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Name of RaidHeroic
LevelAdventure PackFlagging RequirementsTempest's Spine10-Free To PlayNo flagging is required for this raid and this raid has no timer mechanic.editThe Reaver's Fate14-Ruins of GiantholdComplete Madstone Crater, Prison of the Planes, A Cabal for One, then Gianthold Tor.editPlane of Night1022Vault of NightComplete The Vault of Night. You can only enter this raid from within that one.editThe Titan Awakes12-The Restless IslesComplete The Twilight Forge. You can only enter this raid from within that one.editZawabi's Revenge1222Demon SandsThe Chamber of Raiyum, An Offering of Blood, and the Chains of Flame, and the items from each (turned into Zawabi), then the pre-raid quest Against the Demon Queen. (The item from Chains of Flame is exchanged for the one for Zawabi when you turn in the quest.)editA Vision of Destruction18-The Vale of TwilightNo flagging required.editHound of Xoriat18-The Vale of TwilightNo flagging required.editAscension Chamber17-The Necropolis, Part 4A completed Sigil: Frame and the four paths of the Litany of the Dead pre-raid quest.editTower of Despair20-The Devils of ShavarathA New Invasion, Bastion of Power, Genesis Point, & Sins of Attrition. Boots of Anchoring, The Banhammer or items with many charges of Spell Absorption are pretty much vital to avoid being kicked out of the end fight. Visiting the entrance beforehand and speaking to the NPC in the tunnels to upgrade your Amrath portal will save you a run through the wilderness.editThe Chronoscope621Devil AssaultNo flagging is required.editThe Twilight Forge11-The Restless IslesA completed Sigil of Dal Quor. Having someone on hand who can cast Greater Teleport will also save you a run through the wilderness.editThe Shroud17-The Vale of TwilightPer The Thirteenth Eclipse: Running with the Devils, Rainbow in the Dark, Ritual Sacrifice, Let Sleeping Dust Lie, The Coalescence Chamber, and complete a Shavarath Signet Stone.editThe Codex and the Shroud-32The Vale of TwilightComplete To Curse the Sky and Creeping Death in Meridia.editLegendary Hound of Xoriat-32Free To PlayNo flagging required.editLegendary Tempest's Spine-32Free To PlayNo flagging required.editThe Fall of Truth-25Ruins of GiantholdComplete Return to Madstone Crater, Return to Prison of the Planes, Return to Cabal for One, then Return to Gianthold Tor.editCaught in the Web-24Menace of the UnderdarkAll Menace of the Underdark quests.editFire on Thunder Peak-30Shadow Under ThunderholmeDefeat Dagan in The Ruins of Thunderholme.editDefiler of the Just-30Trials of the ArchonsThe Archons' Trial, Demon Assault, The Devil's DetailseditRiding the Storm Out-32Dragonblood ProphecyNo flagging required.editThe Curse of Strahd-32Mists of RavenloftComplete the following chains in order (quests within chains can be completed in any order):editOld Baba's Hut-32Mists of RavenloftNo flagging required. However, unless your soul is currently bound to a spirit binder in one of the three public areas in Barovia, you must complete Into the Mists once on your current life to get to the entrance.editKilling Time-32Dragonblood ProphecyNo flagging required.editToo Hot to Handle-32Masterminds of SharnComplete all quests from Masterminds of Sharn Part One and Part Two. The Cogs quests are not required.editProject Nemesis-32Masterminds of SharnNo flagging required.editLegendary Vision of Destruction-32Free To PlayNo flagging required.editLegendary Master Artificer-32Secrets of the ArtificersNo flagging required.editLegendary Lord of Blades-32Secrets of the ArtificersNo flagging required.editTemple of the Deathwyrm-30Shadow Under ThunderholmeDefeat Sarva Bellistrae in The Ruins of Thunderholme.editThe Mark of Death-30The Necropolis, Part 4Complete epic version of Desecrated Temple of Vol, Flesh Maker's Laboratory, Inferno of the Damned, and Ghosts of Perdition.editThe Dryad and the Demigod-32Fables of the FeywildNo flagging required. If you have not visited Wynwood Hall before on your current life, you will need to run there through the wilderness, unless your soul is bound there.editThe Lord of Blades20-Secrets of the ArtificersNo flagging required.editThe Master Artificer19-Secrets of the ArtificersNo flagging required.editThe Vault of Night1022Vault of NightVault of Night (story arc): Tharashk Arena (VoN1), The Prisoner (VoN2), Gateway to Khyber/The Jungle of Khyber (VoN3), and Haywire Foundry (VoN4).editHunt or Be Hunted-32Hunter and HuntedNo flagging required.editSkeletons in the Closet-34The Isle of DreadNo flagging required. However, unless you have an expansion teleport item or your soul is bound in the Village of Tanaroa, you must enter Captive of the Hidden God and run through a small section of the Isle of Dread to get to the entrance if you haven't completed the quest this life. (You do not need to complete the quest, as a door in the entrance area leads straight to the wilderness.)editFire Over Morgrave-34Vecna UnleashedNo flagging required.edit
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