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This is a list of every Raid in the game.

Name of RaidHeroic
Adventure PackFlagging Requirements
Tempest's Spine10-Free To PlayNo flagging is required for this raid and this raid has no timer mechanic.edit
The Reaver's Fate14-Ruins of GiantholdComplete Madstone Crater, Prison of the Planes, A Cabal for One, then Gianthold Tor.edit
Plane of Night1022Vault of NightComplete the The Vault of Night raid.edit
The Titan Awakes12-The Restless IslesComplete The Twilight Forge raid.edit
Zawabi's Revenge1222Demon SandsThe Chamber of Raiyum, An Offering of Blood, and the Chains of Flame, and the items from each (turned into Zawabi), then the pre-raid quest Against the Demon Queen. (The item from Chains of Flame is exchanged for the one for Zawabi when you turn in the quest.)edit
A Vision of Destruction18-The Vale of TwilightNo flagging required.edit
Hound of Xoriat18-The Vale of TwilightNo flagging required.edit
Ascension Chamber17-The Necropolis, Part 4A completed Sigil: Frame and the four paths of the Litany of the Dead pre-raid quest.edit
Tower of Despair20-The Devils of ShavarathA New Invasion, Bastion of Power, Genesis Point, & Sins of Attrition. Boots of Anchoring, The Banhammer, OR Spell Absorption for end fight. Suggest visiting the ToD entrance to upgrade your Amrath portal (so it will teleport you directly to the raid entrance).edit
The Chronoscope621Devil AssaultNo flagging is required.edit
The Twilight Forge11-The Restless IslesA completed Sigil of Dal Quor.edit
The Shroud17-The Vale of TwilightPer The Thirteenth Eclipse: Running with the Devils, Rainbow in the Dark, Ritual Sacrifice, Let Sleeping Dust Lie, The Coalescence Chamber, and complete a Shavarath Signet Stone.edit
The Codex and the Shroud-32The Vale of TwilightComplete To Curse the Sky and Creeping Death in Meridia.edit
Legendary Hound of Xoriat-32Free To PlayNo flagging required.edit
Legendary Tempest's Spine-32Free To PlayNo flagging required.edit
The Fall of Truth-25Ruins of GiantholdComplete Return to Madstone Crater, Return to Prison of the Planes, Return to Cabal for One, then Return to Gianthold Tor.edit
Caught in the Web-24Menace of the UnderdarkAll Menace of the Underdark quests.edit
Fire on Thunder Peak-30Shadow Under ThunderholmeDefeat Dagan in The Ruins of Thunderholme.edit
Defiler of the Just-30Trials of the ArchonsThe Archons' Trial, Demon Assault, The Devil's Detailsedit
Riding the Storm Out-32Dragonblood ProphecyMinimum Level 27, no flagging required.edit
The Curse of Strahd-32Mists of RavenloftComplete the following chains in order (quests within chains can be completed in any order):edit
Old Baba's Hut-32Mists of RavenloftNo flagging required.edit
Killing Time-32Dragonblood ProphecyMinimum Level 28, no flagging required.edit
Too Hot to Handle-32Masterminds of SharnCompleting all quests from the Masterminds of Sharn Part 1 and Part 2.edit
Project Nemesis-32Masterminds of SharnNo flagging required.edit
Legendary Vision of Destruction-32Free To PlayNo flagging required.edit
Legendary Master Artificer-32Secrets of the ArtificersNo flagging required.edit
Legendary Lord of Blades-32Secrets of the ArtificersNo flagging required.edit
Temple of the Deathwyrm-30Shadow Under ThunderholmeDefeat Sarva Bellistrae in The Ruins of Thunderholme.edit
The Mark of Death-30The Necropolis, Part 4Complete epic version of Desecrated Temple of Vol, Flesh Maker's Laboratory, Inferno of the Damned, and Ghosts of Perdition.edit
The Dryad and the Demigod-32Fables of the FeywildNo flagging required.edit
The Lord of Blades20-Secrets of the ArtificersNo flagging required.edit
The Master Artificer19-Secrets of the ArtificersNo flagging required.edit
The Vault of Night1022Vault of NightVault of Night (story arc): Tharashk Arena (VoN1), The Prisoner (VoN2), Gateway to Khyber/The Jungle of Khyber (VoN3), and Haywire Foundry (VoN4).edit
Hunt or Be Hunted-32Hunter and HuntedNo flagging required.edit
Skeletons in the Closet-34The Isle of DreadNo flagging required.edit

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(Video) DDO - Learning to Solo Raids (in Tower of Despair)
(Video) Project Nemesis teaching raid 5/16/20


How to check raid timers in ddo? ›

To see all raid timers marking elapsed time remaining before you can re-enter, type in /quest in your chat window.

Can you play DDO f2p? ›

DDO is free to play as long as you want without subscription and—most importantly—without your credit card digits. Just log in and start battling your way to elite status without so much as reaching for your wallet. Along the way, you'll even earn points equal to your level of success to spend in the DDO Store.

What is a raid? ›

RAID (redundant array of independent disks) is a way of storing the same data in different places on multiple hard disks or solid-state drives (SSDs) to protect data in the case of a drive failure. There are different RAID levels, however, and not all have the goal of providing redundancy.

How many quests are there in DDO? ›

Quests total: 706 • Wilderness adv.

Quests are counted once for Heroic and once for Epic where appropriate.

What happens when RAID timer runs out? ›

If you aren't able to defeat a Raid Boss on your first attempt, you can rejoin the raid and battle again. You won't need to use another Raid Pass to rejoin; your pass will grant you access to the battle until the raid's timer runs out. You can join as many times as you'd like before the raid's timer runs out.

Can you get loot from raids more than once a week? ›

Loot-based Lockouts

In these lockouts, you'll be able to challenge and defeat a boss any number of times, but you can only receive loot once per lockout reset.

How does F2P games make money? ›

While some games do use the click model (where advertisers pay the gaming company if someone clicks the ad), there are other games — like "Flappy Bird" — that use a pay-per-view model of ad revenue — meaning that every time someone sees the ad, the company makes dough [source: Chayka].

What level is ravenloft DDO? ›

Mists of Ravenloft (Heroic)
Mists of Ravenloft
Heroic Saga (Saga main article)
Level range:10-12
Consists of:12 quests
NPC contact:Livius Lanston
7 more rows
Mar 6, 2022

How does F2P make money? ›

The most obvious way to make money from a free game is to sell advertising space. Advertising may be sold upfront for a one-off charge, or with the advertiser paying a small amount every time someone clicks on their ad, or even every time someone looks at it.

What are 3 types of RAID? ›

What is RAID and what are the different RAID modes?
  • Striping: data is split between multiple disks.
  • Mirroring: data is mirrored between multiple disks.
  • Parity: also referred to as a checksum. Parity is a calculated value used to mathematically rebuild data.

How long does RAID last? ›

Raid® Ant & Roach Killer kills on contact and keeps killing with residual action for up to four weeks. It leaves no lingering chemical odor.

What is the fastest RAID? ›

RAID 0 is the only RAID type without fault tolerance. It is also by far the fastest RAID type. RAID 0 works by using striping, which disperses system data blocks across several different disks.

What is the max level in DDO? ›

Level Cap Increase and Heroic Play – With the Isle of Dread expansion, DDO's level cap has increased to 32. This is the first level cap increase since 2015. Isle of Dread includes questing and adventures that can be played by characters of Heroic Level 7 and Legendary level 30+.

Which is better Neverwinter or DDO? ›

For those who try playing both, Neverwinter will definitely look and feel newer. Also, in terms of accessibility, Neverwinter is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which means it's console-friendly, whereas DDO is just on Mac and Windows. Because of these factors, Neverwinter is the better of the two MMOs.

How many active DDO players are there? ›

465.68K. Dungeons & Dragons Online is estimated to have 465,684 total players or subscribers.

Can I leave RAID overnight? ›

A spray with a residual claim keeps killing unwanted ants or roaches, even when youre not watching. If you leave the spray and let it dry, it will keep killing cockroaches with residual action for up to six months as long as the bugs come in contact with it.

How do I turn off RAID without losing data? ›

RAID 1 (Mirror) volumes can be deleted without losing data if the RAID 1 volume is: The only volume on the drives.
  1. Open the Intel Optane Memory and Storage Management application.
  2. Under Manage click the volume that is needed to be deleted.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. Review the Warning message and click Yes to delete the volume.

Do you lose anything in an offline RAID? ›

Offline raid is a special game mode that allows you to practice before entering online raids. Such raid takes place without the game server, other players, and your character does not lose anything, but does not gain anything either. For this type of raid there is no insurance, character progress, quests.

How many free raids can you do in a day? ›

You can collect up to one free Raid Pass per day by spinning a Photo Disc at a Gym; Remote Raid Passes and Premium Battle Passes must be purchased from the shop or acquired by completing research tasks.

Why am I not getting loot in raids? ›

Loot Eligibility

Your character is not eligible for loot if: You didn't actively participate in the encounter. For example, you were too far away or, in the case of dungeons or raids, you were outside of the instance. You were loot-locked.

How do you maximize rare candies from raids? ›

Methods to getting special items that can help Pokemon grow

The best way to farm Rare Candy is to battle Raids. A trainer gets rewards every time he or she defeats a Raid boss, and Rare Candy has a chance at being included in those rewards.

Why are gamers called whales? ›

While most players will avoid microtransactions, a small percentage will drop huge amounts of money on them, and these gamers are called whales. As the gaming industry has progressed, it has searched for new ways to monetize its products.

Why are F2P games so popular? ›

Most revenue for F2P games comes from one of two places: the marketing budgets of advertisers and purchases made in-app by consumers. This is in stark contrast to the “premium” pay upfront model of most console and PC games.

Why do games pay you to play? ›

The money comes from the game developers, who pay the app to gather your attention and information. Users may spend money on in-app purchases while playing the game. They may also share the game on social media in exchange for in-game rewards.

Is Strahd von Zarovich undead? ›

Strahd von Zarovich is the lord of Barovia and the master of Castle Ravenloft. He is an immortal vampire, desiring endless power and control. His undead curse is linked to the curse of the land of Barovia that prevents anyone from leaving.

What level should players face Strahd? ›

If you're a new GM preparing to run Curse of Strahd, you'll need to know: your players can either start at third level, or they can run through the introductory adventure "Death House." Before "Death House" you'll likely want to run one of the initial adventure hooks: “Plea For Help,” “Mysterious Visitors,” “Werewolves ...

What Cr level is Strahd? ›

So, between proficiency, armor class, hit points and damage output, this Strahd is hovering right around CR 20.

Can F2P use voice chat? ›

PSA, F2P Accounts Can No Longer Voice Chat In Official Servers. If you're F2P, and still wish to communicate you have the following three options.

What is F2P vs P2P? ›

In P2P, the games usually involve a one-time purchase or subscription while in F2P, there is none. The economic architecture of P2P and F2P is linear and dynamic, respectively, in the aspect of their game monetization [1] .

Can you trade on a F2P account? ›

In addition to this, while Free players can receive all items through trading, they can only trade away items that were traded to them and Tools that they have found. Formerly, Free accounts could not trade away any items at all.

Which RAID is the strongest? ›

RAID 10 is a combination of RAID 1 and 0 and is often denoted as RAID 1+0. It combines the mirroring of RAID 1 with the striping of RAID 0. It's the RAID level that gives the best performance, but it is also costly, requiring twice as many disks as other RAID levels, for a minimum of four.

Which RAID mode is best? ›

The best RAID configuration for your storage system will depend on whether you value speed, data redundancy or both. If you value speed most of all, choose RAID 0. If you value data redundancy most of all, remember that the following drive configurations are fault-tolerant: RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6 and RAID 10.

Is RAID 0 or 1 better? ›

RAID 0 offers the best performance and capacity but no fault tolerance. Conversely, RAID 1 offers fault tolerance but does not offer any capacity of performance benefits. While performance is an important factor, backup admins may prioritize fault tolerance to better protect data.

Do raids eventually end? ›

Raids will expire in two to three Minecraft nights, and all Pillagers will be despawned.

Will a Raid ever Despawn? ›

Raiders that are part of a raid do not despawn naturally and do not contribute to the mob cap, but resume despawning once the raid is over or they leave it.

Can you win a Raid alone? ›

These raids can range from around 30,000 boss CP to 50,000, and you will not be able to complete them solo. This is where you'll be able to catch legendary Pokemon and other exclusives, depending on which Pokemon are in the current raid pool.

What is the slowest RAID? ›

RAID 1 – VERY slow, total data redundancy. Generally only uses two hard drives inside the RAID enclosure. Often called “mirroring,” each drive is a complete copy of the other.

What is the safest RAID? ›

RAID 10 is the safest of all choices, it is fast and safe. The obvious downsides are that RAID 10 has less storage capacity from the same disks and is more costly on the basis of capacity. It must be mentioned that RAID 10 can only utilize an even number of disks as disks are added in pairs.

Is there a RAID 1? ›

Disk mirroring, also known as RAID 1, is the replication of data to two or more disks. Disk mirroring is a good choice for applications that require high performance and high availability, such as transactional applications, email and operating systems.

Do you need to be 70 to do heroic Dungeons? ›

Heroic dungeons now require level 70 to enter.

What system is DDO based on? ›

Turbine developed Dungeons & Dragons Online as an online adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), originally based loosely on the D&D 3.5 rule set. The game is set on the unexplored continent of Xen'drik within the Eberron campaign setting, and in the Kingdom of Cormyr within the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

How long has DDO been around? ›

The game was launched in February 2006, with a head start on the 24th, and to the public on the 28th.

What is the most overpowered DND build? ›

2/13 Barbarian Moon Druid

Out of everything that D&D 5e allows you to do, this is by far the most overpowered build in the entire game. Some Game Masters restrict Wild Shape or flat out ban this multiclass because it is so powerful.

What is the most popular game in da world? ›

#1 Minecraft

With its construction game design, Minecraft remains the favorite of its players.

What is the most populated server in DDO? ›

Quick Info
  • The default server is Orien.
  • The most populated server is Argonnessen.
  • In the last quarter, we've seen 389,547 unique characters and 15,069 unique guilds.

Can I solo DDO? ›

The short answer is DDO is not easily soloable by any/all toons, but much of DDO can be soloed if you know what you're doing and it's the best way to learn quests that parties often 'zerg' through. Definitions: Soloing - any quest completion without another human.

How many people play DDO in 2022? ›

Dungeons & Dragons Online
MonthAvg. PlayersGain
March 2022238.8+28.9
February 2022209.9-6.0
January 2022215.9-13.8
December 2021229.6-41.1
94 more rows

How do I check my RAID timer? ›

Raid timers (or Raid IDs) are the system used to save you to a raid instance. To see which raids and boss encounters you are currently saved to, you can type "/raidinfo".

How do I check my RAID status? ›

To view the RAID status, go to System Settings > RAID Management. The RAID Management pane displays the RAID level, status, and disk space usage. It also shows the status, size, and model of each disk in the RAID array.

How do I check my RAID details? ›

Checking RAID from command line
  1. Go to System Settings.
  2. Click CLI Console.
  3. Type the command diagnose system raid status and press Enter.
  4. The following information is shown in the output: Mega RAID - this output shows that the device uses hardware RAID. Software RAID - this output shows that the device uses software RAID.

How do I find RAID status? ›

A lot of Quests in Escape from Tarkov require items to be found in raid.
An item is marked as "Item found in raid" if:
  1. it was found in a raid, was not brought into that raid by a PMC and extraction status Survived (and not Run Through *).
  2. it was crafted in the Hideout.
  3. it was obtained as a quest reward.

Which RAID level is fastest? ›

RAID 0 is the only RAID type without fault tolerance. It is also by far the fastest RAID type. RAID 0 works by using striping, which disperses system data blocks across several different disks.

How do you guarantee a RAID catch? ›

Use Razz Berries or Golden Razz Berries to increase your chances of catching the Raid Boss. Hitting an excellent or great throw increases your chance of catching the Pokémon.

Do raids have a time limit? ›


Once the Egg hatches, the raid begins and you have 45 minutes to defeat the Boss. Any number of Trainers can join a raid, but only in groups of up to 20 Trainers.

What causes RAID to fail? ›

Multiple Disk Failure

If multiple hard drive disks fail simultaneously, you can pretty much count on a total RAID failure. Software configuration, hardware incompatibility, and power surge can all lead multiple drives to fail.

What are the 5 RAID modes? ›

The most common types are RAID 0 (striping), RAID 1 (mirroring) and its variants, RAID 5 (distributed parity), and RAID 6 (dual parity). Multiple RAID levels can also be combined or nested, for instance RAID 10 (striping of mirrors) or RAID 01 (mirroring stripe sets).

How do you know if a RAID is failing? ›

If you are experiencing frequent read/write errors while accessing or transferring data from RAID, it indicates an underlying problem with your RAID array that may lead to data loss. Data corruption may occur due to bad sectors that appear on the disk with time and usage.

How can I get RAID for free? ›

You can collect up to one free Raid Pass per day by spinning a Photo Disc at a Gym; Remote Raid Passes and Premium Battle Passes must be purchased from the shop or acquired by completing research tasks. Please note you cannot have more than 1 Raid Pass or 3 Remote Raid Passes in your inventory at a time.

How long do you need to be in RAID For survived status? ›

To avoid the "Run Through" status, gain at least 200 EXP in raid (by killing or looting) or be in raid for at least 7 minutes before extracting. You do not have to do the maps in order and can be done in any fashion so long as you survive.

Can items lose found in raid status? ›

The "Found in Raid" status is lost on items if: Enter a raid as a PMC character with such items. If you remove an item with the "run" status from the raid (the raid was completed too quickly) If your PMC character died, but you managed to put the items in a secure container.

How long does it take for a RAID to disappear? ›

Raids will expire in two to three Minecraft nights, and all Pillagers will be despawned.


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