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The Hideout was initially found as an abandoned and cluttered bomb shelter without any means of sustaining life. The player can build and improve various Hideout modules, such as the power generator, water collection system, ventilation, medical treatment facility, intelligence center, heating, bathroom, and other advanced modules.


To improve the Hideout to operational condition, the first thing the player will need to install is the Power Generator, which consumes fuel. Without fuel, the production and regeneration of characteristics will be slowed or disrupted. It should also be noted that the size of the stash will directly depend on the level of the Hideout stash. Players with a Limited Edition of the game will receive an upgraded stash size, up to level 4. In addition to the basic modules of the Hideout, the player will be able to install advanced modules that drastically improve living standards and security, accelerate skills leveling, and allow the production of unique items and resources. The most notable is a full-fledged shooting range, where the player can test weapons. The Hideout is an integral part of the game, justifying all out-of-raid processes that happen to the character - restoring health, stash size, merchant access, objects research, and events in the world of Escape from Tarkov.

Image Guides

Hideout (2) Hideout (3)


Hideout (4) Air Filtering Unit

Hideout (5) Bitcoin Farm

Hideout (6) Booze Generator

Hideout (7) Christmas Tree

Hideout (8) Defective Wall

Hideout (9) Generator

Hideout (10) Gym

Hideout (11) Heating

Hideout (12) Illumination

Hideout (13) Intelligence Center

Hideout (14) Lavatory

Hideout (15) Library

Hideout (16) Medstation

Hideout (17) Nutrition Unit

(Video) Hideout | Full Movie | Horror Thriller | Katie Lyons | Audrey Kovár

Hideout (18) Rest Space

Hideout (19) Scav Case

Hideout (20) Security

Hideout (21) Shooting Range

Hideout (22) Solar Power

Hideout (23) Stash

Hideout (24) Vents

Hideout (25) Water Collector

Hideout (26) Workbench

Air Filtering Unit
Note: An FP-100 filter absorber can be installed
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
  • Group of skills levelling boost: Physical +40%
48 Hours
Bitcoin Farm
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
134 Hours
250 hours
3106 Hours
Booze Generator
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
148 Hours
Christmas Tree

Hideout (27)

LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
Defective wall
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
  • 1 Fleece fabric
  • Task: Mop the floor for 2 mins
    • Fuel consumption -2%
    • Energy regeneration rate +1.2 EP/hr
    • Health regeneration rate +9.1 HP/hr
    • Additional Raid EXP +2%
    • Group of skills levelling boost: Physical +2%
  • Fuel consumption +5%
  • Energy regeneration rate -3 EP/hr
  • Health regeneration rate -22.8 HP/hr
  • Additional Raid EXP -3%
  • Group of skills levelling boost: Physical -3%
12 Hours
  • 1 Fleece fabric
  • Task: Mop the floor for 5 mins
    • Fuel consumption -5%
    • Energy regeneration rate +3 EP/hr
    • Health regeneration rate +22.8 HP/hr
    • Additional Raid EXP +3%
    • Group of skills levelling boost: Physical +3%
  • Fuel consumption +5%
  • Energy regeneration rate -3 EP/hr
  • Health regeneration rate -22.8 HP/hr
  • Additional Raid EXP -3%
  • Group of skills levelling boost: Physical -3%
24 Hours
  • 1 Fierce Blow sledgehammer
  • 1 Fleece fabric
  • Task: Mop the floor for 5 mins
    • Fuel consumption -8%
    • Energy regeneration rate +4.8 EP/hr
    • Health regeneration rate +35.6 HP/hr
    • Additional Raid EXP +5%
    • Group of skills levelling boost: Physical +5%
  • Fuel consumption +5%
  • Energy regeneration rate -3 EP/hr
  • Health regeneration rate -22.8 HP/hr
  • Additional Raid EXP -3%
  • Group of skills levelling boost: Physical -3%
3 Hours
  • Fuel consumption +5%
  • Energy regeneration rate -3 EP/hr
  • Health regeneration rate -22.8 HP/hr
  • Additional Raid EXP -3%
  • Group of skills levelling boost: Physical -3%
3 Hours
6None12 Hours
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
  • Additional fuel slots +2
  • Additional fuel slots +2 (4 in total)
5 Hours
  • Additional fuel slots +2 (6 in total)
16 hours
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
  • Energy regeneration rate +2.4 EP/hr
  • Energy regeneration rate +4.8 EP/hr (7.2 in total)
2 Hours
  • Energy regeneration rate +7.2 EP/hr (14.4 in total)
  • Negative effects removal rate -50%
8 hours
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
  • 0.45 Strength skill points/ successful qte or
    0.9 Endurance skill points/ successful qte up to 2 times
  • 0.3 Strength skill points/ unsuccessful qte or
    0.6 Endurance skill points/ unsuccessful qte up to 2 times
4 Hours
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
  • Lights up your hideout with candles.
  • Lights up your hideout with basic lights.
  • Lights up your hideout with fluorescent lights.
6 Hours
Intelligence Center
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
  • Scav cooldown timer -15%
  • Quest money reward boost +5%
  • Unlocks Scav Tasks from Fence
26 Hours
324 hours
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
23 Hours
37 Hours
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
  • Additional Raid EXP +15%
  • Group of skills levelling boost: Practical +30%
54 hours
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
23 Hours
312 Hours
Nutrition Unit
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
  • Energy regeneration rate +6 EP/hr
24 hours
314 Hours
Rest Space
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
  • Negative effects removal rate -10%
  • Energy regeneration rate +3 EP/hr
  • Health regeneration rate +22.8 HP/hr
2 Hours
  • Health regeneration rate +45.7 HP/hr (68.5 HP/hr in total)
  • Maximum energy reserve +10 points
10 Hours
Scav Case
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
  • Scavs will try to find various items for you if you pay properly, of course.
    There are multiple Tier costs, each returning roughly the amount invested (results can vary drastically).
    Each case brings you items with found in raid status, with different rarities depending on the case selected.
    Your turnaround time is affected by your Fence reputation.
  • 2500 Roubles - 41m turnaround - 1-3 Items
  • 15000 Roubles - 2h 8m turnaround - 2-4 Items
  • 95000 Roubles - 2h 15m turnaround - 2-5 Items
  • 1x Bottle of Fierce Hatchling moonshine - 4h 40m turnaround - 4-6 Items
  • 1x Intelligence folder - 5h 20min turnaround - 4-7 Items
80 Hours
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
2None3 Hours
3None17 Hours
Shooting Range
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
  • The ability to test out your firearms
  • Targets are approx. 5m, 10m, 20m & 30m away
1 hour
  • The ability to test out your firearms
  • Targets are approx. 5m, 10m, 20m & 30m away
24 Hours
  • Group of skills levelling boost: Combat +10%
24 Hours
Solar Power
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
  • Fuel consumption -50%
72 Hours
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
  • Purchase of EFT Standard Edition
  • Stash size 10x28
  • Purchase of EFT Left Behind


  • Stash size 10x38
24 Hours
  • Purchase of EFT Prepare for Escape


  • Stash size 10x48
48 Hours
  • Purchase of EFT Edge of Darkness


  • Stash size 10x68
96 hours
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
  • 25,000 Roubles
2None3 Hours
3None10 Hours
Water Collector
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
  • Hydration regeneration rate +6 WP/hr
2 Hours
  • Hydration regeneration rate +12 WP/hr (18 WP/hr in total)
8 Hours
316 Hours
LevelRequirementsFunctionConstruction Time
23 hours
311 hours


  • A list of all the possible crafts is available here: Crafts
  • Every item crafted in the hideout will have the found in raid status
  • Every 1 fuel resource powers the Hideout for 12 minutes 38 seconds (25 minutes 16 seconds with Solar Power module, also increased with Hideout management skill up to 33 minutes 41 seconds)
  • The generator must be active to begin crafting in the Hideout. After the crafting has begun power can be turned off. This will increase the crafting time by more than 14 times.
  • The lavatory does not require the generator to be on to start crafting, and it does NOT increase the crafting time.
  • Right mouse button in FPS view will turn on a flashlight
  • The generator must be running for the Illumination module levels 2 and 3 to work properly. Otherwise, the chosen lighting source will dim and flicker.
  • Crafting items and upgrading hideout zones improves your Hideout management skill which in turn improves bonuses, slot count, and consumption rates.
  • Crafting items improves your Crafting skill which decreases crafting time.
  • The fuel cost per hour of Expeditionary Fuel Tanks is almost always cheaper than Metal Fuel Tanks. Specifically, you should purchase Expeditionary Fuel Tanks when their price is 60% or less than the price of Metal Fuel Tanks.

Additional Information

Bitcoin Farm

Hideout (28)
Hideout (29)

The Bitcoin Farm will produce Bitcoin, at a rate of 1/(145000/(1+(GC-1)*0.041225)/3600) items/hour, where GC is the number of installed Graphics card. Production stops if there are no installed graphics cards, the power is off, or there are 3 bitcoin awaiting collection. (5 with Elite Hideout management skill). The hour/bitcoin rate of any given GC Number can be calculated with 145000/(1+(GC-1)*0.041225)/3600.

Below are two charts and a table showing the relation between the number of graphics cards and the time needed (in hours) to produce a single bitcoin, and the profit for a given number of graphics cards.

Given the assumption of Bitcoin to be around 139,000₽, the roubles per hour can be calculated (see the table below). If you assume a GC price of 340,000₽, the payback time can also be calculated (The upgrade costs for the Bitcoin farm are disregarded).

(Note: Pay-Back-Time in the table does not consider fuel cost per hour (CPH), which increases Pay-Back-Time by 16-22 days and is 7300₽ for a 160,000₽ Metal Fuel Tank and 6000₽ for a 90,000₽ Expeditionary Fuel Tank. Solar Power and Hideout Management decrease CPH and you can craft items in other stations to offset the fuel cost. To calculate CPH, divide the fuel tank cost by the fuel tank consumption time (23 hours for Metal Fuel Tanks and 14 hours 48 minutes for Expeditionary Fuel Tanks).

Earnings per graphics card grow linearly. That means every graphics card besides the first brings about 3,400₽/day of additional income, considering the above prices. It takes almost 100 days to make the same profit no matter the number of graphics cards, so the higher the number of graphics cards, the bigger the profit will be. In this context, if the wipe is more than 100 days away, it is very important to upgrade the Bitcoin farm and max out the Graphics Cards. If the wipe is sooner than 100 days, it's better to leave 1 graphics card in the Bitcoin farm.

Number of GCsHoursMinutesRoubles/HourPay-Back-Time in days


    • Hideout (30)

      Comically large toothpaste added in the 2022 April Fools Event

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  • FAQs

    What is hideout mean? ›

    /ˈhaɪd.aʊt/ a secret place where someone can go when they do not want to be found by other people. Synonyms. hidey-hole UK informal.

    Is Hideout a good movie? ›

    Hideout delivers on several levels. It's a well crafted film that combines different genres. A gripping film that makes you second guess the ultimate outcome. It makes for a great group viewing or if you want to watch it alone just make sure you keep some lights on !!!!!

    What happens in Hideout? ›

    Evading police at a remote farmhouse after fumbling a robbery, four criminals discover that the family living there is not who they appear to be. Evading police at a remote farmhouse after fumbling a robbery, four criminals discover that the family living there is not who they appear to be.

    How long is the movie Hideout? ›

    61 minutes

    What is the synonym of hideout? ›

    (noun) in the sense of hideaway. Synonyms. hideaway. den. hiding place.

    What does secret hideout mean? ›

    a secret place where someone can go when they do not want to be found by other people. Synonyms. hidey-hole UK informal. hiding place.

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    5. The Goonies (1985) ...
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    7. The Princess Diaries (2001) ...
    8. Freaky Friday (2003)
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    • 3/8 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
    • 2/8 Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear (2013)
    • 1/8 The Five Element Ninjas (1982)
    Sep 16, 2022

    Does your hideout get wiped? ›

    All character development, quest progress, stash, hideout and much more are completely reset. You will normally be given your accounts starting items again following the release of the wipe.

    What is the theme of hideout? ›

    From the author of Alabama Moon, Hideout is complex tale of friendship, kindness, and dangerous secrets. This title has Common Core connections.

    What movie is 12 hours long? ›

    Cinematic films
    TitleRunning timeYear released
    Out 1 (Noli me tangere)775 min (12 hr, 55 min)1971
    How Yukong Moved the Mountains763 min (12 hr, 43 min)1976
    Evolution of a Filipino Family593 min (9 hr, 53 min)2004
    Shoah566 min (9 hr, 26 min)1985
    32 more rows

    What are the 3 walls in movies? ›

    The term has its origin in the theater world, long before TV or film and was coined by Molière, a 17th Century French playwright and actor. Think of a scene as a room. On stage, we can easily see three walls—the background, stage-left, and stage-right.

    What are the 4 walls in movies? ›

    What is the fourth wall? The fourth wall is an imaginary wall that separates the story from the world of the audience. This term comes from the theatre, where the three surrounding walls enclose the stage while an invisible “4th wall” is left out for the sake of the viewer. The 4th wall is the screen we're watching.

    What is the word for hiding identity? ›

    When you want to do something and not be recognized, go incognito — hiding your true identity. It is funny that the words, recognize and incognito, are both related to the Latin verb, cognoscere, "to get to know" because when you do something incognito, you do not want to be recognized.

    What is the antonym of hideout? ›

    MOST RELEVANT. disclosure. divulgence. exposition.

    What's a synonym for the word secret? ›

    adj.hidden, unrevealed. adj.underhand, clandestine. nounsomething kept hidden, unrevealed.

    What is a good hideout? ›

    An attic or basement would be perfect, since they'll be out of plain sight. You could also put your hideout in your own bedroom, or right in the middle of the living room. Putting your hideout in the family room is a good way to get a little more privacy without being too far away from the things you want to do.

    How do you make a hideout in your bedroom? ›

    Laying a blanket over the back of a chair or off the side of your bed is an easy way to create space. Plus using a blanket in your room is not suspicious to anyone that walks by. Use pillows to build your secret spot. Support the frame with heavier objects and build small walls by stacking some pillows.

    What should I put in my secret hideout? ›

    Think of what you like to do for fun, then put some related items into your hideout.
    Here are some ideas:
    1. If you like to draw, have a pad of paper, pencils, crayons, and markers.
    2. If you like to write, keep a journal and some pens or pencils.
    3. If you like to play games, keep a board game or a deck of cards near by.

    What is the number 1 biggest movie of all time? ›

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    • There are many Hattori Hanzo because in the past it was common to use similar names for the same family members. ...
    • Toward the end of his life he built a buddhist temple and became a monk.
    Jun 2, 2022

    What are the 18 skills of a ninja? ›

    The 18 disciplines are:
    • Seishin-teki kyōyō (spiritual refinement)
    • Taijutsu (unarmed combat, using one's body as the only weapon)
    • Kenjutsu (sword fighting)
    • Bōjutsu (stick and staff fighting)
    • Shurikenjutsu (throwing shuriken)
    • Sōjutsu (spear fighting)
    • Naginatajutsu (naginata fighting)
    • Kusarigamajutsu (kusarigama fighting)

    What is the best thing to do with your money in your hideout? ›

    Q: What is the best thing to do with your money at the hideout? A: Bounce with it on the bed.

    How can I make money wandering? ›

    From getting a location independent job, backpacking and picking up casual work, to building a travel industry career, there are options out there.
    1. Teach English.
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    5. Earn passive income online.
    6. Create events while you travel.
    7. Translate.
    8. Make to sell.
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    How can you make money with basement? ›

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    1. Increase the value of your home. One perfect way to make money is to increase the value of your home. ...
    2. Set up a business office. ...
    3. Storage space rental. ...
    4. Functional space rental. ...
    5. Long-term apartment rental. ...
    6. Short-term apartment rental.
    Mar 14, 2022

    How do you destroy a hideout? ›

    Hideouts can be attacked using a Demolition Hammer when their magic defenses are down. Unlike other furniture, Hideouts are not destroyed when they reach 0 durability. Instead, they lose a defense point when reduced to 0 durability, then they immediately repair if they have any defense points remaining.

    How do I unlock my hideout? ›

    Unlocking the Hideout

    Once you rescue Helena from the Chamber of Sins she will allow you to select your own Hideout.

    Are things made in the hideout found in raid? ›

    An item is marked as "Item found in raid" if: it was found in a raid, was not brought into that raid by a PMC and extraction status Survived (and not Run Through *). it was crafted in the Hideout. it was obtained as a quest reward.

    What is the central message of theme? ›

    Theme is the main or central idea in a literary work. It is the unifying element of a story. A theme is not a summary of characters or events. Rather, it is the controlling idea or central insight of the story.

    Who is the main character in hideout? ›

    Twelve-year-old Sam has been given a fishing boat by his father, but he hates fishing. Instead he uses the boat to disappear for hours at a time, exploring the forbidden swampy surroundings of his bayou home.

    What is the book Hideout about? ›

    In this riveting middle-grade adventure, the son of a Mississippi policeman finds a boy living on his own in the wilderness. Twelve-year-old Sam has been given a fishing boat by his father, but he hates fishing.

    What was the shortest movie ever made? ›

    Fresh Guacamole
    Produced byPES
    Distributed byShowtime ShortsHD
    Release date2012
    Running time1 minute, 40 seconds long
    4 more rows

    What is the longest named movie? ›

    If Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Hellbound, Flesh-Eating Subhumanoid Zombified Living Dead, Part 2: In Shocking 2-D counts as a proper movie, then it probably holds the record for the longest movie title, at an ...

    What is the longest single scene in a movie? ›

    16 minutes and 30 seconds of unbroken film is a feat in any film, but Hunger stands out on our list because of the intimate nature of its extended take – throughout a quarter of an hour, Michael Fassbender's Bobby Sands and Liam Cunningham's Father Moran are sitting in a table, observed by Steve McQueen's unblinking ...

    What is the 4th wall rule? ›

    What Does It Mean to Break the Fourth Wall? When plays, television shows, and movies break the fourth wall, they acknowledge the existence of the audience and speak to them directly.

    What is the fifth wall? ›

    fifth wall (plural fifth walls) (theater) The division between the fictional world depicted, and the actual actors, props, etc. quotations ▼ (art) The divide between critics or audience members and author or theater practitioner.

    What does breaking the fifth wall mean? ›

    It is known in acting as “breaking the fifth wall” and is when actor's may make comments, or assides, sharing their internal process with the audience, as if stepping out of the world created on the stage to join with them on an intimate basis.

    Who was the first person to break the 4th wall? ›

    One of the earliest recorded breakings of the fourth wall in serious cinema was in Mary MacLane's 1918 silent film Men Who Have Made Love to Me, in which the enigmatic authoress – who portrays herself – interrupts the vignettes onscreen to address the audience directly.

    What is it called when an actor talks to the camera? ›

    If an actor speaks directly to the audience, does something to the audience, or even simply notices the audience, it is known as "breaking the fourth wall". In a movie, or on television, this can be done by the actor speaking directly to the camera. This breaks a boundary normally set up or assumed by works of fiction.

    Can you break the fourth wall in real life? ›

    The fourth wall exists regardless of the way the stage looks or how close the audience is to the actors. In fact, some productions actively allow audience members to walk amongst the actors, and the actors must continue performing as though the audience members were invisible.

    How do you spell secret hideout? ›

    A clandestine location used as a refuge by the select few who know about it. I bet the thieves have holed up in some secret hideout so that the police don't find them.

    How many volumes does Hideout have? ›

    'Hideout', by Kakizaki Masasumi, when compared to other mangas of the same genre is quite a short work. With just one volume and nine chapters, it can take even less than an hour depending on how fast of a reader one is, one might not expect a lot of depth at all or any character development for that matter.

    Who is hideouts apex? ›

    Hideouts, a Respawn dev, is a popular name among the community for raining down his “Ban Hammer” upon the cheaters and exploiters in Apex Legends. Since the game's release, he has banned countless cheaters, exploiters, and hackers from the game.

    What is the meaning of hideout in Urdu? ›

    Hideout Meaning in English to Urdu is چھپ کر رہنا, as written in Urdu and Choup Kar Rehna, as written in Roman Urdu. There are many synonyms of Hideout which include Cover, Den, Hideaway, Refuge, Sanctuary, Shelter, Safe Place, Safe House, etc.

    What do you call a hidden secret? ›

    1 clandestine, hidden, concealed, covert. 2 private, confidential.

    What is a secret spy called? ›

    operative. spy. undercover agent. cloak-and-dagger man. double agent.

    How many chapters are there in Hideout? ›

    Publication. Hideout is written and illustrated by Masasumi Kakizaki. It was serialized in Shogakukan's seinen manga magazine Weekly Big Comic Spirits from June 14 to August 23, 2010. Shogakukan collected its nine chapters in a single tankōbon volume, released on November 30, 2010.

    How many pages does Hideout have? ›

    320 pages

    What is the theme of the book Hideout by Watt Key? ›

    From the author of Alabama Moon, Hideout is complex tale of friendship, kindness, and dangerous secrets. This title has Common Core connections.

    Is Ash from Apex a girl? ›

    For the background of the subject in Apex Legends universe, see Ash (character).
    Real NameDr. Ashleigh Reid
    Age~46 (as a human) ~75 (as a simulacrum) ~121 (total age)
    11 more rows

    Is seer a boy or girl apex? ›

    Real NameObi Edolasim
    11 more rows

    Who is the robot girl in Apex? ›

    Natalie “Wattson” Paquette is a familiar face in the Apex Games, though for a different reason than most. Daughter of the Games' lead electrical engineer, she studied his manuals to stay close to him, and discovered her calling at a young age.

    What Does zat mean in Urdu? ›

    ज़ातذات personality, being/ caste, race, कुल, वंश, नस्ल, जाति बिरादरी, कौम, व्यक्तित्व, शख्सीयत, स्वयं, खुद, अस्तित्व, हस्ती (उप.) वाला, जैसे-जातुलबुरूज' बुर्जावाला।

    What does ZARF mean in Urdu? ›

    zarf. ज़र्फ़ظرف vase, capability. पात्र, समार्थ्य बर्तन, भाजन, पात्र, योग्यता, सलाहीयत, गंभीरता, तहम्मुल, सहनशीलता, बुर्दबारी

    What does Rooh mean in Urdu? ›

    Soul or Spirit. The word 'Rooh' is originated from Arabic, Persian, Punjabi and Urdu languages. ( e.g. Every body has 'Rooh' inside the matter body, and when this Rooh disconnected permanentally the person is pronounced dead)


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    2. if your drone catches Jeff the Killer at this secret scary hideout, RUN away FAST (he was so angry)
    3. Parcels ~ Hideout (Official Audio)
    4. Ukraine Himars Missile Strike Destroys Russian Wagner Group Hideout Barracks on New Year's Eve
    (V FORCES)
    5. HIDEOUT | Official Trailer [4K Ultra HD] | Gibby Pictures (2021)
    (Kris Roselli)
    6. Love Yelping Matriarch Hideout of Cries Rod of Greed Bbccddzzzzz
    (Hubby Wubby - Topic)
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