Farming Simulator 19: Seasons 19 - Farm animals - Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips (2023)

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In order to be effective in animal husbandry, you need to take more care of your animals. In Seasons 19 the whole system of animal husbandry has been significantly changed compared to the basic version of Farming Simulator 19. Animals now have higher requirements and parameters: sex, weight and age, and a number of species with specific breeding strategies.

  • Age and weight
  • Water
  • Artificial insemination
  • Breeding: Chickens
  • Breeding: Cows
  • Breeding: Horses
  • Breeding: Pigs
  • Breeding: Sheep

Age and weight

Animals from which we obtain meat were given two new parameters, which determine their sales price: weight and age. Buyers pay per kilogram, so the heavier and fattened the animal, the better - but the older the animal, the price per kilo decreases. The better the food (feed), the faster the animal will gain weight. The key is to find the perfect balance, also taking into account your access to feed. The third parameter should also be taken into account: the larger the animal is, the more food it eats and gain weight at much slower pace.


Water - did you think the animals eat a lot, but they don't drink much? This has been slightly adjusted, and animals now require much more frequent watering. However, the facility allows you to place water pumps right next to the pens, which will automatically distribute drinking water for animals. It will keep it at a level not lower than 15%, while the cost of water is deducted automatically from your account. You can find the pump in the shop in the Objects tab.

Animals are now also at risk of dying of hunger/ thirst, mainly during transport. If you do not reach your destination with a trailer full of animals or/and the trailer is not unloaded, the animals will die.

Artificial insemination

The modification provides the possibility of artificial insemination of animals (other than hens). It forces them to generate more offspring. Remember that such a service is not free of charge and animals preparing for the arrival of their offspring are not fully effective. We are talking here mainly about cows - for example, they will not give milk while waiting for the arrival of calves.

Breeding: Chickens

The simplest breeding available in the game is chicken breeding. It is the first type of novelty which brings a bit more realism to the game. Hens lay eggs that are only sellable when there is no rooster nearby. Fertilized eggs are laid to increase the population of the poultry house at the expense of the eggs available for sale. The chance that an egg will be fertilized is a random factor that decreases with the ratio of hens to cocks.

The optimum balance between chickens and roosters is 8 chickens : 1 cock.

Farming Simulator 19: Seasons 19 - Farm animals - Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips (2)

Different poultry species are also available. Short hints which indicate that you should not to confuse the species with your breeding strategy are at the bottom of the screen when you select a species of bird. Available species are:

  1. White Leghorn (F) - these are females who primarily lay eggs. They lay more eggs than other animals and require less food.
  2. Cornish Cross (M) - it is a male animal, so it won't lay eggs. This kind of poultry you breed for meat, so they eat a lot and you have to control their weight and age - with time, when the chicken is old, the value per kilogram of meat will decrease.
  3. Rhode Island Red (F) - this is a hybrid: these hens lay eggs but they will also be suitable for meat. This is the best choice until you have a definite plan for breeding and want to receive a steady income from eggs (an injection of money from the occasional sale of chickens for meat).
  4. Rooster (M) - this cock is only used when you want the eggs to hatch little hens. You will have less eggs to sell in this case. To maximize reproduction efficiency, use one rooster per 8 hens (male Cornish Crosses do not lay eggs!).

Additional information:

  1. Please note that chickens cannot be transported by themselves - they appear automatically in your poultry house. For this reason you do not pay a transport charge (because you do not have any alternative).

Farming Simulator 19: Seasons 19 - Farm animals - Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips (3)

  1. On the chicken coop screen you will see information about your animal breeding. The key is to maintain an adequate supply of feed for the hens. At the bottom of the screen you will see information about the amount of food needed for the whole year. This will significantly help you to plan your crops and prepare a proper food strategy for chickens;
  2. Calculate your food consumption and divide it by the number of days of the year (depending on the mode settings), so you can plan the feeding frequency carefully (preferably once a day or less often).

Breeding: Cows

So far, cows have been a very convenient way to get money from their sale and they also provide a free amount of fertilizer. This time the mechanics have changed: cows will produce a (desired) liquid fertilizer if you don't feed them with straw. When the straw is delivered, you get manure instead of slurry - from now on cows do not produce two types of fertilizer at the same time.

As manure is more desirable (easier transport, tank refilling, and easier field fertilizing), there is a balancing element - cows that do not have straw lose productivity.

Farming Simulator 19: Seasons 19 - Farm animals - Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips (4)

Also, cattle have been divided by species and gender, this time we are only interested in gender:

  1. Females (F) - produce milk,
  2. Males (M) - produce meat.

Breeding: Horses

The preservation of the stable has also slightly changed in this expansion. You will get a higher reward than in basic version of Farming Simulator 19 if you manage to maintain horses in a very good shape. This time you get adult horses for free and take care of them, just like before: you feed them, clean them and make sure they have enough movement. The better the condition of the horse, the higher the salary. However, negligence will be punished.

Farming Simulator 19: Seasons 19 - Farm animals - Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips (5)

In 19 Seasons you're not the owner of the horses. Your role is changed to that of stable owner. Like other animals, horses are divided into breeds. By selecting each of them, you will see a short note about them at the bottom of the screen. What is primarily different is the amount of effort that needs to be invested in their care (these actions are quite specific: specific activities: some you have to clean more often, others you have to ride more often).

Keeping horses in good or at least acceptable condition will allow you to get a daily income from their owner. You will be able to check the amount of money for maintaining your stables in the new position on the last place of the Finances tab in the game menu.

Breeding: Pigs

Farming Simulator 19: Seasons 19 - Farm animals - Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips (6)

We only breed pigs to sell them for meat. There are 4 types of pigs available:

  1. Yorkshire, Spotted - male specimens, young;
  2. Gloucestershire Old Spot, Berkshire - older female specimens.

Purchase young males to fatten them up quickly and be able to sell them at a high profit. If you buy females, it is rather a long-term investment: they do not gain weight quickly, which means they also need less food. They will allow you to create new individuals in the farmstead.

Farming Simulator 19: Seasons 19 - Farm animals - Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips (7)

The method of feeding pigs is not different from the basic version of Farming Simulator 19 - the higher the quality of food, the faster the animals gain weight and value. At the bottom of the screen you will see information about the estimated amount of food that is required for animals during the year. In the case of pigs, this result can be quite intangible, as depending on their weight, they may need more food over time and new piglets may be born. Therefore, you should be prepared for a significant increase in food use.

Breeding: Sheep

There's not much you can say about sheep. They still remain one of the easiest and most profitable forms of breeding, although it should be remembered that there is no access to fresh grass in winter and no possibility of storing it in a "fresh" form, which will slightly affect production in this season of the year. Sheep are only found in female varieties and differ in their meat and wool production capacity - for example, in the rate of weight gain and the amount of feed they need.


How do you farm animals in Farming Simulator 19? ›

Farming Simulator 19 - Back to Basics - A beginners guide to: Cows

Which animal is most profitable FS19? ›

  1. COWS. (It's considerable work and initial investment, but once you have 200 cows, the milk production goes fast, if you sell milk at 2000 / 1000L you make some nice coin. ...
  2. PIGS. ...
  3. SHEEP. ...
  4. Chicken. ...
  5. HORSES (Yes you can make money but unless you are using a mod (meaning a cheat.
Dec 18, 2018

What should I do in FS19 seasons? ›

INTRODUCTION - Guide to Seasons - Farming Simulator 19 - YouTube

How long does it take to train horses fs19? ›

It will take a horse 19 days with full exercise each day to reach full fitness.

What do dogs do in fs19? ›

What You Can Do with Your Dog. Well, the doghouse comes with two things with it, as well as your dog. The first is the food bowl, which you can fill up for free, and the dog will go to it and eat. The second is a tennis ball, if you pick it up, and use the throw key, the dog will go after it and bring it to you.

How do fs19 horses get water? ›

Farming Simulator 19 Tutorial | Horses - YouTube

Are cows profitable fs19? ›

Each cow will produce $167 worth of products. (Manure $38, Slurry $19, Milk $75. cows to sell $35). This brings you to $84 per cow per day. or about $16,000 net profit per large pen.

How do I get TMR in fs19? ›

TMR is made by using a mixer wagon. To make "pure" TMR, load the Mixer Wagon with both Hay and Silage, according to the proper mixture ratio (at least 25% of each, no more than 75% of each). If these proportions are not met, the Mixer Wagon will instead contain Forage.

How do pigs make money on fs19? ›

NOTE: To get the best possible profit from Pigs, feed them everything BUT Canola (or any other crop from the Oilseed group), give them Straw, and clean the pen. This actually earns more than feeding them on all four Food Groups, due to the high direct-sale value of Canola.

Is wool profitable fs19? ›

However, if you manage to pull this off, you will be producing 96,000 liters of Wool per day, equal to a profit of about $103,000 per day at average market prices, or much more than that if you only sell the wool when prices are high.

How do you make money with cows on Farming Simulator 19? ›

Farming Simulator 19 Tutorial | Cows - YouTube

How long do cows live in FS19? ›

Re: Seasons cows

If your animals don't run out of food or run out of water they wont die until they hit the old age limit which for cows is 10 years.

How long is a year in FS19? ›

Here, each transition will happen every 8 days. One year will be 96 in-game days.

How do you make it snow in FS19? ›

Re: How to get snow in FS19

Besides seasons and a correct Geo mod you will have to check the weather tab of seasons to see web it snows, the temperatur must be below 0°C aswell. The longer you make a season the higher the chance for snow to fall.

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