The Gargoyle's Maze (2023)

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The Gargoyle's Maze is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin II.


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Quick walkthrough[]

  • Approach the entrance into the Maze
  • Speak with Gargoyle
    • Optional: Show him Band of Braccus in order to bypass the maze
    • Enter the Maze
      • Obtain all 6 Crumbling skulls
      • Return to Gargoyle

Detailed walkthrough[]

  • This quest starts the moment the Sourcerers enter Maze or approach the gargoyle standing at its entrance. The Sourcerers there are faced with 2 options. Show the Band of Braccus to the Gargoyle and let themselves be teleported right to the entrance of the Braccus Rex's Tower or proceed through the maze on their own.
  • The Sourcerers need to find Crumbling Skulls in order to get past locked gates and take advantage of the treasures found within the maze.
    • It is possible to traverse the maze from the Braccus Rex's tower if they chose to use the Band of Braccus.
  • At the entrance in the maze (as well as some deeper areas) there is a pressure plate which will conjure Crumbling skull on an altar to the left (roughly at X:547, Y:108). These skulls will have to be picked up either by using Telekinesis, another person or by using teleportation skill. If the person who stands on the plate moves away the skull will disappear from the altar and reappear only after the plate is activated again.
  • Continue left through the gate and the player will discover a hatch that leads to the hatch on the opposite side of the wall.
  • Once in this room set one character on the pressure plate in the center of the room, beware of the trapped floors. Send a second character through the door to the indicated spot where the second pressure plate is at, again beware of trapped floor tiles. Collect the Crumbling Skull with the third character.
  • Within the maze (roughly at X: 534, Y: 94), the Sourcerers may find the Historian who is suffering from the Hellfire casted upon him by Braccus Rex. The moment he is approached 3 skeletons, namely: Incandescent Decapitator, Incandescent Marksman and Incandescent Scorcher will appear and attack you. In order to save him the Sourcerers need to first cast Raining Blood, then Rain and then Bless. The spells must be casted quickly since the Historians health will drop.
  • After saving the Historian go through the gate in the image and set a character on the pressure plate shown, opposite of it in the lower room a Crumbling Skull will appear.
  • Go through this portal into the Realm of Orobas shown to find another skull.
  • Go out the southern gate in the room the Historian was at and follow the image to find another Crumbling Skull on a corpse in a corridor.
  • Go down this corridor for more loot, but watch out for floor traps to ignite the Poison Gas cloud.*# Go around the corner for another Crumbling Skull on a body.
  • The player should now have found all 6 skulls in the maze, go to the tower entrance and the gargoyle there will reward the player.


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The Gargoyle's Maze (1)

First Crumbling Skull

The Gargoyle's Maze (2)


The Gargoyle's Maze (3)

(Video) Divinity: Original Sin 2 - The Gargoyle's Maze

Red circles indicates traps

The Gargoyle's Maze (4)

The Gargoyle's Maze (5)

The Gargoyle's Maze (6)

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The Gargoyle's Maze (7)

The Gargoyle's Maze (8)

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