Stardew Valley Beginner Guide: What To Do In Your First Week (2023)

Starting out in Stardew Valley can be an exhilarating experience for new players. Aside from creating their character and choosing which farm to go with, players need to sort out all the different controls as well. Once their playthrough has begun, there are some monumental things players can complete in their first week of Stardew Valley that can set them up for success.

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That first week is the one where players should meet all the citizens of Pelican Town, clear out a portion of their farm, and begin their journey in the mines. Noting this, however, there are certain events that can only happen at a certain point in time. For those looking to get the most out of their first week in Stardew Valley, this guide is here to help.

Updated August 6, 2023 by Erik Petrovich: When it comes to the first things to do in Stardew Valley, players might be surprised to learn that they are relatively restricted at the beginning of the game. Indeed the Mines aren't open, some NPCs and Stardew townsfolk haven't shown up yet, and Skills are at their absolute lowest. By following this Stardew Valley Day 1 guide, including the first week of the game, potential new farmers will learn the basics of how to play Stardew Valley and get a handle on what it's all about efficiently. Players don't need to follow this guide to the T, but the suggestions made for the first Stardew Valley week will give you a solid footing to continue into this near-boundless farming RPG.

What To Do On Stardew Valley Day 1

Stardew Valley Beginner Guide: What To Do In Your First Week (1)

Clear Space To Plant Your First Crops

The first day in the game is a Monday, and players begin life in Stardew Valley in their bed. The first thing to do is to collect the seeds inside the farmhouse and head outside to clear a space to plant them. A player's first objective should be to cut down enough wood to craft a chest (50 wood) and lay out their very first crops.

Purchase Seeds From Pierre's (Or Jojamart)

Once work on the farm is complete, players should head into town and begin their meet and greet with the citizens of Stardew Valley. This should bring them to Pierre's General Store where they should purchase themselves some more seeds to plant. On a limited budget, Parsnips are a great option to level up farming and turn a decent profit quickly.

Talk To Some Neighbors, Then Head Back To The Farm

Players should continue to track down people as well as forage the Mountain region, the Beach, and the Cidersnap Forest. As the first day comes to a close, plant the remaining seeds and water them. Something to keep in mind while exploring: clearing weeds with a scythe doesn't use up any energy and can easily gather both fiber and mixed seeds.

What To Do On Stardew Valley Day 2

Meet Willy the Angler And Other Townsfolk

The second day is one that should focus less on the farm and more on Stardew Valley's Pelican Town. After watering the crops that were planted yesterday, players can head to the Beach and meet Willy for the first time. After meeting Willy, players should continue to introduce themselves to the other major townsfolk, to work towards completion of the quest that asks players to talk to everyone.

Buy More Seeds, And Try Out Fishing

The General Store run by Stardew Valley's Pierre is closed on Day 3 and so players should spend what money they have earned thus far on purchasing more seeds if they are looking to earn more gold. The Willy cutscene will grant players their first fishing rod and open up the Fishing minigame as a profitable revenue stream.

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Continue To Explore Stardew Valley's Outer Areas

If players don't want to buy more seeds just yet, they should continue to explore the town and surrounding regions to improve their Foraging and Fishing skills. Farmers should make sure to explore the Cidersnap Forest and check for Spring Onions near the sewer pipe. These don't sell for much, but they can provide some additional energy in a pinch.

What To Do On Stardew Valley Day 3

Stardew Valley Beginner Guide: What To Do In Your First Week (3)

Finish Meeting Pelican Town Residents

It always rains on the third day, so players need not waste any energy watering crops. Instead, there are two main activities to get caught up with: meeting Townsfolk and leveling up skills. As one continues to play Stardew Valley, they will naturally meet more and more residents of Pelican Town, but it doesn't hurt to aim to get the majority of them out of the way early on.

Level Up Your Stardew Valley Farmer's Skills

With all the villagers met and crops planted and watered, it's a great day to dedicate to leveling skills, particularly Foraging and Fishing. The Foraging skill naturally gains XP when players collect foraged goods out in the wilderness or when they cut down trees. Though woodcutting takes a lot of energy, it's not a bad idea to stock up on Wood and clear more farmland at the same time.

Fishing is a bit less energy-intensive and more profitable, but players rarely get any meaningful materials aside from Fish themselves. Cast your line right in front of the fish shop run by Stardew Valley's Willy and, once their inventory is full, head inside and sell what they have caught and begin the process again.

What To Do On Stardew Valley Day 4

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Buy More Crops With Foraging and Fishing Profits

With the profits earned from Foraging and Fishing, players can buy some of Stardew Valley's best Spring crops and plant and water them. Unfortunately, the more seeds that the Farmer plants, the more energy (and time) it takes to get all of them watered. It is because of this delicate balance that players should hold onto Foraged goods that provide Energy and consider spending some money on cheap food at the bar to keep themselves from collapsing during particularly busy days.

Continue Leveling Skills – But Don't Forget To Sleep

Nothing really new opens up on this day, so players can continue to focus on improving their fishing, foraging, and farming skills as much as possible. It is important to remember that conserving energy in Stardew Valley is crucial, and players should make sure they go to sleep before midnight in order to ensure they recover as much as possible.

What To Do On Stardew Valley Day 5

Stardew Valley Beginner Guide: What To Do In Your First Week (5)

Officially Adopt Your Cat or Dog!

There are three major developments on Day 5 of Stardew Valley: the player's pet arrives, the local mines open up, and the first event at the Community Center can be triggered. Once players open up their door, Stardew Valley's rancher Marnie will greet them with the animal they chose when setting up their playthrough. Water your crops (and your new pet's bowl) then continue with the day.

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Sell Crops, Learn About The Community Center, Buy Seeds

Players will also begin their journey with the Community Center the moment they enter Pelican Town from the Bus Stop. Before leaving the farm, players should first harvest all the crops they planted on the first day, then head to Pierre to sell them – don't put them in the shipping bin. The Community Center cutscene will play upon entering town, after which players can head to Pierre's before heading northward towards the newly-opened Community Center itself. Look for a Golden Scroll inside to continue this quest.

Head To The Mines And Meet Marlon

On Day 5, players should check the mailbox to find a letter that reveals JojaMart finally removed the rocks that have been blocking the Mines – a 120-level dungeon that houses as many ores as there are monsters. After harvesting and selling crops and checking out the Community Center, head into the mines and meet with Marlon.

Marlon will give players their first sword, and while they're there, it's not a bad idea to get started on the mines. Collecting a single copper ore will trigger an event for the next day and grant players the blueprint for a furnace.

Also, available for the first time, the Traveling Cart in Stardew Valley should be in the Cidersnap Forest for players to visit as well. The Traveling Cart comes back every Friday and Sunday for the rest of the game.

What To Do On Stardew Valley Day 6

Stardew Valley Beginner Guide: What To Do In Your First Week (6)

Talk To Clint The Blacksmith After Collecting Copper

As long as that one single copper ore was collected, Stardew Valley's blacksmith Clint should appear on the player's front steps and awkwardly introduce himself. Clint can help players upgrade their tools, which give them extra bonuses and reduces their energy cost.

Craft a Scarecrow And Continue Improving Skills

By this point, players should have reached Farming level 1 and should be able to craft a scarecrow to protect their growing farm from birds. Fortunately, this day is much less hectic than the previous one, and players can focus on improving either their fishing, farming, foraging, or mining skills.


Level 1 recipes

Level 2 recipes

Level 3 recipes


Scarecrow, Basic Fertilizer

Mayonnaise Machine, Stone Fence, Sprinkler

Bee House, Speed-Gro, Farmer's Lunch


Wild Seeds, Field Snack

Survival Burger



Casting distance increased


Crab Pot, Dish O' The Sea


Cherry Bomb


Miner's Treat

Aside from the recipes, players also improve their proficiency with applicable tools (i.e. the hoe and watering can are tied to Farming) and therefore reduce their energy cost.

Talk To The Wizard To Advance The Community Center Quest

If players were able to activate the Community Center, they should receive a letter from Stardew Valley's local Wizard that is related to that quest line and can head over to see him on this day. Once inside his tower, players will be given the ability to understand the bundles within the Community Center.

What To Do On Stardew Valley Day 7

Stardew Valley Beginner Guide: What To Do In Your First Week (7)

Watch The Queen Of Sauce, Then Check Out The Traveling Cart

The last day of this first week in Stardew Valley starts with the first episode of the Queen of Sauce on the TV. After watching this program, players should water their crops and can choose to head over to the Traveling Cart.

Start Progressing Quests And Proficiencies

Other than this, players should aim at checking off the easier quests that remain. The ones within reach at the moment are Initiation (kill ten slimes and visit the Adventurer's Guild), Forging Ahead (craft a furnace), and Smelting (smelt a Copper bar). All three require the player to spend some time in the mines in Stardew Valley – just remember to bring in some type of food to help with energy and keep health topped up.

Stardew Valley is available on Mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S

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