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Horizon Zero Dawn has plenty of content. Make sure you see and do everything before you initiate endgame. Spoilers, obviously.

Horizon Zero Dawn has tens of hours of main quests, side quests and open world content to explore.

This guide page lists all the side quests we found in Horizon Zero Dawn and therefore provides a checklist of tasks to complete on your way to 100% completion, but it also explains the critical mission path and what you'll need to do when in order to see all the story content. You can go back and fill in anything you missed in Horizon Zero Dawn after you've finished the main story, but it means you won't see some of the extra material available to those who get everything done.

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Further down this page, we'll also provide some guidance on how to find and complete all Horizon Zero Dawn's option tutorial missions (very rewarding) and where to find all the open world content including Cauldron locations. Use the sidebar box to navigate to what you need.

This page does get a bit spoiler-y talking about what you need to do before Horizon Zero Dawn's ending for best results, but we'll be careful not to mention any explicit story details as we go.

Check our full Horizon Zero Dawn guide for more tips and walkthroughs. If you're specifically looking for a list of quests and content in The Frozen Wilds, we have that too.

Horizon Zero Dawn: critical path main story quests

Below you'll find the quests listed as main story missions in Horizon Zero Dawn's menu. Occasionally you'll have more than one main quest available, and apart from the difficulty guidance the quest menu provides, you can do them in any order.

In general we suggest following your original Horizon Zero Dawn questline until you reach The War-Chief's Trail. Complete that and it's followup, Revenge of the Nora, before returning to the first questline in A Seeker at the Gates. Level permitting, branch off again at Field of the Fallen, which leads into Into the Borderlands and The Sun Shall Fall, before getting back to Maker's End. This approach seems to make the most sense narratively given the urgency of each of the quest's goals.

If you're looking for sidequest guidance there's a list below, but in general, tick off everything on the east side of the map (the Sacred Lands) before pushing into Carja Territories, and then do another sweep for the remainder of the map before proceeding through Deep Secrets of the Earth. You'll be rewarded with acknowledgment of your many accomplishments in Horizon Zero Dawn by dialogue in subsequent scenes.

  • A Gift From The Past
  • Lessons of the Wild
  • The Point Of The Spear
  • Mother’s Heart
  • The Proving
  • The Womb of the Mountain
  • A Seeker at the Gates
    • The War-Chief’s Trail
    • Revenge of the Nora
  • The City of the Sun
    • The Field of the Fallen
    • Into The Borderlands
    • The Sun Shall Fall
  • Maker’s End
  • The Grave-Hoard
  • To Curse the Darkness
  • Deep Secrets of the Earth
    • First point of no return
  • The Terror of the Sun
  • The Heart of the Nora
  • The Mountain That Fell
  • The Looming Shadow
    • Second point of no return
  • The Face of Extinction

How to get the best ending and All Allies Joined trophy

Horizon Zero Dawn doesn't really have multiple endings but if you complete all the major side quests before completing the final mission, you'll get a stack of extra dialogue and even a trophy - All Allies Joined.

Additionally, there are several dialogue scenes triggered along the critical path, and even at the end of certain side quests, that vary considerably depending on what you've completed up until that point.

(Video) Horizon Zero Dawn - All Allies Joined Trophy Guide (Ally Locations)

That's about all we can tell you without ruining things story-wise, but basically: it's in your best interest to do every side quest as soon as you can before progressing further down the critical path. The final point of no return occurs during the mission The Looming Shadow: do not proceed with this quest until you're sure you've done everything you can.

When you have done everything you can do at this point, reap your reward by visiting the two optional objective sites listed in The Looming Shadow's quest log. With that done, make a backup save just in case, and allow Aloy to go to bed. When you do so, the quest ends and you should receive your All Allies Joined trophy.

(Don't worry too much if you faff this up; the extra dialogue is nice but you're not missing anything super essential and it doesn't count towards completion statistics.)

Here are the quests and side quests that seem to effect dialogue during The Looming Shadow and your chances of getting the trophy:

  • The War-Chief's Trail and Revenge of the Nora (main quests)
  • The Field of the Fallen, Into the Borderlands and The Sun Shall Fall (main quests)
  • A Moment's Peace (side quest)
  • Traitor's Bounty and Queen's Gambit (side quests)
  • Hunting for the Lodge (errand)
  • Hunter's Blind, Deadliest Game and Redmaw (side quests)
  • Heap of Trouble (side quest)
  • Sun and Shadow (side quest)

There's another point of no return a little earlier in Horizon Zero Dawn, during Deep Secrets of the Earth. The game itself flags this heavily in dialogue. Again, you'll get extra dialogue if you have done all the major side quests as you continue past this point.

All Horizon Zero Dawn side quests and errands

Below you'll find a list of every side quest and errand we found in Horizon Zero Dawn. We've grouped them by general region, and put them in the order you'll likely explore the map in.

Mother’s Embrace

These quests can be found in Horizon Zero Dawn’s starting zone, before Aloy has access to the whole map.

    Side quests
  • The Forgotten
    On the main road south towards Mother’s Watch, look for a tall rock spire. Speak to the woman at the top.
  • In Her Mother’s Footsteps
    North east of Mother’s Watch, along the riverbank, you’ll find an injured man who gives this quest.
  • Odd Grata
    Ask Rost “Anything else?” at the beginning of the adult Aloy sequence in the prologue, or encounter Grata at her camp high in the mountains to the west of your starting point.

(Video) Road to Platinum - Horizon Zero Dawn Full Trophy Guide (All Allies, Collectibles, Side Quests, etc)

The Sacred Lands

All of these quests can be activated before leaving the Nora hunting grounds and crossing into Carja lands at Daytower.

    Side quests
  • Insult to Injury
    Speak to Fia in Mother’s Rise, a settlement found along the mountains forming the border between Mother’s Embrace and the wider Sacred Lands.
  • A Daughter’s Vengeance
    Speak to the worried young man in Mother’s Rise.
  • Ancient Armory
    Explore the Bunker ruins east of Mother’s Rise.
  • A Moment’s Peace
    Speak to Tikuk in the Banuk Encampment at the far north east of the Sacred Lands.
  • Underequipped
    Speak to the worried trader at Hunter’s Gathering, a settlement in the north west of the Sacred Lands, close to the border with Carja.
  • Hunting for the Lodge
    Speak to a Keeper at any of the Hunting Grounds arenas.
  • Sanctuary
    Speak to Den in Mother’s Rise.
  • Shortage of Supplies
    Speak to Sona in Mother’s Crown. Must have completed The War-Chief’s Trail and Revenge of the Nora.
  • Luck of the Hunt
    Speak to Taim in Mother’s Crown.
  • To Old Acquaintance
    Speak to Gera at Hunter’s Gathering.
  • Traitor’s Bounty
    Unlocked during a cutscene on the critical path.
  • Queen’s Gambit
    Unlocked upon completion of Traitor’s Bounty.


All of these quests can be found in or near Meridian, or are intimately tied to it.

    Side quests
  • Robbing the Rich
    Speak to the noble loudly decrying a robbery near the main market area.
  • Honor the Fallen
    Speak to Mournfall Namman in the circular area on the upper level of the city.
  • Fatal Inheritence
    Speak to Ranaman in Meridian Village, a settlement just south east of the city itself.
  • Hunter’s Blind
    Speak to Talanah in the Hunters Lodge. Must have completed the errand Hunting for the Lodge.
  • Deadliest Game
    Speak to Talanah in the Hunters Lodge. Must have completed Hunter’s Blind.
  • Redmaw
    Speak to Talanah in the Hunters Lodge. Must have completed Deadliest Game.
  • Demand and Supply
    Look for two squabbling merchants on the outer edge of Meridian, towards Meridian Village.

Carja Territories

These quests are available as Aloy roams the wider map beyond the Sacred Lands. Quests found in Meridian and nearby hubs are not included here.

    Side quests
  • Heap of Trouble
    Speak to Petra at Free Heap, a settlement to the north east of Carja territories, close to the border with the Sacred Lands.
  • Hammer and Steel
    Speak to Kaeluf at Free Heap.
  • Death from the Skies
    Find a man wounded on the roads west of Free Heap.
  • Blood on Stone
    Speak to the quarry foreman at Cut Cliffs, a settlement north east of Meridian.
  • Sun and Shadow
    Speak to Lahavis at Brightmarket, a settlement northwest of Meridian.
  • Sunstone Rock
    Approach Sunstone Rock, a settlement far to the southwest of Meridian.
  • Cause for Concern
    Unlocked after completing all Bandit Camps if you’ve met Nil on your journeys.
  • In Foreign Lands
    Speak to Balahn at Daytower.
  • Collateral
    Unlocked during The City of the Sun during conversation with Olin.
  • Sun’s Judgment
    Speak to the grumbling stall owner in Brightmarket.
  • A cCrious Proposal
    Speak to Fernund in Brightmarket.
  • Healer’s Oath
    Speak to Abas outside Sunfall.

Cauldron locations for spear upgrades

Cauldrons are worth highlighting above and beyond open world content because they have such a significant role in Horizon Zero Dawn.

These special dungeons offer insight into the origins of and behaviour of the machines - but they also offer you the chance to add deadly tools to your arsenal by upgrading your spear to override more machines.

Override is one of the most powerful tricks in Aloy's repertoire, so make sure you visit each cauldron as soon as you can. There's nothing more Horizon Zero Dawn then turning a Thunderjaw loose on a pack of machines, then mopping up the debris.

(Video) Horizon Zero Dawn - All Cauldron Locations & Guides - Trophy

  • Cauldron Sigma
    In the Sacred Lands, north of Mother’s Crown.
  • Cauldron Rho
    In the Carja Territories, south of Daytower.
  • Cauldron Xi
    In the Carja Territories, far south of Meridian.
  • Cauldron Zeta
    In the Carja Territories, north of the Sunfurrows Hunting Grounds.

All weapon tutorial missions and how to beat them

Every time you acquire a new weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn, you unlock a short tutorial quest. These offer pretty decent XP for not very much work, but be aware you have to manually select them in your quest journal for your actions to count as progress.

  • Sharpshot Bow
    Kill three Watchers using Precision Arrow shots to the eye.
  • War Bow
    Shoot power cells using Shock Arrows. Scrappers are the easiest targets; just be sure they’re facing away from you and ping them in the canister on their butts.
  • Tripcaster
    Trip three machines with Shock Wires. Any will do.
  • Sling
    Freeze three machines weak to frost damage, such as Lancehorns or Tramplers, with Freeze Bombs.
  • Blast Sling
    Kill multiple (two or more) enemies with single shots from your blast sling. Human enemies in bandit camps or herds of Striders are the easiest targets.
  • Ropecaster
    Tie down three small machines, such as Watchers or Striders.
  • Rattler
    Kill three human enemies using Metal Bolts. The Rattler is kind of like a shotgun, so just get good and close and let rip.
  • Carja Tripcaster
    Trip three machines with Blast Wires. Easily completed during the Nora Hunting Grounds challenge.
  • Carja Sling
    Shock three machines weak to shock damage with Shock Bombs. Scrappers are a good bet.
  • Carja Sharpshot Bow
    Remove three machine parts using Tearblast Arrows. These must be components like canisters or weapons, not armour plates, so aim precisely. Focus will identify valid targets, but just because you can see it doesn’t mean you can hit it from every angle. Grazers are good targets.
  • Carja Ropecaster
    Tie down three medium-sized machines. Sawtooths, Bellowbacks and Shell-Walkers count. Easiest if you can find one on its own. Tie the same one down three times if you like; just make sure it is completely free before you start again.
  • Carja Blast Sling
    Attach three Sticky Bombs to machines. Very easy from stealth, or find something you can't miss because it's enormous.
  • Carja Rattler
    Shock three machines weak to shock damage using Shock Bolts. Longlegs are easiest for this, as Stalkers are more annoying to fight.
  • Carja War Bow
    Shoot Freeze Containers using Freeze Arrows. There are several machines with Freeze Canisters but Lancehorns are far and away the easiest targets; like Grazers, they have a stack of canisters on their backs you can hit with ease from behind them.
  • Shadow Hunter Bow
    Shoot ten plates from machines. This is kind of a pain and easier if you can find an isolated large machine like a Ravager, nullify its ranged attacks with Tearblast Arrows, and then sit up high on a rock where it can’t reach you. Armour plates are pale coloured and when you knock them off the creature appears darker, so target accordingly. You’ll probably need to repeat this a few times to get ten plates. And then you’ll never use this ammo again, probably.
  • Shadow Tripcaster
    Trip three machines with Fire Wires. No special requirements, so very easy.
  • Shadow War Bow
    Enrage three machines with corruption arrows. If you don’t have the Triple Shot skill, find some Watchers or Striders to knock this one over quickly. The more powerful machines will take several shots to corrupt, and since corruption doesn’t make the target friendly to you, you don’t want to break stealth doing this.
  • Shadow Blast Sling
    Kill three machines with Proximity Bombs. The bombs will one-hit kill weaker enemies, but you’ll have to weaken more powerful ones first. Try laying a line of bombs around you then blowing up a canister on something that will charge you in retaliation.
  • Shadow Ropecaster
    Tie down three large machines. Large machines include Stormbirds, Thunderjaws and Rockcrushers. Thunderjaw is easiest to hit; take out any other nearby machines first and, if you’re really struggling, knock off all the Thunderjaw’s weapons so you’re relatively safe from attack as you tie it down repeatedly.
  • Tearblaster
    Remove 15 machine components. The Tearblaster is really easy to use as you only have to point it vaguely in the right direction. Make sure your target actually has some components left to knock off; armour plates do not count.
  • Shadow Sling
    Burn three machines vulnerable to fire using Fire Bombs. This must be a body vulnerability, not a canister or other component weakness. Sawtooth, Freeze Bellowback, Glinthawk, Corruptor, Ravager and Snapmaw all work.
  • Shadow Sharpshot Bow
    Shoot off elemental canisters using Harvest Arrows. Grazers and Lancehorns, or perhaps even Striders, are the easiest targets here.

Open world Horizon Zero Dawn content

As well as the formal quests listed above, Horizon Zero Dawn has plenty of open world tomfoolery to keep you amused. Below you'll find a check list of what you should see and do as you wander the map; overriding Tallnecks will reveal all of these locations, but as long as you go everywhere you shouldn't miss anything.


See our Horizon Zero Dawn collectables guide for vantages, metal flowers, ancient vessels and Banuk artifacts. Or just buy the maps found in the Special items section of any post-prologue merchant's inventory.

Bandit Camps

Bandit camps are fortresses filled with human enemies. For best results, sneak in and disable the alarm first; that prevents reinforcements. Free prisoners for AI assistance. Prior to your first bandit camp in the sacred Lands, look for an NPC nearby. Nil proves to be an able companion throughout Horizon Zero dawn if you befriend him.

  • Devil’s Thirst
  • Hollow Fort
  • Two-Teeth
  • Gatelands
  • Shattered Kiln
  • Blackwing Snag


Tallnecks are to Horizon Zero Dawn what towers are to Assassin's Creed and Far Cry - but they're only a few of them, thankfully. Your goal is always to battle or sneak through nearby machines so you can reach a platform along the Tallneck's patrol route high enough to allow you to jump onto its back. From there it's an easy climb to the head to fill out nearby map icons.

  • Devil’s Thirst
  • Copper Deeps
  • Sun-Steps
  • Spearshafts
  • Rustwash

Corrupted Zones

There are 11 corrupted zones on the map. They don't have names, but they're hard to miss. Tallnecks will reveal them on the map.

(Video) Horizon Zero Dawn (HZD) - All Optional Ally Locations (All Allies Joined Trophy Guide)


How do you get all allies trophies to join? ›

This trophy can be obtained at the very end of the game, when players have managed to recruit all the optional characters to join them during the final mission. To achieve this, you must have completed several specific Side Quests and Errands, in addition to all the Main Quests.

Can you have a follower in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

How to get all allies in Horizon Zero Dawn. In order to get the companions to join Aloy, you'll need to finish all 20 side quests. It's a lot of work, but it's the only way to get their help. You need to do it before you progress the story too much, or you'll miss your chance.

Which Cauldron unlocks Thunderjaw? ›

Cauldron ZETA

Does killing nil affect trophy? ›

Deciding to kill Nil does not affect the secret trophy "All allies joined"; you can still obtain it without him. If Aloy chooses not to kill Nil, then he will join Meridian's defenses during The Looming Shadow and The Face of Extinction.

How many endings does Horizon Zero Dawn have? ›

After much speculation, Horizon Forbidden West's narrative director confirmed that the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel will only have one ending, not multiple, despite there being choices that can affect its story and gameplay.

Who joins Aloy in forbidden West? ›

Tilda van der Meer

Like Sylens, Tilda joins Aloy at the Base during the closing hours of Horizon Forbidden West's main story. The fact that she starts off as a member of Far Zenith, and is therefore an ancient human who lived through the Faro Plague, makes her truly unique amongst the other companions though.

How do I get Aluki? ›

If the player has completed A Moment's Peace, Aluki will join Aloy as an ally during the final Battle of the Alight. She can be found near the base of the Alight, and later is seen fighting two Corrupted Scrappers on the trail to the Spire.

How do you get the best ending in Hzd? ›

To get the best ending in the game it is in your best interest to complete all side quests and get your allies to your side before The Looming Shadow mission. This is the final point of no return in Horizon Zero Dawn, which is all we can tell you without spoiling the game's story.

What is the point of no return in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

What is the point of no return Horizon Zero Dawn? There is no point of no return in Horizon Zero Dawn. After you finish the game, you'll go back to the moment before the final mission. You can then explore additional side quests without any problems and do everything you haven't done yet.

Should I rest before the battle Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

Rest Before the Final Battle The game makes it explicitly clear, but just to be extra sure here: once you rest at the bed in Olin's Apartment, the battle will start, and you won't be able to go exploring for more XP or gear, or purchasing any more goods, once it does.

Can you miss side quests in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

There are also several amazing side quests in the game, here are a few that can be easily missed and you should keep an eye out for. Updated on June 19, 2022, by Ritwik Mitra: Truth be told, most people won't really miss the side quests in Horizon Zero Dawn if they're diligently exploring the world.

What is the hardest Cauldron? ›

The final and most difficult Cauldron is Cauldron ZETA. It can be found at the northwest corner of the map behind an entrance that is kind of hidden.

Is there a secret Cauldron in Horizon Forbidden West? ›

Cauldron KAPPA can be found in the northwest part of the map, west of The Bulwark (which you'll visit during the main quest The Broken Sky). You'll need a special tool to get into it, which you'll get during the main quest The Sea of Sands. Find Cauldron KAPPA's entrance underwater.

What Cauldron unlocks Bristleback? ›

The Sunwing, Bristleback, and Clawstrider can be unlocked as mounts for Aloy by completing Cauldrons, and none of them require any additional crafting. The mounts in Horizon Forbidden West can be unlocked in the IOTA, TAU, and GEMINI Cauldrons.

What happens if you accept Nils duel? ›

You have the option to decline Nils duel (left) or accept it and fight him (right). Should you choose to accept his duel, which you have to do twice, get ready for a fight. While Nil isn't exactly a challenging opponent, he can still do a lot of damage.
Cause for Concern - Farewell.
For winning the duel against Nil5,000 XP

How old is Aloy? ›

This in and of itself isn't particularly informative, but it's later made clear that Aloy is six years old when she finds her Focus. The story then progresses another twelve years through the course of the prologue, meaning Aloy is 18 when she sets off and the actual story of Horizon Zero Dawn begins.

Can you override Thunderjaws? ›

It's actually possible to override a Thunderjaw and get it to fight other enemies for you. In order to override a Thunderjaw, you must visit the cauldrons in the game. Horizon Zero Dawn has four cauldrons on the map. They are basically underground dungeons with advanced technology inside.

Is Aloy a clone? ›

Aloy is a clone of Elizabeth Sobek, the scientist and engineer who created Project Zero Dawn. Aloy was created by one of GAIA's subordinate functions, ELEUTHIA, who was in charge of birthing the next generation of humans.

Who woke HADES horizon? ›

Many fans came to the conclusion that Faro was responsible in some way for the activation of HADES when Sylens asks the AI himself in the post-credits scene who woke them, as this was one story thread left unanswered by the conclusion of the game.

Is Sylens a robot? ›

He is quite possibly the most intelligent human in the new world since the extinction of the Old Ones themselves. Archaic Knowledge: Having studied the Old Ones for most of his life, Sylens has perhaps the most comprehensive knowledge of the Old Ones of any human alive.

Does beta betray Aloy? ›

She was eventually brought to the Proving Lab, where her genetic code allowed the Zeniths to open the gene-locked door and access a copy of the GAIA root kernel, albeit lacking sub functions. But as she retracted the RECLUSE SPIDER arms, she inadvertently exposed Aloy, another Elisabet clone created by GAIA.

Is Aloy a 6 star? ›

Guerrilla Games and miHoYo have announced that Horizon series' protagonist Aloy will join Genshin Impact's roster as a free 5-star character for all players for a limited time. Players who have reached ranked 20 will get the “Savior From Another World” through in-game mail.

Why does Tilda betray Aloy? ›

Her obsession for replacing Sobeck with Beta, and later Aloy, led Tilda to betray everyone who had ever come into contact with her for her own selfish goals.

Are there any missable trophies in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

Almost every Horizon Forbidden West trophy can be earned in a single playthrough, but there is one missable trophy that has caused players some problems. Horizon Forbidden West has a missable Silver trophy called All Machine Types Scanned.

How do I get to Namman? ›

With all three shrines open to outlanders, return to Meridian to find Namman in a temple along the southeastern end of the city. To get there, just fast travel back to the Campfire between the open-air shrine and the elevators, return to up the stairs to the open-air shrine, then head across a bridge to the southeast.

Where can I find TEB? ›

Once Aloy comes back to the All-Mother mountain and defends against the Eclipse's second attack, she finds Teb wounded inside the mountain. While not fatally wounded, it is enough to keep him from further fighting.

Who is Aloys mother? ›

Aloy was welcomed by High Matriarch Teersa and entered Mother's Heart for the first time in her life.

Is Sylens a villain? ›

Having been responsible for HADES' machinations, Sylens is placed as the potential villain for Horizon Forbidden West.

Is forbidden West the end? ›

Horizon Forbidden West's ending ultimately indicates that Aloy's story is not yet finished, setting up for more Horizon content in the future. By the end of the game, Aloy has successfully vanquished the threat of the Far Zenith group returning to Earth to steal GAIA in order to colonize a new planet.

Is singularity the final mission? ›

The point of no return in Forbidden West happens in the final mission of the main questline “Singularity.” After preparing for the final confrontation with the Far Zenith, the objective changes to “Call Your Companions at the Campfire.” Upon doing so, the game will display a message saying that the player is entering ...

Can you still play Horizon Forbidden West after you beat it? ›

Horizon Forbidden West has an incredibly immersive and exciting main storyline, and players can continue playing the game after completing all the main quests.

Is deep secrets of the earth the point of no return? ›

In Deep Secrets of the Earth, you will be told by Sylens to finish any errands you have before continuing with the quest. While he explicitly says it marks a point of no return, don't worry about being locked out of content for the rest of the game.

Should I do frozen wilds before finishing the game? ›

The main quests of the base game Horizon Zero Dawn will give you a ton of experience with a variety of machines and tasks. This is why it's a good idea to play and complete the main game before venturing into the Frozen Wilds territory.

Should I play frozen wilds before? ›

The Frozen Wilds Isn't Mandatory To Play Before Forbidden West. As mentioned above, "The Frozen Wilds" DLC, though a fantastic addition to the game, isn't crucial to understand the overall storyline.

When should you enter the Frozen Wilds? ›

In order to play The Frozen Wilds DLC in Horizon Zero Dawn, you're going to need to ensure that you've fully completed the main quest A Seeker at the Gates. From this point you'll be able to access Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, though the quests are tuned around characters that are Level 30 and beyond.

Are there secrets in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

10 Hidden Secrets In Horizon Zero Dawn - YouTube

Are there any missable trophies in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

Almost every Horizon Forbidden West trophy can be earned in a single playthrough, but there is one missable trophy that has caused players some problems. Horizon Forbidden West has a missable Silver trophy called All Machine Types Scanned.

How do you get aided the defectors trophy? ›

For this trophy to unlock you will need to complete both these Side Quests: “Traitor's Bounty” and “Queen's Gambit”. Traitor's Bounty is unlocked automatically by playing through the story's Main Quests. Completing this Side Quest will give you the Queen's Gambit Side Quest automatically.

How do I get Aluki? ›

If the player has completed A Moment's Peace, Aluki will join Aloy as an ally during the final Battle of the Alight. She can be found near the base of the Alight, and later is seen fighting two Corrupted Scrappers on the trail to the Spire.

Is there a point of no return Forbidden West? ›

There Are No Points of No Return

In the Singularity Main Quest, you will have to Call Your Companions at the Campfire. Once your call them, you will be locked in the area until you finish the quest.

Will there be a 3rd horizon? ›

The studio has already confirmed that Horizon will be a trilogy of games too, in an interview with VG247.

How many endings are there in forbidden West? ›

The time you decide to spend with certain supporting actors could have an effect, albeit minimal, on the progress of the story. Let's be clear: Horizon Forbidden West will have a single ending, very strong and impactful, but some nuances may change depending on the characters you have given space and attention to.


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