO wiki (22)First Life - 65,600
Second Life - 98,400
Further Lives - 131,200
+6,400/Experience point - DDO wiki (23)First Life - 6,400
Second Life - 9,600
Further Lives - 12,800
5 (21-25)72,000Experience point - DDO wiki (24)First Life - 72,000
Second Life - 108,000
Further Lives - 144,000
80,000Experience point - DDO wiki (25)First Life - 80,000
Second Life - 120,000
Further Lives - 160,000
88,000Experience point - DDO wiki (26)First Life - 88,000
Second Life - 132,000
Further Lives - 176,000
96,000Experience point - DDO wiki (27)First Life - 96,000
Second Life - 144,000
Further Lives - 192,000
104,000Experience point - DDO wiki (28)First Life - 104,000
Second Life - 156,000
Further Lives - 208,000
+8,000/Experience point - DDO wiki (29)First Life - 8,000
Second Life - 12,000
Further Lives - 16,000
6 (26-30)112,000Experience point - DDO wiki (30)First Life - 112,000
Second Life - 168,000
Further Lives - 224,000
121,600Experience point - DDO wiki (31)First Life - 121,600
Second Life - 182,400
Further Lives - 243,200
131,200Experience point - DDO wiki (32)First Life - 131,200
Second Life - 196,800
Further Lives - 262,400
140,800Experience point - DDO wiki (33)First Life - 140,800
Second Life - 211,200
Further Lives - 281,600
150,400Experience point - DDO wiki (34)First Life - 150,400
Second Life - 225,600
Further Lives - 300,800
+9,600/Experience point - DDO wiki (35)First Life - 9,600
Second Life - 14,400
Further Lives - 19,200
7 (31-35)160,000Experience point - DDO wiki (36)First Life - 160,000
Second Life - 240,000
Further Lives - 320,000
173,000Experience point - DDO wiki (37)First Life - 173,000
Second Life - 259,500
Further Lives - 346,000
186,000Experience point - DDO wiki (38)First Life - 186,000
Second Life - 279,000
Further Lives - 372,000
199,000Experience point - DDO wiki (39)First Life - 199,000
Second Life - 298,500
Further Lives - 398,000
212,000Experience point - DDO wiki (40)First Life - 212,000
Second Life - 318,000
Further Lives - 424,000
+13,000/Experience point - DDO wiki (41)First Life - 13,000
Second Life - 19,500
Further Lives - 26,000
8 (36-40)225,000Experience point - DDO wiki (42)First Life - 225,000
Second Life - 337,500
Further Lives - 450,000
241,000Experience point - DDO wiki (43)First Life - 241,000
Second Life - 361,500
Further Lives - 482,000
257,000Experience point - DDO wiki (44)First Life - 257,000
Second Life - 385,500
Further Lives - 514,000
273,000Experience point - DDO wiki (45)First Life - 273,000
Second Life - 409,500
Further Lives - 546,000
289,000Experience point - DDO wiki (46)First Life - 289,000
Second Life - 433,500
Further Lives - 578,000
+16,000/Experience point - DDO wiki (47)First Life - 16,000
Second Life - 24,000
Further Lives - 32,000
9 (41-45)305,000Experience point - DDO wiki (48)First Life - 305,000
Second Life - 457,500
Further Lives - 610,000
324,000Experience point - DDO wiki (49)First Life - 324,000
Second Life - 486,000
Further Lives - 648,000
343,000Experience point - DDO wiki (50)First Life - 343,000
Second Life - 514,500
Further Lives - 686,000
362,000Experience point - DDO wiki (51)First Life - 362,000
Second Life - 543,000
Further Lives - 724,000
381,000Experience point - DDO wiki (52)First Life - 381,000
Second Life - 571,500
Further Lives - 762,000
+19,000/Experience point - DDO wiki (53)First Life - 19,000
Second Life - 28,500
Further Lives - 38,000
10 (46-50)400,000Experience point - DDO wiki (54)First Life - 400,000
Second Life - 600,000
Further Lives - 800,000
422,000Experience point - DDO wiki (55)First Life - 422,000
Second Life - 633,000
Further Lives - 844,000
444,000Experience point - DDO wiki (56)First Life - 444,000
Second Life - 666,000
Further Lives - 888,000
466,000Experience point - DDO wiki (57)First Life - 466,000
Second Life - 699,000
Further Lives - 932,000
488,000Experience point - DDO wiki (58)First Life - 488,000
Second Life - 732,000
Further Lives - 976,000
+22,000/Experience point - DDO wiki (59)First Life - 22,000
Second Life - 33,000
Further Lives - 44,000
11 (51-55)510,000Experience point - DDO wiki (60)First Life - 510,000
Second Life - 765,000
Further Lives - 1,020,000
534,000Experience point - DDO wiki (61)First Life - 534,000
Second Life - 801,000
Further Lives - 1,068,000
558,000Experience point - DDO wiki (62)First Life - 558,000
Second Life - 837,000
Further Lives - 1,116,000
582,000Experience point - DDO wiki (63)First Life - 582,000
Second Life - 873,000
Further Lives - 1,164,000
606,000Experience point - DDO wiki (64)First Life - 606,000
Second Life - 909,000
Further Lives - 1,212,000
+24,000/Experience point - DDO wiki (65)First Life - 24,000
Second Life - 36,000
Further Lives - 48,000
12 (56-60)630,000Experience point - DDO wiki (66)First Life - 630,000
Second Life - 945,000
Further Lives - 1,260,000
656,000Experience point - DDO wiki (67)First Life - 656,000
Second Life - 984,000
Further Lives - 1,312,000
682,000Experience point - DDO wiki (68)First Life - 682,000
Second Life - 1,023,000
Further Lives - 1,364,000
708,000Experience point - DDO wiki (69)First Life - 708,000
Second Life - 1,062,000
Further Lives - 1,416,000
734,000Experience point - DDO wiki (70)First Life - 734,000
Second Life - 1,101,000
Further Lives - 1,468,000
+26,000/Experience point - DDO wiki (71)First Life - 26,000
Second Life - 39,000
Further Lives - 52,000
13 (61-65)760,000Experience point - DDO wiki (72)First Life - 760,000
Second Life - 1,140,000
Further Lives - 1,520,000
788,000Experience point - DDO wiki (73)First Life - 788,000
Second Life - 1,182,000
Further Lives - 1,576,000
816,000Experience point - DDO wiki (74)First Life - 816,000
Second Life - 1,224,000
Further Lives - 1,632,000
844,000Experience point - DDO wiki (75)First Life - 844,000
Second Life - 1,266,000
Further Lives - 1,688,000
872,000Experience point - DDO wiki (76)First Life - 872,000
Second Life - 1,308,000
Further Lives - 1,744,000
+28,000/Experience point - DDO wiki (77)First Life - 28,000
Second Life - 42,000
Further Lives - 56,000
14 (66-70)900,000Experience point - DDO wiki (78)First Life - 900,000
Second Life - 1,350,000
Further Lives - 1,800,000
930,000Experience point - DDO wiki (79)First Life - 930,000
Second Life - 1,395,000
Further Lives - 1,860,000
960,000Experience point - DDO wiki (80)First Life - 960,000
Second Life - 1,440,000
Further Lives - 1,920,000
990,000Experience point - DDO wiki (81)First Life - 990,000
Second Life - 1,485,000
Further Lives - 1,980,000
1,020,000Experience point - DDO wiki (82)First Life - 1,020,000
Second Life - 1,530,000
Further Lives - 2,040,000
+30,000/Experience point - DDO wiki (83)First Life - 30,000
Second Life - 45,000
Further Lives - 60,000
15 (71-75)1,050,000Experience point - DDO wiki (84)First Life - 1,050,000
Second Life - 1,575,000
Further Lives - 2,100,000
1,082,000Experience point - DDO wiki (85)First Life - 1,082,000
Second Life - 1,623,000
Further Lives - 2,164,000
1,114,000Experience point - DDO wiki (86)First Life - 1,114,000
Second Life - 1,671,000
Further Lives - 2,228,000
1,146,000Experience point - DDO wiki (87)First Life - 1,146,000
Second Life - 1,719,000
Further Lives - 2,292,000
1,178,000Experience point - DDO wiki (88)First Life - 1,178,000
Second Life - 1,767,000
Further Lives - 2,356,000
+32,000/Experience point - DDO wiki (89)First Life - 32,000
Second Life - 48,000
Further Lives - 64,000
16 (76-80)1,210,000Experience point - DDO wiki (90)First Life - 1,210,000
Second Life - 1,815,000
Further Lives - 2,420,000
1,243,000Experience point - DDO wiki (91)First Life - 1,243,000
Second Life - 1,864,500
Further Lives - 2,486,000
1,276,000Experience point - DDO wiki (92)First Life - 1,276,000
Second Life - 1,914,000
Further Lives - 2,552,000
1,309,000Experience point - DDO wiki (93)First Life - 1,309,000
Second Life - 1,963,500
Further Lives - 2,618,000
1,342,000Experience point - DDO wiki (94)First Life - 1,342,000
Second Life - 2,013,000
Further Lives - 2,684,000
+33,000/Experience point - DDO wiki (95)First Life - 33,000
Second Life - 49,500
Further Lives - 66,000
17 (81-85)1,375,000Experience point - DDO wiki (96)First Life - 1,375,000
Second Life - 2,062,500
Further Lives - 2,750,000
1,409,000Experience point - DDO wiki (97)First Life - 1,409,000
Second Life - 2,113,500
Further Lives - 2,818,000
1,443,000Experience point - DDO wiki (98)First Life - 1,443,000
Second Life - 2,164,500
Further Lives - 2,886,000
1,477,000Experience point - DDO wiki (99)First Life - 1,477,000
Second Life - 2,215,500
Further Lives - 2,954,000
1,511,000Experience point - DDO wiki (100)First Life - 1,511,000
Second Life - 2,266,500
Further Lives - 3,022,000
+34,000/Experience point - DDO wiki (101)First Life - 34,000
Second Life - 51,000
Further Lives - 68,000
18 (86-90)1,545,000Experience point - DDO wiki (102)First Life - 1,545,000
Second Life - 2,317,500
Further Lives - 3,090,000
1,580,000Experience point - DDO wiki (103)First Life - 1,580,000
Second Life - 2,370,000
Further Lives - 3,160,000
1,615,000Experience point - DDO wiki (104)First Life - 1,615,000
Second Life - 2,422,500
Further Lives - 3,230,000
1,650,000Experience point - DDO wiki (105)First Life - 1,650,000
Second Life - 2,475,000
Further Lives - 3,300,000
1,685,000Experience point - DDO wiki (106)First Life - 1,685,000
Second Life - 2,527,500
Further Lives - 3,370,000
+35,000/Experience point - DDO wiki (107)First Life - 35,000
Second Life - 52,500
Further Lives - 70,000
19 (91-95)1,720,000Experience point - DDO wiki (108)First Life - 1,720,000
Second Life - 2,580,000
Further Lives - 3,440,000
1,756,000Experience point - DDO wiki (109)First Life - 1,756,000
Second Life - 2,634,000
Further Lives - 3,512,000
1,792,000Experience point - DDO wiki (110)First Life - 1,792,000
Second Life - 2,688,000
Further Lives - 3,584,000
1,828,000Experience point - DDO wiki (111)First Life - 1,828,000
Second Life - 2,742,000
Further Lives - 3,656,000
1,864,000Experience point - DDO wiki (112)First Life - 1,864,000
Second Life - 2,796,000
Further Lives - 3,728,000
+36,000/Experience point - DDO wiki (113)First Life - 36,000
Second Life - 54,000
Further Lives - 72,000
20 (level cap)1,900,000Experience point - DDO wiki (114)First Life - 1,900,000
Second Life - 2,850,000
Further Lives - 3,800,000
Heroic Experience Capped

Experience needed after True Reincarnation(s) is increased, view the charts here or mouse-over numbers above to see 1st life, 2nd life, and 3rd life+


This experience increase only applies to Heroic Levels (levels 1 - 20) and not Epic Levels. The experience requirements for Epic Leveling do not change, no matter which life you are on.

Experience Points to Epic Level[edit]

Epic Levels (Levels 21 - 30)
Experience Gain to Next Level+600k+650k+700k+750k+800k+850k+900k+950k+1,000k+1,050k
Total Experience Needed 600k  1,250k  1,950k  2,700k  3,500k  4,350k  5,250k  6,200k  7,200k  8,250k 

Experience Points to Legendary Level[edit]

Legendary Levels (Levels 31 - 32)
Experience Gain to Next Level+1,600k+2,000k
Total Experience Needed 1,600k  3,600k 

Experience Points in raw text format[edit]

This may be helpful to copy into your Biography (on your Character Sheet) during a TR chain.

First Life3 164 405 726 1127 1608 2259 30510 40011 51012 63013 76014 90015 1,05016 1,21017 1,37518 1,54519 1,72020 1,9001 TR3 244 605 1086 1687 2408 3379 45710 60011 76512 94513 1,14014 1,35015 1,5716 1,81517 2,06218 2,31719 2,58020 2,8502+ TRs3 324 805 1446 2247 3208 4509 61010 80011 1,02012 1,26013 1,52014 1,80015 2,10016 2,42017 2,75018 3,09019 3,44020 3,800
Experience point - DDO wiki (115)

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You can help by editing this page. For suggestions, please see the talk page, or embedded <!-- comments --> while editing this page.
Reason: This section is obsolete after Update 42 Patch 4 and subsequent hotfix. It was actually wrong even before that (level ranges: max lvl 3 for full exp on normal, max lvl 4 for full exp on hard), but post-update there's no more streak and BB behaves differently.

There are many opinions on the best difficulty order to complete quests to get the maximum amount of XP. Note also that this very rough analysis doesn't take into account how long it takes to complete each run, assumes everyone can handle Elite difficulty with no deaths, and doesn't necessarily extend to longer repetitions.

Here are a few examples of various five-run methods using "The Kobolds' New Ringleader" and a party of level 1-2* characters. This is one of the most-run quests at level 2 (good XP, good loot, fast enough) so it makes a good example. The following computations only include the Base XP, first time bonuses for bravery and first time bonuses for difficulty. Earned XP may differ due to optional XP goals and other XP bonuses (see above).

* On Normal difficulty, characters over "Level 2" (Quest base level +0 for "Normal") would decrease the XP due to characters being too high. If on Hard, characters could be Level 1-3 (Quest level +1), and on Elite 1-4 (QL +2).
Difficulty OrderRaw Total1Basic Total2Total with full
bravery streak
Normal / Normal / Normal / Hard / Elite8,54310,50310,503
Normal / Hard / Hard / Hard / Elite8,61710,63910,639
Normal / Hard / Hard / Elite / Elite8,56510,61810,618
Normal / Hard / Elite / Elite / Elite8,52410,60810,608
Hard / Elite / Elite / Elite / Elite8,89311,03911,376
Hard / Hard / Hard / Normal / Elite9,22311,24511,582
Elite / Elite / Elite / Elite / Elite9,00211,18011,906
Elite / Normal / Normal / Normal / Hard9,43511,39512,121
Elite / Hard / Hard / Hard / Normal9,63311,65512,381
Elite / Elite / Elite / Normal / Hard9,97612,06012,786
1) Only taking first time bonuses, basic bravery and repetition penalties into account
2) Basic means persistence, flawless victory and aggression (probably the most common quick-run for this particular quest)

Note that the commonly-suggested method of "three times on Normal, then once on Hard and once on Elite" yields close to the maximum but not quite the absolute greatest XP possible. It tends to be quicker than any method that gives more XP, though, which often makes it the most efficient plan, and it can be done solo by all players.

If making more runs, the rule of thumb is, that it's better to repeat sooner than later, i.e. EEEEEEHN is much better than NHEEEEEE because you don't get the repetition penalty on first-time difficulty runs.

Methods that don't start with Normal difficulty require a V.I.P. subscription (which allows a character to start on Elite) or a character to be Heroic True Reincarnated (once for Hard and twice or more for Elite) or a party member who can open elite.

(Video) DDO Solo Guided Playthrough Level 12-15 ~ Fighter


What is max level in DDO? ›

Level Cap Increase and Heroic Play – With the Isle of Dread expansion, DDO's level cap has increased to 32. This is the first level cap increase since 2015. Isle of Dread includes questing and adventures that can be played by characters of Heroic Level 7 and Legendary level 30+.

What is the highest level you can get in epic? ›

Levels 21 and beyond are called Epic levels. Update 29 introduced a third tier, Legendary, for levels 31+; however, this term applied only to game content (quests/adventure areas), not to player characters, until the Isle of Dread expansion increased the level cap to 32.

How do you get feats in DDO? ›

Contents. Feats are special abilities that give your character a new capability, or improves one he or she already has. Every character gets one feat at the first level, and then at the 3rd level and at every 3 heroic levels after that (6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th) for a total of 7 at level 20.

Which is better Neverwinter or DDO? ›

For those who try playing both, Neverwinter will definitely look and feel newer. Also, in terms of accessibility, Neverwinter is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which means it's console-friendly, whereas DDO is just on Mac and Windows. Because of these factors, Neverwinter is the better of the two MMOs.

How long has DDO been around? ›

The game was launched in February 2006, with a head start on the 24th, and to the public on the 28th.

Is Epic more than rare? ›

Epic. Epic is the second-highest level of rarity, above Free, Common and Rare, but below Legendary. Epic cards can be recognised by a purple gem located at the bottom-center of the card's art, and when opening card packs will display a pink glow when hovered over.

What is the longest book on epic reading 2022? ›

The longest book is Hunger, book #2 in the Gone series by Michael Grant. The book is a whopping 608 pages long. 5.)

How to get Epic Unlimited for free? ›

If your child's teacher is using Epic at school, you can log in to use Epic for free from 7am to 3pm local time, M-F, using the class code from your teacher. If your child's classroom doesn't use Epic, you can go to getepic.com and sign up for a free (Basic Plan) account using a parent email, no credit card required.

What level is Isle of Dread DDO? ›

With the Isle of Dread expansion, DDO's level cap will increase to 32! Refine your character and amass even more prestige and glory with two more levels.

Where is the level 35 dungeon in New World? ›

Starstone Barrows – Level 35

To enter the Starstone Barrows, at least one person in your group needs a Starstone Tuning Orb. Starstone is located at the Shattered Obelisk, north of Amrine Excavation and south of Everfall. Unlike Amrine, Starstone features instant-kill obstacles that you must avoid.

What book is blackrazor in? ›

White Plume Mountain is set in the World of Greyhawk, a campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons. The module is a dungeon crawl, precipitated by the theft of three magical, sentient weapons: a trident named Wave, a war hammer named Whelm, and a sword named Blackrazor (all three were introduced in this adventure).

Can a DM Award feats? ›

The DM can award feats at moments where they believe it would enhance the story. That doesn't mean the DM will do that thing, or if they do that they will do it often. As well, most of the feats players want are things the DM would not award as boons.

Is DDO like DND? ›

Turbine developed Dungeons & Dragons Online as an online adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), originally based loosely on the D&D 3.5 rule set. The game is set on the unexplored continent of Xen'drik within the Eberron campaign setting, and in the Kingdom of Cormyr within the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

What does DDO VIP give you? ›

These awesome benefits include priority server access, 10 character slots free, unlimited access to all adventures in the game, a shared bank slot free, and more, plus every month we'll credit your account with 500 DDO Points to spend any way you like. DDO VIPs also receive the highest level of customer support.

What is the most overpowered DND build? ›

2/13 Barbarian Moon Druid

Out of everything that D&D 5e allows you to do, this is by far the most overpowered build in the entire game. Some Game Masters restrict Wild Shape or flat out ban this multiclass because it is so powerful.

How many active DDO players are there? ›

465.68K. Dungeons & Dragons Online is estimated to have 465,684 total players or subscribers.

Can I solo DDO? ›

The short answer is DDO is not easily soloable by any/all toons, but much of DDO can be soloed if you know what you're doing and it's the best way to learn quests that parties often 'zerg' through. Definitions: Soloing - any quest completion without another human.

Is it possible to play DnD alone? ›

Dungeons and Dragons is famous for being a tabletop roleplaying game enjoyed with groups of friends new and old. Yet many players out there want to know: Can you play solo D&D? The answer is a resounding yes!

Do people play DDO? ›

Population. As I mentioned earlier, DDO doesn't have the biggest population. But around 50K monthly active players is enough to find some friends to play with. The DDO Reddit and the DDO forums both have daily activity, where you can get any question you might have about the game answered.

Is Epic Game rich? ›

As of April 2022, the company has a US$32 billion equity valuation.

Which is better legendary or Epic? ›

Legendary Gear only has two passive bonuses (not including the Armor Set bonus) while Epic Gear has three. So, if you aren't planning on wearing the full Legendary Set (or haven't found it all yet), then Epic Gear is obviously better because you'll get an extra passive bonus per Armor Piece.

Are Epic Games losing? ›

New data from the Epic vs Apple trial seems to indicate Epic Games is losing money betting on smaller indie games. While the Epic Games Store has yet to turn a profit--and isn't expected to until 2023--the company typically recoups most of the cash it spends on exclusivity deals for big games like Borderlands 3.

Can you read a 150 page book in a day? ›

Answer: the average reader takes about 4.2 hours to read 150 pages. You might take more or less time than 4.2 hours to read 150 pages, depending on your reading speed and the difficulty of your text. The average person's reading speed is around 300 words per minute (WPM).

How many books a week do I have to read to read 100 books a year? ›

There are 52 weeks in a year, meaning you need to read about two books a week if you want to read 100 books in the year. This amounts to an average of 3.5 days to read each book. This may sound daunting, but remember, some books will be shorter and only take a day or two to read.

What is the longest book in AR? ›

They range from the early picture books such as Fusspot Bill to classics like War and Peace, which is still the longest book on Accelerated Reader.

What is Epic class code? ›

When you log into Epic on the web or from your mobile device, you can find your class code on the Dashboard tab. Your class code is an auto-generated 7-character alphanumeric password that is completely unique to you and your students!

Is Epic still free for students? ›

Epic overview 20-21

Epic is a free online reading platform program with thousands of books for your scholar to choose from during school hours, as well as outside of them!

Is Epic on subscription worth it? ›

Based on the user experience, the pros and cons, the rating given to EPIC ON is 7 on 10. Having an EPIC ON subscription is recommended for anyone who likes to watch content on Mythology, History, Food and Travel.

What is the max Vestiges of Dread? ›

You can access the upgrades through the Crown of Sorrow in the H.E.L.M. and there will be an upgrade called “Vestige Capacity” which costs 1 Figment of Darkness. This upgrade will double the amount of Vestige of Dread that you can carry, allowing you to hold a maximum of 5000 at a time.

How do you get Vestiges of Dread fast? ›

To quickly and easily farm up Vestiges of Dread, you should head to the Derelict Leviathan, specifically the Castellum, and start doing patrols. While you're doing patrols, look out for chests you can loot and High Value Targets to defeat (which will also drop chests).

How big is the Isle of Dread? ›

X1 contains not one but two iconic Mystara maps.

Can you farm the new dungeon? ›

We are now living in an era where dungeons are infinitely farmable, where you can get new loot each run (albeit just one chance at the exotic per week). As such, you can farm whatever you like, as long as you are doing the right encounter. You just need to know which encounters drop which guns and pieces of armor.

What books are vecna in? ›

Vecna appears in the revised Player's Handbook (2003) for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition (2003–2007). His priesthood is detailed for this edition in Complete Divine (2004). Vecna was one of the deities featured in Libris Mortis (2004).

How much damage does Blackrazor do? ›

Melee Weapon Attack: +12 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 14 (2d6 + 7) slashing damage, plus 14 (4d6) necrotic damage. If a critical hit is scored with Blackrazor, the wielder rolls damage dice three times, instead of twice.

What book is green flame blade in? ›

This spell first appeared in the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide (2008), p. 27, under the spelling Greenflame Blade. It is a 1st-level swordmage at-will attack power, dealing fire damage to a target and all a smaller amount of fire damage to adjacent enemies.

Why is DM more powerful than SP? ›

DM is perhaps the main person looking after the District, which includes subjects like Law and Order, Railways Administration, Public Administration, Economy & Industries, Finance and everything else. The SP leads the District Police team and assists the DM in maintaining Law and Order in District.

Who is more powerful DM or DC? ›

The District Collector is the highest Officer of Revenue administration in the district. A district magistrate, often abbreviated to DM, is an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer who is the senior-most executive magistrate and chief in charge of the general administration of a district in India.

Is being a DM easy? ›

Is DMing Hard? No, although there is an increase in responsibility. Anyone can be a DM, it just requires more preparation outside of the game and a mindful eye in-game to ensure a smooth experience. There are lots of tools, hacks, and tips that can make DMing a fun, easy part of the DnD process.

What is the max level in DDO? ›

Level Cap Increase and Heroic Play – With the Isle of Dread expansion, DDO's level cap has increased to 32. This is the first level cap increase since 2015. Isle of Dread includes questing and adventures that can be played by characters of Heroic Level 7 and Legendary level 30+.

Is D&D good for mental health? ›

D&D is good for mental health.

Games are fun, and it's no surprise that having a good time helps your mental health. But the benefits of playing Dungeons and Dragons go deeper than just fun. D&D provides an opportunity for players to develop social-emotional skills, build confidence, and learn to express themselves.

Is D&D beyond shutting down? ›

D&D Beyond was formerly operated by Curse LLC, a subsidiary of Twitch. However, on December 12, 2018, Fandom, Inc. announced that it had acquired all of Curse's media assets, including D&D Beyond. On April 13, 2022, Hasbro announced that it would be acquiring D&D Beyond.
D&D Beyond.
Written in.NET
12 more rows

How to get DDO points for free? ›

By far, "Favor" is the easiest way to earn DDO Points for free. It's automatic, but there are some strategies to maximizing it. Play the Game: For every (full) 100 Favor that any of your characters earns, on any server, you earn 25 DDO Points - it's that simple.

How many levels are in DDO? ›

Epic Otto's Irresistible Boxes: Stone of Epic Experience, caps at the epic level cap (Level 30).

Can you go above level 20 in D&D beyond? ›

The core rules, as designed by Wizards of the Coast, do not support levels beyond 20. As such, D&D Beyond (which endeavours to support the official core rules) does not support such options. Establish boundaries. And if anyone crosses them, speak up.

Is Level 20 the max in DND? ›

Level 20 is the max. If you multiclass you can reach a combined level of 20; 10 levels in one class, 10 in another, or whatever other combination. You cannot exceed a character level of 20. Character level and class level are different.

How do you unlock 32 point build in DDO? ›

You can unlock 32-point builds1, known as "Champion status", a number of ways: by earning 1750 Total Favor (which earns it for all future builds on that account on that server only) by purchasing it via the DDO Store (for 1,495 DDO Points, which provides it account-wide, all servers, all future builds)

How do you level up fast in DDO? ›

Since leveling speed in DDO is much determined by the speed you can complete a quest it will go faster once you learn all the different areas and dungeons. A tip for new players is to use the maps that are available for each quest on the DDO Wiki.

Is there a level 0 in DND? ›

But if you want a fun way to establish how your characters met before they became adventurers proper, or if you like the challenge of surviving with no class abilities whatsoever, a level 0 session can be a blast. I really enjoyed getting to roleplay the moment that set my character on their path to becoming a hero.

Does DnDBeyond master tier? ›

Master Tier - $5.99/mo: This subscription is intended primarily for Dungeon Masters and their campaigns. With this subscription, you will get unlimited Character Sheets! This subscription gives access to Content Sharing, which will share all purchased content owned by everyone in the DM's campaign.

What is the most overpowered DND class? ›

The Most Overpowered D&D Classes
  • Druid. D&D's druids are at first glance a calm, nature-loving group, but they're actually one of the game's most versatile and powerful classes. ...
  • Monk. ...
  • Wizard. ...
  • Echo Knight Fighter. ...
  • Peace Domain Cleric. ...
  • Hexblade Warlock. ...
  • Divine Soul Sorcerer.
Jul 28, 2021

What is the strongest DND class? ›

The paladin is perhaps the most powerful combatant of all of D&D 5e's classes. It combines the best aspects of the fighter and cleric into a single character. Paladins get a fighter's weapons, spellcasting like a cleric, and several unique features. These together make them terrifying to fight.

Is 10 a fail DND? ›

Roll a d20. If the roll is 10 or higher, you succeed. Otherwise, you fail.

How to get free DDO points? ›

By far, "Favor" is the easiest way to earn DDO Points for free. It's automatic, but there are some strategies to maximizing it. Play the Game: For every (full) 100 Favor that any of your characters earns, on any server, you earn 25 DDO Points - it's that simple.

How do you get a 36 point build in DDO? ›

Where do you buy them? Thanks! Hahah you dont - in order to get to 36 you must first true reincarnate a lvl 20 character into a 34 point build. Then level up to 20 and True Reincarnate again and viola 36 points.

Can you gift DDO points? ›

Have the person log on and enter the DDO store. Then you enter your credit card info and buy the DDO points. Then once points are confirmed, delete credit card info. Have friend log out and re-log in and confirm credit card info is no longer saved in the DDO store.


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