Unveiling the Ultimate Cold-Weather Armor Guide for Conan Exiles (2023)

In the harsh and unforgiving world of Conan Exiles, surviving the extreme weather conditions is paramount. From scorching desert heat to freezing mountain frosts, preparation is key to ensuring your survival. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of acquiring the best cold-resistant armor sets, empowering you to brave the coldest of conditions and emerge victorious.

Best Cold-Resistant Armor Sets

Godbreaker Armor Set

The pinnacle of cold resistance, the Godbreaker armor set, stands tall with a base protection of 1037 and an impressive cold resistance stat of 50. Crafted by reaching the final boss room in K’lael’s Stronghold, this set ensures not only survival but dominance in freezing climates.

Rusted and Arena Champion’s Armor Sets

With a solid base protection of 800 and a cold resistance stat of 40, the Rusted and Arena Champion’s sets offer a balanced approach. Ideal for those seeking versatility, the added heat resistance of 40 makes them suitable for both high and low-temperature environments.

Redeemed Legion Set

Balancing elevated base protection (880) with moderate cold and heat resistance stats of 30 each, the Redeemed Legion set provides a versatile option. Acquire the recipe by finding an Armorer Thrall and craft it at your Improved Armorer’s Bench for a well-rounded cold-resistant armor.

Crafting Your Cold-Resistant Armor

Godbreaker Set

To craft the Godbreaker set, journey to the final boss room in K’lael’s Stronghold. Locate the glowing red monument, press E to receive the recipe, and ensure you have an Improved Armour Bench. Gather materials, including the Rusted set, five Dragonpowder, 20 Alchemical Base, and 20 Armour Scraps, to craft the ultimate cold-resistant armor.

Rusted and Arena Champion’s Sets

Visit K’lael’s Stronghold to start crafting these sets. For the Rusted set, acquire the recipe during the Godbreaker steps. For the Arena Champion’s set, reach the boss room, find the blue glowing monument, and follow the same process. Material requirements include Perfected Heavy Padding, Star Metal Bar, Armor Scraps, Alchemical Base, and Layered Fur.

Redeemed Legion Set

Simplify your crafting process by finding an Armorer Thrall to receive the recipe. Once obtained, gather the required resources and craft the Redeemed Legion set at your Improved Armorer’s Bench for reliable cold resistance.


Surviving the brutal weather of Conan Exiles demands strategic armor choices. Whether opting for the unparalleled cold resistance of the Godbreaker set or the balanced protection of the Rusted and Arena Champion’s sets, meticulous crafting is essential. Equip yourself with the best cold-resistant armor, and let the frozen landscapes become the backdrop to your triumphs. Subscribe to Premium for an uninterrupted gaming experience and dive into the frigid challenges that await you in Conan Exiles.

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