The Best Moze Build in Borderlands 3 (2022)

There’s plenty of debate about what the best Moze build in Borderlands 3 is. The Gunner class has three very interesting skill trees to pursue. Two focus on damage output, while the third is all about shields and defense.

However, regardless of a few of your choices, if you aren’t chasing down Moze’s Forge ability in the Bottomless Mags category, you’re denying yourself one of her best skills.

Follow our guide, and you’ll have a mech driving, bottomless pit of ammo at your disposal that will let you take on anything…including the newly released Takedown at the Guardian Breach. This is Sidegamer’s best Moze build in Borderlands 3.

Before we get started, we want to give a shoutout to for the amazing skill point allocator!

The Best Moze Build in Borderlands 3 (1)

Bottomless Mags

Almost half of your skill points will find their way to this particular skill category. There are some amazing skills that you’ll see below, but we have to confess, we spend so much time here because we want that sweet infinite ammo skill, Forge.

The Best Moze Build in Borderlands 3 (2)

(Video) MOZERKER 8.0 - DO IT ALL MOZE!! | Level 72 Mayhem 10 & 11 Build Guide [Borderlands 3]

Cloud of Lead

In our opinion, this is the only skill on the first level of Bottomless Mags that’s worth putting points into. Cloud of Lead gives you a chance to deal additional incendiary damage as you fire and also negates the consumption of ammo.

We max this skill out, and the result is that every fourth shot has the bonuses applied. Right out of the gate, you reduce your ammo consumption by nearly 25%!

Stoke the Embers

The first two rows of skills in Bottomless Mags aren’t great. Our favorites are Cloud of Lead and Redistribution, two of the most important skills in the tree. But you still need ten points to unlock the next row down, and those four additional points need to go somewhere.

We decided to spend three points on Stoke the Embers. This skill boosts the fire damage that Moze and Iron Bear unleash. With Cloud of Lead already granting an incendiary damage boost, Stoke the Embers takes that already powerful bonus and multiplies it. Fully allocated, incendiary damage increases by 30%


As mentioned, Redistribution is one of the most important skills to grab on your journey to Forge. After Moze scores a critical hit, she regenerates health and ammo for a few seconds. You can only map one point on Redistribution. Ammo regen is 5% while active, and health regen is 2.5%.


We need one more point to access the next level of Bottomless Mags, and Scrappy is the lucky winner. Scrappy increases Moze’s weapon damage, handling, weapon swap, and mode switch speed while she’s moving.

It’s kind of a specific skill, but we find it more valuable than either Dakka Bear or Matched Set. With that one point committed, it’s time to move on to the next row.


Scorching RPM’s

Since we want those critical hits that activate Redistribution, Scorching RPM’s is a perfect complementary skill. Moze’s fire rate and critical hit damage increase, as does Iron Bear’s hardpoint weapon damage. Increased fire rate means increased chance for crits, and that means increased ammo regeneration.

The Iron Bank

Since we’re working toward a Moze that never runs out of ammo, why not reduce how often she has to reload while we’re at it. That’s where The Iron Bank comes in. It’s a simple skill that increases the magazine capacity of all of Moze’s guns. We allocate five points to it, which increases magazine sizes by 35%.

Specialist Bear

Another semi-segue point. Specialist Bear increases the damage of Iron Bear’s hardpoint weapons if you equip the same weapon in both hardpoints. The boost is incredible at 60%, but it doesn’t directly contribute to our goal of endless ammo.

Some for the Road

Another great skill. After you exit Iron Bear, Moze gains infinite ammo for five seconds. It might not sound like much time, but considering that some guns can fire over 20 rounds per second, it adds up!

Click, Click…

At first, you might think a skill that increases gun damage as a magazine runs out works at cross purposes with The Iron Bank skill, which increases magazine size, but think again! The larger the magazine, the bigger the boost, up to 60%.


And here we are, Forge. It’s not a complex skill, and you can only allocate one point to it. But once committed, you gain the passive ability to regenerate ammo at the rate of 5% of the magazine size per second. This only applies to the currently equipped weapon, but it’s easy enough to swap weapons as needed.

Combine this with all of the above ammo regenerating or cost-reducing skills, and you basically have a Moze that will never, ever run out of ammo. It’s amazing.

(Video) Borderlands 3 | MOZE Guide For Beginners - Playstyles, Talents, Abilities, Builds & More

Demolition Woman

Believe it or not, we still have about half of our skill points left to allocate. With those points, let’s unlock the ability to stay in Iron Bear as long as possible. That’s where Demolition Woman comes in to play.

The Best Moze Build in Borderlands 3 (3)


Deadlines reduces the fuel cost of firing Iron Bear’s weapons and grants extra fuel for killing enemies. At three allocated points, fuel drain drops by 30%, and fuel gain from killing is 6%. This skill alone dramatically increases how long you can pilot Moze’s mech.


Now that we’ve minimized the cost of using Iron Bear, why don’t we maximize how often we can hop on board. Grizzled is a kill skill that reduces Moze’s Action Skill cool down for each enemy defeated.

Means of Destruction

Just when you thought we were done with ammo regen skills, here comes Means of Destruction! When Moze deals splash damage, there is a chance to return ammo back to her currently equipped weapon. This applies to grenades as well, though at a lower percentage rate.

Torgue Cross-Promotion

We allocated two points to Torgue Cross-Promotion which is a skill that will occasionally double the damage radius of all splash damage. At two points, it increases the damage by 12%, and the chance for the skill to activate is 6%. If the level cap rises again, this will be the first skill that sees more allocated points.

Stainless Steel Bear

Back to maximizing your time in Iron Bear! Stainless Steel Bear increases Iron Bear’s armor, maximum fuel, and increases its total damage output. With five points, damage jumps by 20%, armor by 30% and fuel by 20%.

(Video) Borderlands 3 Level 72 DAMAGE QUEEN MOZE Build! (Mayhem 11) Best All Round Build!

Shield of Retribution

This skill tree gets the least amount of love, but there are still a couple of skills worth pursuing. The category focuses on shielding and defense, and there are a few particularly useful skills to grab right away.

The Best Moze Build in Borderlands 3 (4)

Security Bear

Security Bear activates a bubble shield for Iron Bear. It’s as strong as 60% of the mech’s armor, but can be overloaded if you take too much damage. This shield will help you stay in Iron Bear longer, and is a great complementary skill to Deadlines.

Armored Infantry

Armored Infantry enhances Moze rather than Iron Bear. While her shields are up, Moze gains damage resistance and a boost to gun damage (13% and 15% respectively, with five points allocated).

Vladof Ingenuity

This is a great companion skill to Armored Infantry. Vladof Ingenuity increases Moze’s maximum shield capacity, increases her shield’s recharge rate, and gives a bonus to shock resistance. We chose this skill to ensure that Moze’s shield stays up as long as possible. No one wants to die when they’re in the middle of an infinite ammo bender!

Unleash the Iron Bear!

Assigning your skill points as indicated above will give you nearly unlimited ammo to assault your enemies. It also extends the time you spend in Iron Bear as much as possible, and grants you a shield boost to boot. With this setup, we love wading into the thick of things and laying waste to everything around us.

But allocating your skill points is only half the battle. You’ll need class mods, artifacts, shields, and of course plenty of guns. All of your items will enhance the native skills unlocked through this allocation of skill points.

(Video) Borderlands 3 | Eradication Moze Build (Most Overpowered Build!)

And since this is Moze we’re talking about, you also need to keep in mind all of the weapons at your disposal that are equippable on Iron Bear. Mount your favorite toys to Iron Bear’s hardpoints, load your favorite gun, and lay waste to the wasteland, Borderlands style!


Which skill tree is best for Moze? ›

Demolition Woman is the skill tree to upgrade for a really explosive Moze build, as it focuses on immense splash damage and grenade spam.

Is Moze good for solo play? ›

The best Borderlands 3 solo character is definitely Moze because Iron Bear wrecks everything and can be used as a panic button.

Who is the strongest character in Borderlands 3? ›

When used correctly, Zane can be extremely powerful and is great for both dealing and dealing with damage. The only issue is that he's by far the least accessible of all the Borderlands 3 characters.
4 Zane The Operative.
SkillsDigi-Clone, SNTNL, Barrier & MNTS Shoulder Cannon
2 more rows
Oct 29, 2021

How old is Moze? ›

Moze, The Gunner

It affected her severely. Age: Mid-20s. Identifies: As female.

What is the most fun character in Borderlands 3? ›

Which character is the most fun to play as in Borderlands 3?
  • Amara – Siren. Votes: 43 29.1%
  • Zane – Operative. Votes: 28 18.9%
  • Moze – Gunner. Votes: 28 18.9%
  • FL4K – Beastmaster. Votes: 49 33.1%
Nov 27, 2020

Which class is best in Borderlands 3? ›

Gunner. The Gunner comes in at the number one spot for best class overall. Moze has a lot of different abilities that give her a general boost in combat strength and survivability, which makes her the best candidate for the most important aspect of the game — the guns.

Is Moze a good character? ›

Moze the Gunner is an ideal choice for beginners – if Borderlands 3 is the first in the series you've played, pick Moze. Moze is tanky, but she does bring a lot of firepower to the party, and is best suited to those who prefer an overtly offensive playstyle.

Who is the best character in Borderlands? ›

Borderlands is known for having a cast of unique and playable characters, each with their own brand of humor. Here are some of the best ones.
Borderlands: 14 Best Vault Hunters, Ranked
  1. 1 Lilith, The Firehawk.
  2. 2 Amara, The Siren. ...
  3. 3 Honorable Mention: Claptrap. ...
  4. 4 Zer0, The Assassin. ...
  5. 5 Mordecai, The Hunter. ...
  6. 6 Maya, The Siren. ...
Dec 2, 2020

What is the max level in Borderlands 3? ›

Borderlands 3 now allows gamers to level up their Vault Hunters to 72, which is the same exact level cap as the one from the second Borderlands game.

How do I use Moze? ›

Borderlands 3 Moze Guide: Character Builds And Skills - YouTube

Where can I farm Old God? ›

*NEW* OLD GOD DEDICATED DROP Rates After 100 Farms ... - YouTube

Why is the old God shield good? ›

About the Old God:

The Old God is a Legendary Item in Borderlands 3. This Hyperion Shield doesn't just have elemental resistants it also boosts that specific elemental damage. Therefore the Old God can be utilized as a great defensive and offensive tool making it one of the best shields in the game.

What are the best guns in BL3? ›

After all, there are so many awesome legendary guns to be had in BL3, there's always room for more on this powerhouse of a list.
  • 8 Monarch.
  • 7 Convergence.
  • 6 Torrent.
  • 5 Light Show.
  • 4 Free Radical.
  • 3 Backburner.
  • 2 Atlas Replay.
  • 1 Plasma Coil.
Mar 31, 2022

What character does the most damage in Borderlands 3? ›

10 Most Overpowered Builds In Borderlands 3 That Will Appease Any Vault Hunter
  • 8 Iron Maiden Moze.
  • 7 Khaos Queen Amara.
  • 6 Destroyer Of Worlds Fl4k.
  • 5 Fire Hoze Moze.
  • 4 Mozerker Forever.
  • 3 Slam Witch Amara.
  • 2 Summoner Fl4k.
  • 1 Chain Zane.
Aug 10, 2021

Can you max out all skill trees in Borderlands 3? ›

Can You Max all Skill Trees in Borderlands 3? No, there are currently not enough skill points to max out all the skill trees. However, you are able to obtain 2 capstone skills. These are the final skills at the bottom of a skill tree.

How do I use Moze? ›

Borderlands 3 Moze Guide: Character Builds And Skills - YouTube

How do you get the purple skill tree in Borderlands 3? ›

The other two Vault Hunter's fourth skill tree has been revealed for Borderlands 3. This new purple skill tree is available as part of the Designer's Cut paid DLC, part of the Season Pass 2. For Moze, she trades her pilotable Iron Bear mech to a small Iron Cub mini-mech in the new Bear Mother skill tree.

Whether you’re looking for the best solo build or want to deal huge damage, these are the best builds for Borderlands 3

Onto damage, you’ll want all five skill points in Furious Attack so you can build a max stack that’s handy against bosses.. In the Master skill tree, you just want to max out the Persistence Hunter skill as this compliments the other skill trees and further increases your damage.. You need to spend most of your points in the Master and Hunter skill trees but there are a couple of skills to invest in within the Stalker tree.. After this, you can move straight to the fourth tier and max out both The Most Dangerous Game, which increases your damage even further, and Big Game, which boosts all your Hunter skills.. Starting out in the Railgun skill tree you’ll want to grab Security Bear for the bubble shield and then plow all your points into Armored Infantry, which gives you damage reduction and more gun damage when your shields are active – easy, simple synergy.. Grab the the single point skill tree, then get all three points for both Behind The Iron Curtain (for feaster shield recharges) and Desperate Measures (for a simple gun damage buff).. As the build is based on using your two action skills you’ll want to invest heavily in Synchronicity for a 20% buff to gun damage for each active skill in use.. You’ll need to put another point in somewhere to access the next Double Agent skill tier, so pop one into Borrowed Time, is handy for keeping your skills active for longer.. The Under Cover skill tree is much less important at the first tier, but you need Brain Freeze maxed out, so distribute points as you see fit – this is key to the build as freezing enemies makes this build much more effective.. Rush is the core of this Borderlands 3 build, so you want to max out the Do Harm skill in the Mystical Assault tree is the first stop as it actually gives you Rush… every kill gives you a Rush stack, and this effect will increase your action skill damage, and more stats as we build around it.. Violent Tapestry is the next skill to max out, and again is about granting your build plenty of Rush, this time applying a status effect will grant you Rush stacks.. Take Anime and Tempest to their maximums as both of these provide huge buffs to elemental damage and status effects, both of which this build relies heavily on – these also makes the action skill more powerful.. In case you’re missing the point of this build, invest heavily in Wildfire next, as it has an increased chance of spreading a status effect to nearby enemies, continuing the endless chain of buffs and status effect – the max chance is 40%, so using it with Deliverance your Rush stacks will pretty much never run low.

Playing Borderlands 3 by running and gunning enemies? Our Borderlands 3 Amara melee build guide shows how to play the game with fists only

Equip 10 passive abilities, one action skill effect, and one action skill from the Brawl Equip 3 passive abilities only from the Mystical Assault skill tree.. Arms Deal – Passive AbilitySamsara stacks gun damage and health regeneration if Amara lands an attack with her action skill only.. Equipping it grants 100% melee damage, and 75% increased melee range for 20 seconds.. It increases action skill and gun damage every time Amara lands melee damage on enemies.. There is a way to make the most of this passive ability, but more on it down in the Melee Build Playstyle section.. Personal Space – Passive AbilityThis is a must-have action skill effect from the Brawl (green) skill tree.. It is by far the best skill in the Fist of the Elements skill tree that goes well with Amara’s melee build.. Equipping the weapon gives you additional 37% weapon damage.. Brawler Ward gives 25% melee bonus damage, which is a great addition when you are running with Pointy Psycho Stabber.. Furthermore, getting the item with 50% plus melee damage is vital to Amara’s melee build.. When you the level 1 shield, equip it and use it while fighting with melee attacks only.. One thing is sure; getting close to enemies, taking and dealing damage is the only way you’ll be playing while rocking this build.. All of the gun weapons are neglected from selection, and playstyle is limited to punches only – it gets boring for some players The build is a tad bit ineffective against shielded enemies and bosses Dealing melee damage to flying enemies gets challenging and sometimes frustrating Playing with other players dealing ranged damage ruins fun

Today we are going to be exploring three of the best Zane builds for Borderlands 3. We will be breaking down why each Zane build is good and for what reason you might choose to go each build. So, without further ado, let’s go. Other Posts FL4K Builds Recent Zane Buffs Zane got major buffs […]

We will be breaking down why each Zane build is good and for what reason you might choose to go each build.. Pair the extra damage the clone gets with the Donnybrook skill and that is an extra 35% overall damage for the clone and Zane.. The Zane grenade build also got a minor buff because the Pocket Full of Grenades can now stack twice.. First, build we will be highlighting is the grenade and speed build.. With this high-damage Zane build, you will be doing lots of damage with your clone.. Once you reach the capstone of this Zane Digi-clone/grenade build , your clone will do more damage than you!. On top of that, his clone also drops a free grenade when killed AND has a chance to throw an additional grenade when Zane kills an enemy.. Drone Delivery – With this ability Zane’s SNTRY will occasionally drop grenades based on your current grenade mod.. A good grenade mod is key to make this build as strong as possible, although it isn’t required.. You shoot grenades left and right with this build so it wouldn’t make sense to not have the best grenade mod possible equipped.. Besides that, the One Pump Chump is a f**cking brilliant addition to the Grenade Zane build .. Faux_Pirate Build As the name suggests, this Zane build is a movement speed bonanza that will have you feeling like the flash.. move +52% faster (+63% if near Barrier) (+6% extra per nearby enemy) do +60% more dmg (+69% if near Barrier) (+79% if shield is full) have +20% fire rate (+33% if near Barrier), +15% (+26% if near Barrier) reload speed, +60% weapon swap speed, +10% chance to slow enemy on crit With the Seein’ Red skill, you will have all kill skills active right when you enter battle instead of waiting for that first kill.. Zane Barrier Build To wrap it up I have yet another self-explanatory build to show you, the Zane barrier build.. That’s it for the best Zane builds in Borderlands 3.

Check out this guide for FL4K the Beastmaster's best builds in Borderlands 3. Including detailed build breakdowns, recommended skills, leveling up guide, and more!

Check Out the All Skills List Here Prioritize Stalker Tree when Leveling Up While leveling for this build, it is recommended you focus your skill points on the Stalker Tree until unlocking the Unblinking Eye Augment.. Lvl.. 3-Frenzy Lvl.. Focus on Master Skill when Leveling Up As you level up, sink your Action Points into the Master Skill to get the build's Pet and Augmentation Skills.. Lvl.. Using both skills from Stalker and Master Tree, this build focuses both on using your Pet and Cloak for survivability & damage output.. With the multiple critical damage buffs in the Stalker Skill Tree, this build amps up how much damage FL4K can do when using his Actions Skill and beyond that!

Check out this guide for Zane the Operative's best builds in Borderlands 3. This guide includes detailed build breakdowns, recommended skills, leveling up guide, & more!

More About Vault Hunters Skill & Traits AmaraZane Skill TreeBuildsSkill TreeBuilds MozeFL4K Skill TreeBuildsSkill TreeBuilds. 4Adrenaline Lvl.. 5Synchronicity Lvl.. 5Donnybrook Lvl.. 1Old-U Lvl.. 3-Refreshment Lvl.. Centered on Zane's Cryo and Barrier Support Skills, this build will balance your survivability and DPS!. Check Out the All Skills List Here Prioritize Under Cover Skill Early On Prioritize adding Skill Points to the Under Cover Skill Tree since most of the core skills for this build are there.. Check Out the All Skills List Here Prioritize Hitman Skill Early On The Hitman skill will give you high survivability through healing and damage.. Check Out the All Legendary Weapon List Here Keep Up Action Skill As Often As Possible Keeping your Action Skills up at all times is essential to giving Zane his boost of speed and damage.. This skill allows you to utilize the Kill Skills when you deploy any action skills.. With a focus on sustaining Zane through his Digiclone and Barrier Action Skills, this build will keep your survivability at the max.. Check Out the All Skills List Here Prioritize Under Cover Skill Tree When Leveling Although both trees are highly important in this build, the Under Cover Skill Tree takes more of a priority when leveling up since it gives both defensive and offensive skills.. Check Out the Elemental Damage & Types Here Use Cryo Weapon as Main Weapon Take advantage of the additional Cryo damage and chance by maining a Cryo Weapon.

[Top 3] Borderlands 3 Best Zane Builds

This first build is likely the one you’re most familiar with, the speed build.. Synchronicity: Whenever one or more of Zane’s action skills are active, increase Zane’s gun damage for each active action skill (20% per skill!). Borrowed time: Zane Gains increased action skill duration for every active action skill (it’ll be 12% for this build but can be up to 15% without the aid of class mods). Supersonic man: Zane gains increased movement speed for every active action skill (20% bonus with the class mod I’ll be showing you). This can only be used once per action skill use. Since the Rough Rider is always depleted, you’ll always be getting the benefits of any skill that depends on lower shield capacity, so in this case, you’ll always have the max bonus movement speed and damage, and your clone will always be taking a share of damage done to you when it’s up.. Cold Bore: increases weapon swap speed, also adds bonus cryo damage to first shot fire after swapping weapons Death Follows close: all kill skills get enhanced effect and duration Calm, Cool, Collected: whenever zane freezes an enemy, shields are restored for a short time, if shields are full, health is regenerated for a few seconds, if health is for, action skill cooldown and duration is immediately reset.. This is the linchpin of the build Distributed Denial: Zane’s barrier gets the effect of Zane's shield mod. Once again you’ll be using 2 action skills, in this case, the SNTNL, and obviously, the barrier, these are the augments this build uses. Enhance: Whenever Zane summons his Digi-clone it consumes up to 3 grenades for every grenade consumed the clone gains increased gun damage, max health, fire rate, reload speed, and Digi-clone duration Brain freeze: every time Zane hits a critical it has a chance to slow the enemy, this stacks until they are frozen Best served Cold: whenever Zane kills an enemy they release a cryo nova dealing damage to all nearby enemies.. This is the linchpin of the build Double barrel: the clone is equipped with a copy of Zane’s current weapon when activated, additionally, swapping places with his clone will give both Zane and the clone increased gun damage

Our Borderlands 3 Amara Leveling Build Guide features a complete step-by-step leveling guide that focuses on survival and close-quarters combat while keeping the early progression on this build exciting. Amara is a Siren who specializes in tanking hits, dealing elemental damage over time, and spreading chaos. Use Amara's powers to beat down enemies with her […]

Our Borderlands 3 Amara Leveling Build Guide features a complete step-by-step leveling guide that focuses on survival and close-quarters combat while keeping the early progression on this build exciting.. Amara has 20 action skills to choose from.. Note : Screenshots of finished skill tree choices at bottom of guide.. Many of the skills provided grant double movement speed, vast amounts of health regeneration, no delay on shield recharge, tons of damage reduction, and a second life!. On the second tier, spend three points into Samsara for gun damage and health regeneration after using Phaseslam .. Next, spend two points on Helping Hand(s) for high damage reduction for 15 seconds after using Phaseslam.. On the third tier, spend a point into Find Your Center for double melee damage.. With this bonus speed, your shields will constantly restore as you close the distance even more easily.. Also, apply the augment Revelation for the ability to create novas for every enemy you damage with Fracture .. This gives you a 40% health increase, allowing you to take more damage.. Spend three points into Jab Cross for a45% damage increase to your action skill after you melee an enemy.. On the second tier, spend a point into Illuminated Fist for 75% increased melee damage, which converts it into your action skill element.. Next, spend a point on Dread for increased gun damage and automatic reload when killing an enemy that is phasegrasped.. Lastly, apply the new action skill Fist Over Matter .

Borderlands 3 features multiple opportunities to farm XP, and here we look at the best places and methods to do so.

Though players can now reach level 72 — and fight some new bosses, even on base-game planets — many of the best farming methods remain as reliable as ever for keeping your vault hunter in peak condition.. The area isn't useless now, but players used to be able to load into the entrance of the manor and quickly backtrack down the lift for a guaranteed Loot Tink spawn, once you claimed his treasure simply save, load and repeat.. Borderlands 1 and 2 were packed with pop culture references and Borderlands 3 continues that tradition - although nothing will ever top Borderlands 2's "Eff Yo' Couch" achievement.. Go back and exact your revenge on Moxxi's loudmouth, TV star ex-lover, not only because she asks you to do so, but because farming Killavolt can earn you heaps of XP — and The Monarch SMG if you're fighting above mayhem six .. Just like the earlier Easter egg boss, Demoskaggon, The Mother of Grogans is a rare spawn, so you can increase farming efficiency if you have friends farming her in their own games, generating bounties for you.. This farming advice might be obvious, but the Slaughter Shaft is still one of the best ways to grind for levels and loot if you've got a couple of friends , some spare time, and don't want to be bothered by re-loading your game to spawn rare enemies.. These previous tips have all been base-game-friendly, but a proper list wouldn't be complete without mentioning the most absurd Borderlands farming strategy since the Borderlands 2 "Fleshstick" exploit, which requires Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot expansion.

Here are all of the Siren and Operative abilities in Borderlands 3 and how to augment them.

Revelation: Amara's Action Skill now creates a Nova when it damages enemies, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.. (Action Skill) Samsara: Whenever Amara deals damage to an enemy with her Action Skill, she adds a stack of Samsara.. Do Unto Others: Whenever an enemy damages Amara, she automatically throws an energy orb back at them, dealing Action Skill Elemental Damage.. Jab Cross: Whenever Amara deals melee damage to an enemy, she gains increased Action Skill Damage and increased Weapon Damage for a few seconds.. Stillness of Mind: Enemies damaged by Amara's action skill become phaselocked until they are damaged or the duration ends.. Laid Bare: Enemies take increased damage from all sources for a few seconds after being damaged by Amara's action skill.. Remnant: When Amara kills an enemy with a Gun or Action Skill, she creates a homing projectile that seeks out a new enemy dealing her Action Skill Elemental Damage.. Illuminated Fist: Amara gains increased Melee Damage and her Melee Damage is converted to her Action Skill Element.. (Action Skill) Dread: Amara's Gun Damage is increased for a few seconds after an enemy is Grasped.. Catharsis: Whenever Amara triggers an elemental effect on an enemy, when that enemy dies that enemy explodes, dealing her attuned element damage along with any other element that is currently inflicted upon the enemy.. Synchronicity: Whenever one or more of Zane's action skills are active, he gains increased Gun Damage for each active action skill.. Dannybrook: Whenever Zane kills an enemy ,he and his Digi-Clone receive increased Gun Damage and gain Health Regeneration for a few seconds.. Whenever FL4K kills a Badass or stronger enemy, they gain increased Critical Hit Damage, Gun Damage, and Handling for a long time.. Grim Harvest - FL4K gains increased Gun Damage and Action Skill Damage.

From Deathless to Loaded Dice, here are some of the very best Legendary Eridium Artifacts the player can acquire in Borderlands 3.

This Legendary artifact offers a great chance to dish out quite a bit of elemental damage while granting a chance of shielding its user from elemental return fire.. Its powers and perks seem to be all over the place, but that's part of what makes the Elephant so fun.. The already fun act of sliding is made all the more enjoyable with the 50% bump of shotgun damage while doing so.. Beyond this, there's an extensive list of potential bonuses, which involve some elemental boosts, melee damage, and faster movement or weapon reload speed.. Basically, any Otto Idol Artifact has the innate effect of giving the player a percentage of their max health back on every kill.. Then again, when playing an Elemental Amara, one's element proc chance is almost always at 100%.. It's also actually great for Amara!. Because it's the cornerstone of her fire melee build .. So far, all of these artifacts have been geared towards increasing the Vault Hunters' killing potential .. The Commander Planetoid artifact changes the element a player's melee causes every 5 seconds, and it increases said elemental damage by 60%.. But what's great about this is that while boosting the player's offense to an absurd level, it can also help survivability, with the chance of granting ample health regeneration or max health.. It also yields a chance to bump up EXP gained, adding resourcefulness to its bag of tricks.


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