Pros and cons of moving to Taiwan (2023)

With the ESL market expanding rapidly, Taiwan has become a popular expat destination, especially with younger expats. Like with most countries, a move to this East Asian country comes with ups and downs. While the warm weather and plentiful travel opportunities have drawn many expats in, the culture shock and language barrier havealso led many expats to cut their stay in Taiwan short.

Below are some of the biggest pros and cons of living in Taiwan.

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Accommodation in Taiwan

+ PRO: Affordable accommodation is easy to find

Accommodation in Taiwancan be expensive in certain areas, but it won't take much effort to find anaffordable place that suits an expat's needs, even if they only speak English. There are plenty of dedicatedgroups on social mediafor foreigners looking for accommodation for long or short-term stays in the country.

- CON: May not meet Western standards

The downsideto accommodation in Taiwan is that apartments aren't all thatmodern andare generally rather small. Humidity also affects accommodation greatly. Apartments in Taiwan can get hot and humid in the summer months and, although most have air conditioning, cooling it down will result in highelectricity bills.

Quality of life in Taiwan

+ PRO: Taiwan is safe

Taiwan is a safe country;more so thanwhat many expats may be used to. It’s possible to walk around alone in most cities, even at night.

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- CON: Air pollution is a reality

Taiwan suffers from extreme air pollution. This is especially the case in larger cities such asTaipei. Even before Covid-19it was very common to see residents walking around with face masks. There are also times when the air pollution gets so bad that residents are advised to stay indoors.

- CON: Taiwanese cities can be crowded

Large cities in Taiwan tend to be crowded and noisy. The cities are densely populated which can come as quite a shock to expats. Expats who are used to space and quiet will take some getting used to the hustle and bustle in Taiwanese cities.

Lifestyle in Taiwan

+ PRO: Entertainment is easy to find

Taiwan has a variety of things for expats to do in their down time. It's very easy to find beautiful spots where expats can spend a day enjoyingthe outdoors, andTaiwan also has a fun nightlife scene. Most expats and locals are open and friendly, making it easy to find someone to have a drink with, even if it's short notice.

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+ PRO: Delicious and affordable food

The food scene in Taiwan is incredible. Street food is delicious,budget friendlyandcan be found everywhere.Convenience stores like 7-Eleven also make it easy for residents to get tasty food on the run. Even going out for a night or eating at a nice restaurant in Taiwan is very affordable compared to the prices in most Western countries.

- CON: Expats will experience a language barrier

One of the biggest struggles for expats moving to Taiwan is the language barrier. Mandarin is famously hard to learn for those who haven’t grown up speaking it. With the language so hard to learn, it can affect different aspects of expat life like going to the grocery store, setting up banking or even going to the doctor.

Getting aroundin Taiwan

+ PRO: Excellent public transport options

The public transportation in Taiwan is excellent. The country has a widerange of options including trains, subways and buses. To add to this, public transportation is also very cheap. This makes it easy and affordable for expats to get around the country.

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+ PRO: Google Maps is available

An issue many foreigners experience in Asian countries is that navigation apps in their home language aren’t available. That said, new arrivals can rest assured that they can still use their favourite navigation apps like Google Maps in Taiwan.

- CON: Strict rules on public transport

Taiwan has very strict rules when it comes to using public transport. This especially applies to the subway system. Some expats may be shocked to findthat they aren’t even allowed to drink water on the subway. The reason for these strict rules is to keep the subway system clean.

- CON: Driving can be dangerous

Many expats choose not to drive in Taiwan. This is because roads tend to be congested and dangerous to drive on. Many Taiwanese drive scooters and don’t seem to follow the rules of the road. This can take some getting used to. It’s therefore advised for expats to stick topublic transport.

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Weather in Taiwan

+ PRO: Winters are mild

Winters are famously mild in Taiwan. Average lows range between 54ºF and 58ºF (12ºC and 15ºC) during the day, while night-time temperatures in the northern region of Taiwan can dip to the mid 40ºF range (below 10ºC).

- CON: Summers can be extremely hot

Summers in Taiwan can take some getting used to. Temperatures can get extreme, with highs ranging between 80ºF and 87ºF (27ºC and 31ºC). What makes summers even more extreme is the intense humidity Taiwan experiences, which increases the real-feel temperatures considerably.

- CON: Typhoons and heavy rain occur frequently

Like in many Asian countries, Taiwan suffers through an annual typhoon season. Typhoon season in Taiwan usually lasts from July until September. This season is characterised by extreme rain showers, thunderstormsand strong winds. Expats need to invest in proper raincoats and umbrellas if they want to survive the Taiwanese rainy season.

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