NieR Reincarnation: How to Farm Gold (2023)

NieR Reincarnation is a mobile gacha game set in the popular NieR universe. By virtue of being a gacha game, players must spend a variety of in-game currencies to accomplish just about anything. Even leveling up characters or ascending weapons will cost materials as well as Gold in NieR Reincarnation. For fans who quickly run through their reserves of money, this guide will explain how to farm Gold in NieR Reincarnation.

Mobile games with gacha featuresin the same vein as NieR Reincarnation typically share a few similarities. For one thing, it's common for new players to receive lots of currency and resources asrewards from launch promotions and early story quests. Gamers will probably be in possession of well over one million Gold when starting in NieR Reincarnation. Though this seems like a lot, many fans will quickly realize that improving their party will eat through their resources insanely fast. That's why it's important to know how to get more Gold to make more progress through the game.

How To Farm Gold In NieR Reincarnation

There are a few ways to reliably earn gold in NieR Reincarnation. Somemobile games like Genshin Impact offer specificcontent that rewards plentiful money or gold. In exchange for precious Stamina, players would spend their time farming money when they would otherwise be making story progress or farming other upgrade materials. In NieR Reincarnation, there are no such missions that seemingly exist just to yield Gold. Players will have to use some clever alternatives to get the money they need.

Selling Weapons In NieR Reincarnation

The first and most obvious way of making money is to sell unneeded items. Players will obtain many unwanted weapons when Summoning for new characters in the gacha system. Veterans of the genre will know that only 3-star and 4-star weapons will ever really be worth using. Even though weapons in the NieR series are usually important sources of lore, 2-star weapons in NieR Reincarnation can just be considered fodder to be sold. Selling low rarity weapons will also yield basic Medals that can be traded for other items at the Exchange.

It should be noted that the way items are sold is not obvious. Rather than going to the Shop, players have to navigate to the Enhance menu. On the list of actions seen under Enhance, the option "List/Sell" will be seen. From there, the player can tab over to Weapons and then tap the Sell button to begin choosing items to be sold.

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Farming Event Medals in NieR Reincarnation

NieR Reincarnation: How to Farm Gold (2)

Games in the live-service genre frequently hold limited-time events, and NieR Reincarnation is no exception. During special events such as the NieR Automata crossover in NieR Reincarnation, players will earn special Medals by participating in event Subquests. These event Medals can be traded for a variety of things, such as promotional characters and enhancement materials.Other very important things that players can expect to see in an event Exchange are Bronze Coins, Silver Coins, and Gold Coins. These items exist purely to be sold, so fans who are strapped for cash should farm up event Medals and trade them for Coins.

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Getting Mama Medals in NieR Reincarnation

Mama Medals are yet another currency that can be earned in NieR Reincarnation. Gachafans should be familiar with the way this type of currency is earned, from login bonuses and limited-time events in mobile games. Players will want to prioritize using their Mama Medals for Premium Summoning Tickets, but it's also possible to trade them for Gold.

NieR Reincarnation: How to Farm Gold (3)
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While the options given above are the best ways to earn Gold in Nier Reincarnation, there is theoretically a limit to how often they can be utilized. Players will be restricted by the number of Coins and Mama Medals that are on offer during an event and by the number of times they can Summon for weapons. When all other options are exhausted, the only thing left to do is complete quests and settle for whatever amount of Gold they yield. Luckily, the combat in NieR Reincarnation is flashy and not likely to get boring anytime soon.

NieR Reincarnationis available now for Android and iOS.

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NieR Reincarnation: How to Farm Gold? ›

How to Quickly Earn Gold in NieR Reincarnation:
  1. Purchase Coins with Automata Medals. There are a lot of great items in the Automata Medal shop. ...
  2. Obtain Explorer's Tickets. Perhaps the oddest and most easily overlooked item in NieR Reincarnation are explorer's tickets. ...
  3. Sell Two Star Weapons. ...
  4. Farm Dungeons.
Aug 3, 2021

How do I farm NieR Reincarnation? ›

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How do you get gold fast in NieR Replicant? ›

By far, the most efficient way to earn a lot of Gold is through fishing in Nier Replicant. Gamers need to blaze through the main storyline until they come across the NPC that gifts them with the fishing pole at the Seafront.

How do you get rare medals in NieR Reincarnation? ›

Rare medals can be farmed in the same way as the regular medals, but you need to sell 4-star weapons instead. One such weapon will yield 50x rare medals. You can also ascend 4-star weapons and break through their limits in order to maintain a steady drop of rare medals.

How do you farm gold? ›

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Should I ascend weapons NieR reincarnation? ›

Ascending weapons in Nier Reincarnation increases their level caps (allowing for more Enhancements), improves abilities, and unlocks new abilities. Overall, doing so will make you more powerful and increase your Force number, helping you take on tougher quests, subquests, and events.

How do you farm coins in tunic? ›

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How can I get 1000000 gold Nier? ›

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Where can I get gold Nier Replicant? ›

In Part One, there is a repeatable quest that offers a good way to earn some gold. The woman near the fountain by the Item Shop in Nier's village will give 1,500 gold for every 10 Mutton you give her. Mutton is easily farmed in the Northern Plains by calling all of the sheep to you and then slaughtering them.


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